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Military Сupid Review 2024

Military Сupid Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 71%
Popular Age 29-36
Profiles 40 000
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site provides an improved feature for searching and filtering search results as per their preferences.
  • The platform allows members to approve their IDs.
  • Only verified members can search other checked users of the site.
  • The interface is pleasant to use, and it is simple.
  • Basic users can send and receive messages from all members, including the gold and platinum subscribers.
  • The site shows the pictures and the current location of the member.
  • The platform offers guidelines on how to flirt online.
  • The site offers a profile form for all members to fill in their personal details.
  • Most of the women seek male military partners despite the fact that there are lots of registered male civilians.
  • It has more than 600000 members worldwide.
  • The users of the site are active most of the time.
  • A high percentage of men here are not in the military service.

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Military Сupid is a dating platform dedicated to connecting military men with potential matches virtually. But this dating site is not exclusive to military personnel only. It has a diverse community of users.

It has a large pool of daters from various regions of the world. This platform accepts users from different backgrounds, and its members have varying personalities. Before you join Military Сupid, it would be great if you read this review.

Military Сupid Summary


Military Сupid is a great flirting platform for ladies who want to find military dating partners or military men who want to find love. This is one of the flirting websites operated by the famous Сupid Media. It is the best site where military personnel contact women from different regions for different purposes and intentions.

The site has attracted a whopping 600 000 members. These registered users are in various parts of the globe and are here to find a perfect match. As stated above, you can find users who are not in the military service only. But it is a community where you will most likely meet military personnel.

The interface of the website is straightforward. Users with a premium plan enjoy various ways of communication. The premium plans are gold and platinum. If you are concerned about security, the site allows users to confirm their accounts using government-issued identity documents. You can see users who have verified profiles.

It has an in-build translator that helps connect members who do not speak the same language. However, this feature can only be leveraged by paid members.

The Audience of Military Сupid


Shortly about the audience of the site:

  1. The site offers a profile form for all members to fill in their personal details.
  2. Most of the women seek male military partners despite the fact that there are lots of registered male civilians.
  3. It has more than 600000 members worldwide.
  4. The users of the site are active most of the time.
  5. A high percentage of men here are not in the military service.

Military Сupid is an excellent spot for anyone seeking to meet men in uniform. Military men use it to find pretty women to date with hopes of a long-term thing. But as stated earlier, this platform does not restrict civilians from signing up. Thus, it has a vast number of civilians using the Military Сupid service.

The site has 600,000+ users from different parts of the globe. However, the highest percentage of the profiles is taken by civilians. The site has a very high number of women. In fact, men occupy just thirty percent of the total membership. These statistics indicate that men can easily find a partner on this platform.

Furthermore, about 75 percent of members on this site are from the United States. But still, the site has a diverse community. The users on this platform are from various ethnicities and backgrounds.

The site gets more than six hundred visitors daily. The age group that is often active on the site ranges from 25- 45 years. Remember, the platform is for everyone who has attained eighteen years.

Military Сupid Site Features


The dating platform offers handy tools to help users check profiles, search profiles, contact other users, and even share their thoughts if there is a need.

Military Сupid has magnificent dating tools for its users. These tools help its members enjoy enhanced security, communicate with matches, and even view pictures.

Chat function

The chat feature is useful for any user who wants to begin a conversation via text messages. It is suitable for starting a talk with a new match before proceeding to other advanced communication modes such as live chats and much more.

Thus, if you see a pretty woman, the first step would be sending a text message to her. She will reply to your message at her earliest convenience. You can keep exchanging text messages until you get to a point where you need a more advanced chat option. At this stage, you can consider live chats.

Live chats

This is an advanced conversation option. It is ideal for users who have been communicating using the text messaging feature described above but now want more. You can engage in live chats with your matches.

Please note that you can have more than one match. There are no restrictions or limitations on the number of potential matches you can have on this dating platform.

Live chats are quick and highly effective. You can have a fruitful talk with your matches. The live chat looks like the usual messenger. This feature allows users to participate in a live chat with only one match at once.

If you want to get in touch with more than just one potential partner, you can use the text message feature. You will proceed to this live chat dating component once you have a zeal to speak more privately and closer to one of the ladies who has really impressed you.

Handy Military Сupid tags

Military Сupid offers various ways to contact others. The beneficial tags are just one of the best choices. You should therefore select them during your registration process.

Tags are highly useful because this feature can easily find similar tags when a user searches for certain military tags. Thus, the tag you use in your profile will always appear in the search results of another user who intends to connect with military people with that tag.

Starting a talk via picture comments

If you like one of another member’s photos, they get to know that you have an interest in them. You can leave good comments on the photos of the users, and they will probably reply. This is indeed one of the best ways to initiate a talk with a potential match. This option of starting a conversation by first liking or leaving comments on their pictures is available to both basic and premium members.

