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Mingle2 Review 2023

Mingle2 Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 850 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The online dating service is free.
  • The registration process is easy and straightforward.
  • The dating platform only displays completed profiles.
  • There is a detailed search feature that offers different ways to find a potential partner.
  • Standard users can send messages and emails.
  • Mutual like is not necessary to start communicating.
  • The Mingle2 dating website does not require a lot of personal information.
  • The Mingle2 dating platform has too many distracting ads.
  • There is no help section.
  • There is no thorough verification.

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Mingle2 is an online dating service that welcomes everyone who is seeking serious relationships. People are using it to look for a partner who has the same likes, habits, and dislikes. The dating website does its best to provide them with that.

Online dating has been there for years helping people to make their choices in an independent way and evaluate their variants wisely. There is a wide variety of options on the internet, so it is not difficult to find a date. Most people do not need any meddling when it comes to selecting their partners and their lifestyle. Modern online dating platforms encourage them to start their conversations with honesty because there is only a profile picture. Individuals with different intentions join this kind of websites, and they opt for platforms with limited restrictions.

Mingle2 is one of the dating services that aims to help people get acquainted without too many requirements. Therefore, anyone who is thinking of trying some online dating platform can go for this dating website.

In this review, you are going to find a lot of helpful information about the Mingle2online service.

Mingle2 Summary


The Mingle2 dating website appeared in 2008, but it was known as JustSayHi initially. The popularity of the dating platform is growing because the most significant motivating factor is a less formal approach and ease of use. This dating platform is ideal for people to look for someone with similar interests, while the number of restrictions is low.

The registration process is easy and takes only a few seconds. To signup, you only need to fill in a small form that requires minimum details. Compared to many other online dating services, Mingle2 makes its users submit very few personal details. You should also add a profile photo, and you can start utilizing the service. To log into your account, you will use a username and a password every time.

The online dating service comes with a mobile application, while both are easy to navigate and comprise the necessary information about the users. As soon as you log in, you will receive a few matches that will be visible on the home page. It is also possible to view the most recent activity and profile updates, and you are going to be notified when others view your profile.

It is necessary to consider that you will have to deal with ads that take a lot of screen space. Therefore, your experience can be a bit spoilt because you will have to click on them most of the time.

It is not hard to set up user profiles on the Mingle2 dating website. The information that you need to provide is direct to the point; consequently, you can start communicating with others in less than a minute. You are allowed to add a short blurb about yourself, headlines, and your interests to your profile. Also, you are free to upload as many photos as you want, which should maximize your exposure to other users. Some Mingle2 users have noticed that the profiles on the dating platform are more focused on the pictures and do not include much information about the person. That is why it is often difficult to understand whether a member is compatible with you. It implies that you will have to communicate to figure it out.

You should consider that it is not possible to completely deactivate or delete your account on the Mingle2 dating website. It means that if you decide to deactivate yours, it will just become inactive.

At the same time, the ease of the process has some drawbacks. The thing is that simplicity of the registration process is beneficial for those who have ill or fraudulent intentions. That is why fake profiles can be opened easily through different email accounts. Thus, the Mingle2 dating website encourages its members to report such profiles to decrease their number.

The Audience of Mingle2


The Mingle2 dating website has around 12 million users around the world. It caters to anyone who is willing to meet someone for serious relationships regardless of their age, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion. The number of male members prevails because they make up 60 percent of the audience. Users of this dating platform are mostly within the 25-34 age range, which is a normal age bracket for those seeking long-term relationships.

Mingle2 Site Features


The bigger part of the Mingle2 members goes for the free membership plan because they want to see what the online service is about. Thus, they are willing to understand whether they should pay for a premium plan.

At the same time, standard users can be sure that the majority of features and functions will be available to them even if they do not upgrade their accounts. Free members are allowed to get registered and create a profile that will contain all the necessary information and a profile picture.

Th basic details required by the online dating service include your gender, name, date of birth, email address, location, zip code, etc. You will also be asked to specify the gender of the person you are looking for.

The Mingle2 dating website offers the “About yourself” section where you can provide extra information, like weight, height, username, race, ethnicity, type of body, career, and religion. You can also share what your interests and hobbies are, and how you spend your spare time. There is a headline in every profile, and you can write about yourself there to highlight what kind of person you are.

The dating platform will ask you to answer questions about your lifestyle, such as your willingness to get married or have children, whether or not you drink or smoke. There is one more interesting option – testimonials. It can be on your profile so that others can see it.

The members of the Mingle2 community are allowed to add pictures to their profiles, and this feature is one of the most important parts because very few details are required. Moreover, the more pictures you add, the more chances you have to attract other users` attention.

Standard members are also allowed to use search filters to find someone they will be interested in. The good news is that they can view profiles and add others to their Favorites list. In this case, these people will always be around. The dating website allows everyone to send messages, which means that it is possible to communicate without a premium subscription.

