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Once Review 2024

Once Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 66%
Popular Age 23-36%
Profiles 946 841
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 5.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Personal match every day;
  • You can register only via Facebook or mobile number, which decreases the number of fakes;
  • A lot of active users;
  • There is no personality test;
  • You are not limited with the number of photos you can load;
  • The possibility of free communication if users like each other;
  • Video chat is available;
  • Real dating and partner reviews on Once with chats, photos, and life stories;
  • A high-quality app for your IOS or Android smartphone;
  • A women-friendly platform.
  • There is no possibility to search for a partner on your own, only offers from the Once site are available;
  • Many features that have to be paid for separately;
  • There are more men;
  • You can contact other members that are not your matches only with the paid subscription;
  • Only one match per day.

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Interested in Once? Dating sites and special apps where singles can meet are at the peak of their popularity. The dating market is so saturated that every developer is trying to come up with a new idea to promote their product. We amid this diversity, but what makes the Once site so interesting? At a time when competitors offer a wide range of opportunities for compiling profiles and a lot of search filters, Once site refuses the opportunity to search at all. What does it mean, and what do users have instead? Is it possible to find love here, or is it a waste of time? The answer to these and many other questions are in this Once review.

Once Summary


At first glance, it seems unnatural to be unable to search for a partner on a dating platform. The Once site offers only one match per day, and the user has 24 hours to decide if they like this person. If both matchmakers respond by liking each other, a free chat room opens where you can chat for as long as you like. Just one person a day is not enough? You no longer have to search and scroll through hundreds of pages yourself. The Once site will do everything itself, thanks to the algorithms of artificial intelligence. The AI looks at account information, dating preferences, and previous history to find the best match possible, taking into account proximity and activity in the last 48 hours, among other things. That is, the AI quickly searches and analyzes profiles that a participant would spend hours of their time on.

The Audience of Once


So who is the target audience for the most unusual dating site of its kind, which does not offer a search option? The Once site is designed for people who are tired of endlessly scrolling through and re-reading profiles, looking at hundreds of photos. Instead, you can focus on a single profile, which the artificial intelligence has picked up, taking into account all the coincidences, and spend time just looking at it. This feature of the Once site is already appreciated by about 5 million users worldwide, supporting the idea of creators that quality is always better than quantity. Currently, the Once service supports 7 languages, which helps it develop in many countries, turning into a big international community. You can join the dating platform on the website or by download the Once app for your smartphone from AppStore and PlayMarket.

Once Site Features


Besides the very idea of slow dating, where instead of browsing through many profiles, you have the opportunity to explore just one suitable one thoroughly, the Once site has several features that make it different from the others. First of all, Once is the most woman-friendly environment possible. It has a unique real-life date evaluation feature that allows women to evaluate men. After an artificial intelligence algorithm detects a real-life date, the rating system allows women to view reviews, data, and photos of the men they went on a date with and leave their own feedback. Another function for comfortable communication has the cute name “Kitten.” What is its meaning? Artificial intelligence algorithms look through all the photos that are sent through the chat and block nude pictures.



In addition to the standard and long-familiar premium subscription, Once site offers its own currency – the so-called crowns. Of course, you will have to pay real money for the fictitious virtual currency in order to unlock additional features and diversify your communication. How much does it cost to subscribe to the Once site? The creators offer plans that include a discount for long-term use:

  • 1 month – 19.99 USD
  • 3 months – 45.00 USD
  • 6 months – 60.00 USD

Obviously, the discount for several months is substantial.

It is important to remember that plans have automatic renewal. If you no longer want to pay for the use of Once, you need to cancel the subscription in advance. So the prices for a premium account are quite moderate and are unlikely to surprise anyone, but the virtual “crowns” must be paid separately:

  • 5 crowns – 8.99 USD
  • 15 crowns – 17.98 USD
  • 30 crowns – 26.99 USD
  • 100 crowns – 74.98 USD

Whether it’s expensive or cheap is up to everyone. “Crowns” are not compulsory to buy. You can actively use the Once app and the site quite well without them.

Advantages of Paid Account


Although the Once site can be used completely free of charge, a premium account offers extended opportunities for dating and communication. What benefits do users receive by subscribing?

  • You can set the parameters of the distance your potential partner can be;
  • The ability to have 4 matches per day;
  • One premium match per day;
  • Chat requests don’t look fuzzy, and now you don’t have to guess who you’re being asked to respond to;
  • You can find out which members liked your profile and who gave your photos a 4- or 5-star rating.

Paid features that don’t require buying a Premium Account:

  • Send messages to previous matches;
  • Choose the match for the next day;
  • Send and receive chat requests;
  • Have a match with someone who is online.

Possibility of Free Account


Free membership has some limitations, but it can also help you find quality matches. It offers a lot of new pleasant emotions, so you should not give up the Once site if you are not willing to pay. What can you do for free?