Search function

Military Сupid has a search feature for all members. The standard users can use the basic search function to look for matches. However, the verified members may not appear on the search results of standard users.

The advanced search feature is suitable for any serious member. You can opt for Gold or Platinum membership to get access to the improved feature for searching matches.

Free users see other basic members on their search results. The gold members get the basic users and the gold members on their search results when they perform a search for matches. The gold member profiles are usually highlighted above the basic users on search results. Thus, if you want to appear in more search results, you would better opt for the gold or platinum membership plans.

In the same way, platinum users get both gold and basic members on the search results. But the results present basic users at the bottom, platinum members at the top, and gold members at the middle.



The Gold membership has these perks:

  1. Instant messaging.
  2. You can include a personality profile.
  3. Basic users can get and read texts from Gold members.
  4. Your profile will always appear above standard users in search result lists.
Duration Cost per month Total
One month 29.98 USD 29.98 USD
Three months 20.00 USD 59.99 USD
Twelve months 10.00 USD 119.98 USD

The Platinum plan offers these benefits:

  1. All services that are offered by the Gold plan.
  2. You can watch the videos on other users’ profiles.
  3. You can send and get video mails from other members.
  4. You will appear above standard and gold members on search result lists.
  5. Your messages can be interpreted in other foreign languages.
Duration Cost per month Total
One month 34.99 USD 34.99 USD
Three months 23.33 USD 69.98 USD
Twelve months 12.50 USD 149.99 USD

Payment alternatives

The site accepts major debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfers.

Important Payment Note

The subscription at this site gets auto-renewed when the period lapses. The main reason why it is renewed automatically is to keep you enjoying all the premium perks without any effort. However, you can terminate the auto-renewal anytime.

Advantages of Paid Account


With a paid account, there is a lot you can do on this site. These are some of the perks you can enjoy:

  1. Send messages to potential matches.
  2. Get new messages from your matches.
  3. You can use the live chat option.
  4. You can use the platform in incognito mode.
  5. You are never disrupted by ads.
  6. Your profile will appear above basic and gold users in the search results of other members.
  7. You can like and leave comments on photos of other users.
  8. You can use the most effective search features and its entire set of filters.

Possibility of Free Account


You can create a free account on this site. Using this basic plan, you can still do much on this dating platform. Things you can do while using the basic plan are listed below.

  1. Sign-up.
  2. You can add more pictures to your already created profile.
  3. You can view other users’ profiles.
  4. You can use the basic search tool.
  5. You can include more members in your list of favorites.
  6. You can report other users.
  7. You can block members whom you do not want to contact any longer.



Military Сupid oversees the safety of its members. If there is a member you wish to disconnect with, the first step would be blocking them. That way, they can never comment on your pictures or send you a message. Besides, they will have zero options to contact you on the platform.

Any user who bothers you or abuses the rules and regulations of the site can be reported to the customer care team. The support team will take the necessary actions.

To improve safety, you should consider verifying your newly created account. This verification step gives you the chance to meet other already approved users. Thus, you will meet only genuine individuals on this platform.

In addition, you can stay anonymous for as long as you wish. Once you have found a perfect match and have talked for a while, you can exchange contact information.

Scam Charges

The site allows users to block any member that they do not wish to contact further. In addition, those abusing the rules of the site can be reported to the customer care team. The support team investigates the matter and takes the necessary action against the reported users.

Contact Information


In case of any problems, you can reach out to the customer care team using this info:

Company: Сupid Media Pty Ltd.

Address: Level 5 2502 / 5 Lawson Street Southport QLD 4215 Australia

Email: team@MilitaryСupid.com

Phone Contact-Hotline: 1-800-787-0838

Fax: +61 7 3103 4000

FAQ section

These are the site’s FAQs;

Is Military Сupid a genuine dating site?

Yes, Military Сupid is a genuine dating service that connects men in uniform with beautiful ladies from many parts of the world. It was established many years ago, and it has a huge membership.

How much does it cost to use Military Сupid?

The cost of using Military Сupid depends on your preference. There are two plans: Gold and Platinum membership plans. The gold plan begins at only 29.98 USD for a month, while the platinum plan starts at 34.99 USD for one month. However, you can still sign up, add a photo, view members, contact others, and even comment on pictures using a free plan.

Does Military Сupid offer a mobile application?

Military Сupid has a mobile application for its users. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It is not accessible to iOS devices, but you can still use the mobile version of the site. The mobile version can be used on any mobile phone. It is suitable for users who are pretty busy with their daily schedules and would like to find a perfect match on the go.

What about demographics of Military Сupid?

The site has millions of members who are actively looking for partners. About seventy percent of the entire user base is women.

Is it straightforward to register on Military Сupid?

Yes, it is very simple to register on this platform. The sign-up form requires new members to fill in the username, email, gender, password, preferable gender, country, city, and much more. In addition, you can say more about your physical appearance and mention your weight, type of your body, the color of your eyes, and your height.

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