You can access official forums for Mingle2, and they are great for receiving or giving advice regarding relationships and dating. Another thing you can use for communication is “nudges,” and they are winks that you can use to flirt.

The dating platform offers the instant communication option, using which members can start interacting with each other sooner rather than later.

You should consider that the Mingle2 online dating service offers a few features that are only available to premium members. These special functions can significantly improve your online dating experience:

  • MinglePlus. If you decide to utilize MinglePlus, you are going to get an array of features. For example, you will be able to see who visited your Mingle2 profile recently;
  • Mutual Matches. You are allowed to check all of your mutual matches and all users who are eager to meet you based on their likes;
  • Highlight a profile. You can also highlight your Mingle2 profile. It means that it will be featured prominently on the search page, on the match page, or on the home page.

Even though the dating website does not offer a lot of special features compared to similar online services, all of them are useful when it comes to seeking someone special.



As mentioned before, people can use the Mingle2 dating website for free, and they can even communicate without any premium plans. However, there are a few features that require members to pay.

Duration Cost per month Total
Three months 9.95 dollars 29.85 dollars
Six months 7.95 dollars 47.70 dollars
One year 5.95 dollars 71.40 dollars

If you want to get a three-month premium subscription, you will pay 29.85 dollars. Another option is a six-month membership, which will cost you 47.70 dollars. It is also possible to get a one-year premium subscription, and you can purchase it for 71.40 dollars. You can use PayPal to get any of the mentioned premium plans.

Advantages of Paid Account


In addition to the features available to everyone, premium members of the Mingle2 community can do the following:

  • They can see who like them on Mutual Match;
  • They can browse through the user database invisibly;
  • They are allowed to see whether their messages are already read;
  • They can store messages forever;
  • Their profiles will be listed earlier in search results.

Possibility of Free Account

If you are a standard member of the Mingle2 dating website, you can do the following actions:

  • You can get registered;
  • You can create a profile;
  • Your profile can include testimonials by other members;
  • There will be a friends list on your profile;
  • You can use search filters;
  • You are allowed to view profiles and pictures;
  • You can see who viewed your Mingle2 profile;
  • You are allowed to add friends;
  • You can add others to your Favorites list;
  • You can utilize the Mutual Match feature;
  • You can take part in forums;
  • You can send nudges;
  • You are free to send and receive messages;
  • You can access instant messaging.



The Mingle2 dating platform makes use of cookies to store its members` browsing history in order to send push notifications and prevent any probable fraudulent activities. The dating website admits that they share information with third-party partners who strictly comply with all the security guidelines. It is also allowed to block other members if you are not willing to be connected with them. In this case, they will never be able to contact you again.

One more thing that you can do is to turn the instant messaging feature off, and you will not be disturbed by unsolicited messages. Every member of the community is encouraged to report in the case of abusive or suspicious behavior.

The Mingle2 dating website allows its premium users to browse through profiles in an invisible mode, so others will not know that you like them.

Scam Charges

All member activity on the Mingle2 dating platform is stored with the help of cookies, which means that a slight change in the profiles might raise the alarm. The online dating service ensures server security utilizing firewalls. Members of the community must accept the terms and conditions. Furthermore, the dating website monitors all public posts, ads, and messages to make sure that they are appropriate. However, there are still some fake profiles, which means that users should never neglect basic security rules. For example, they should never disclose their personal and financial information to strangers.

Contact Information

Website: www.mingle2.com

Address: 350 Sansome Street, Suite 925 San Francisco, California 94105 United States

Phone number: (415) 373-4066


An FAQ section is a must because people tend to look for quick answers to their questions. Since these questions tend to be very similar, and it is possible to answer the common ones. Below, you can find the necessary information.

Is Mingle2 a Real Online Dating Service?

Yes. The Mingle2 dating website has operated long enough to prove that it is a real service. Even though there can be a few fake profiles, the bigger part of members is who they say they are. That is why you can get registered and find a lot of people to communicate with.

How Much Does the Mingle2 Online Service Cost?

People can use the Mingle2 dating website free of charge. Unlike most other dating platforms, this one allows its standard members to access all the features necessary for communication. However, there are a few functions that can be used only if they purchase a premium subscription. The price starts at 29.85 dollars.

Does Mingle2 Offer a Mobile Application?

Yes. Members of this dating service can access Mingle2 with the help of a mobile application. The app is completely free to download, and it is easier to use when it comes to some features. For instance, the chat system is more user-friendly in the application, using which users are able to communicate on the go.

Who Can One Meet on the Mingle2 Dating Website?

The Mingle2 dating platform caters to people who are seeking long-term relationships. Members of the community come from different parts of the world. Also, they can be different in terms of age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, and religion because the online dating service welcomes everyone.

Is It Difficult to Sign Up on to Mingle2?

No. Mingle2 offers an extremely easy registration process that usually takes a few seconds. The thing is that the members are not obliged to provide a lot of information or answer a lot of questions. This fact makes signup on the Mingle2 dating website straightforward.

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