  • Create and complete your profile;
  • Get one quality match per day;
  • Evaluate other members’ profiles and photos to improve your comparison with others;
  • Communicate with those users with whom you have a mutual match;
  • Earn a few “crowns” to pay for advanced features.

Based on the above, even free membership gives you a chance for a great date with a single person who is near you. All you have to do is trust the Once site’s artificial intelligence and, within 24 hours, assess whether you like the suggested match.



You can be assured that our privacy policy, together with our terms of use, provides strong protection for any information you share. Once takes all precautions necessary to protect your personal information, including preventing it from being corrupted or damaged. We also prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing it.

The company is not responsible for fraud, deception, identity theft, prostitution, violation of intellectual property rights of third parties, and other criminal offenses committed by participants. It is important to remember that even the best protection measures are powerless if the user himself tells strangers personal information and does not observe elementary safety precautions when dating on the Internet.

Scam Charges

You can find several reviews on the Internet from users accusing Once site of fraud. What exactly do they accuse the company of? Some participants have encountered a situation where another user who allegedly sent them a paid match, in fact, did not send anything and refused to communicate. The problem is that to respond to such an offer, you have to spend “crowns,” which you have to buy with real money, and in this situation, they are wasted. Fortunately, such messages are not common, and perhaps it is an unfortunate misunderstanding or error in the site algorithm. False profiles in the Once site are rare and are mostly created to cheat and get money.

The Once site fights fake profiles that commit abuse, fraud, or any illegal activity to maintain trust within the community and improve security. Moderators suggest reporting suspicious accounts immediately.

Contact Information


Unfortunately, the company did not provide a phone number where you can quickly contact the support team. Instead, the Once site has a feedback form that can be used to send a message. Members can also contact Once directly by mail to ONCE DATING AG, Churerstrasse 135, Postfach 329, 8808 Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland, or by e-mail to [email protected].


The Once site offers a high-quality section that answers the most common questions, and an excellent search system is implemented so that every member can find a solution to their question. The Once app provides the same, and you can find the FAQ section in your account settings.

Customer support is available through a special contact form on the Once site, the button to access at the bottom of the page. It is necessary to specify the subject and reason of the appeal for a quality and quick response. Most often, the waiting time for feedback is several hours. The Once app has a similar online form.

What Is Known About Once’s Service Compliance?

The dating service for singles Once was launched in October 2015 and immediately became very popular in Europe. At the beginning of 2018, the company officially opened its branch in the U.S. and became widespread in the dating market of America. The dating service Once is owned by Once Dating AG and its headquarters is in Switzerland. It has been featured in a number of major media outlets (mostly European), including Vanity Fair, GQ, and Boursorama Lifestyle. There is no doubt about the legitimacy of the Once site. Moderators and artificial intelligence vet all accounts here. Inappropriate content, such as nudity, discrimination, or insults, is strictly forbidden. Users under 18 years old are also forbidden to join.

Is Once Expensive or Cheap?

The Once app allows you to chat and get acquainted for free. Once every 24 hours, each participant will have a match with another participant, and if both “like” each other, they can chat without restrictions. If one match per day is not enough, or you want to use advanced features, there is a premium membership. The pricing policy is about the same as competitors. Traditionally there are discounts for longer subscriptions. You can also buy special currency called “crowns” to access additional features.

Is the Once App Fully Compliant with the Site?

For smartphones based on the IOS or Android operating system, the Once app is available. It’s a handy app with a well-designed interface. For users’ convenience, the desktop site and the Once app have absolutely identical functions, which simplifies the use and access to all the features. In terms of technical implementation, this is one of the best apps among similar dating sites. The design is concise. The app is free to download, but there will be the same restrictions when using it as on the website.

The Once site community now spans 32 countries around the world. About 200,000 users live in the United States. The site is also very popular in Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The vast majority of participants are heterosexual. Gender analysis showed that there are slightly more men registered on the site than women. Although the platform is more friendly to women, only they are allowed to leave feedback on their dates with a man. This service is most popular among young people in English-speaking countries.

How Do You Sign Up for Once?

Joining the community is quick and easy, both in the Once app and on the site. You can use your Facebook account to sign up, and your details will automatically transfer to your profile. If you don’t need automatic synchronization with the social networks, you can register using your phone number and e-mail. The registration takes a few minutes. Then you can fill in your profile data or return to this point at any time you want. Once you become a registered member of the Once community, you will get your first match. The Once site protects the data of its members, so everyone can only view profiles from among the matches. Viewing photos in suggested profiles is also available only for premium members.

The Once review considered all the positive and negative aspects of a popular and somewhat unconventional online dating platform, the cost of services, and features of its use. From all of the above, one can make an unambiguous conclusion – the Once site is worth your attention if you want to get quality dating without wasting time. If you consider its other merits and moderate cost, there is no doubt that it’s a quality dating site that every single person in search of their love should try.

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