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OneNightFriend Review 2024

OneNightFriend Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 6.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A vast databank of users worldwide
  • Modern design and a convenient interface
  • Safe services
  • Mobile application
  • Free and fast enrollment
  • A lot of search tools
  • Fake accounts
  • A limited set of features for free membership owners
  • Not suitable for serious relationships

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It wouldn’t take the knowledge of a rocket scientist to know that the OneNightFriend is a hookup platform. The name is enough to give away its nature. But it is not enough to tell you about the quality of the profiles and if you will meet the kind of someone you have been looking for online. Especially when considering the number of fraud sites and scams running online, the question pops up: Would this be worthy of your time and money is the question. It is why people pull up their guards when looking for love but are rather comfortable getting sexual pleasure, either virtual or real. But then too, several dating websites promise hookup partners but turn out to be a bot-run platform after paying for its compulsory membership with no refund. So here is the OneNightFriend review after trying the site for a few months to see how trustworthy and safe it is.

OneNightFriend Summary

OneNightFriend Summary

OneNightFriend site is a dating platform for short-term relationships. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider this a site for finding partners for sexual endeavors. The site with that in focus is designed in a way that helps users find an OneNightFriend quickly. The algorithm finds people based on the users’ location so that you can meet up with your match in a few minutes to satisfy your urges. While the dating site is a premium platform that requires you to purchase a subscription plan, it allows five free messages per day as well. The free message limit lets you test the site and saves the user experience from getting exploited by fake users.

The Audience Of OneNightFriend

The OneNightFriend site reports a very high member activity level throughout the week. However, the gender distribution on the site is not impressive. The number of men is way more than the number of women, and while it would have been happy news if it had been a gay site, it is not. Despite accepting people of any sexuality, the LGBTQ+ community does not show up as much to consider its presence. However, since people are interested in hookups, even the tight competition might workaround. Also, another thing to consider is that the algorithm matches people in the vicinity. So your location could affect the numbers massively, which means there is no reason to worry about anything based on these numbers because the statistics are relative. Also, despite having a global presence, the OneNightFriend site shows more people from the USA. In terms of age, people aged between 25 and 34 years are seen to be dominating the platform.

OneNightFriend Site Features

OneNightFriend Site Features

Despite being a plain hookup platform, the OneNightFriend has a lot to offer in terms of experience and features. While some of the features on the site are unique, some are a little modified version of previously seen things on other similar websites. However, what matters is the experience the combination of features creates for the users:


Wink is a version of like on OneNightFriend. It lets you poke another user and tell them about your interest without saying anything, similar to how a wink works in real life. The other person may choose to wink you back or approach you right after. Even if you get a wink back instead of a message, it means that you just got a green signal on OneNightFriend.

Parameter Search

The OneNightFriend allows you to find a hookup partner for the night. It does so by looking for members that are close to your location. However, the search parameters are customizable. You can go to the settings and play around with the parameters to alter search results if you are not happy with the ones you are getting.


Flirtcast allows you to use your pickup line on several people at once by broadcasting a message. It is a great way to save time on OneNightFriend and save yourself from repeating the same steps unnecessarily.

Like Gallery

The like gallery on OneNightFriend is similar to the swiping on Tinder. You are shown photocards of users; you heart them if you like or cross them out if you don’t. It is a simple and entertaining way to browse through profiles, and since the feature is trending, it excites the users as well.

Safe Mode

Safe mode is the quickest way to protect yourself from all possible fake profiles. It is a free feature on OneNightFriend that lets you customize your suggestions. For example, by switching the feature on, you only ask the OneNightFriend to show you profiles with a verification badge. Verified profiles are the ones who have submitted a government-authorized identification card to authenticate themselves on OneNightFriend.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The satisfaction guarantee on the OneNightFriend assures users of finding dates within three months. If users cannot find matches in three months, the OneNightFriend gives away its membership for free to the person. Although there are conditions involved to protect the policy from getting exploited, it never comes to that. Finding matches is not a difficult task on the OneNightFriend, so you wouldn’t need to experience the Sahara desert for three months.

Rewards On Profile Completion

Another unique feature on the OneNightFriend site is the reward system. Complete profiles increase the profile quality on a dating site; however people tend to avoid it. First, it takes some time to complete, and the second reason is that it is optional. So to motivate users to complete their profiles on OneNightFriend, the site has introduced a reward system. It gives the users limited but free access to paid features for completing certain sections of their OneNightFriend profile.



OneNightFriend is a dating platform that requires users to purchase subscription plans to find a date for hookups. Even though it allows certain features for free, the limited access is not enough to set up a quick date. The limitations come in the way of having a seamless experience on the OneNightFriend site. Hence, there is no option but to purchase a plan, but to make things comfortable for the users, the OneNightFriend site has several plans that you can choose from:

Advantages Of Paid Account

The moment there is a discussion regarding membership, the first thought that is bound to pop up in your mind is the benefits you get from the membership. So instead of moving around, let’s focus on the paid features of the OneNightFriend site to understand if they are worthy of the price you have to pay for access on the platform.

  • Unlimited communication through text messages.
  • Access to the complete list of the search results
  • Browse through the profiles of members
  • Unlimited access to winks
  • Browse and view member uploaded photos in full HD quality
  • Attach photos and videos through the personal chat.

Possibility Of A Free Account

Possibility Of A Free Account

Despite the premium nature of the OneNightFriend, you can test the site using a few free features available on the platform. Here is a list of features that you get to try on the site to see if the platform is worthy of your time without paying for anything:

  • Registration on OneNightFriend
  • Photo and video uploads on the profile
  • Profile setup
  • Limited winks
  • Basic search
  • Like gallery
  • Five messages per day
  • Read one reply on each chat



The OneNightFriend site is a protected dating platform with SSL certification, ensuring the data you share with the platform is safe. Besides maintaining certifications to ensure encrypted transactions and messaging, it also comes with a privacy policy that you must read before signing up. OneNightFriend acts as a premium dating site that does not allow free communication beyond five messages per day. Now, although these types of websites are home to money launderers, it would be too much work for them to wait for the next day for five messages. Also, since the dating platform has a safe mode for users and is available for free, not many people respond to the unverified user profiles. While OneNightFriend is overall safe for users, dating experts recommend being careful with their personal information with temporary people, especially when hooking up.


Most dating platforms with a premium membership are known to be scammy. The sites show the presence of bots who send messages to new members to provocate them into purchasing a membership. However, that doesn’t happen on the OneNightFriend. It rather allows you to send five messages for free and read the first reply of every chat to increase your excitement. Instead, the site works on keeping the platform free from fake profiles, bots, and scams. Thus, it takes a report by the user very seriously and follows it up with immediate action. OneNightFriend also offers a trial membership plan at a low cost for three days to allow the users to try the dating platform in the most ethical way without losing their profile quality.

Contact Information

Website: www.OneNightFriend.com

Company: Together Networks Limited

Location: Malta

Email: [email protected]

Social: Facebook, Twitter


Is The OneNightFriend Site Legit?

The OneNightFriend is a registered site and was developed by a leading company in the dating industry. The brand name Together Networks gives more than enough credibility to the site. However, the OneNightFriend review online and the user popularity proves the trust more.

How Much Does It Cost To Be On The OneNightFriend Site?

Since the OneNightFriend site is not free, it is obvious that one needs to spend some money for the membership. While it offers a three-day trial for new members at a minimum price of 2.97 USD, the membership plans start from 39.00 USD. However, the monthly cost reduces on the plans with a longer validity period.

Is There A OneNightFriend App To Download On Your Phone?

The OneNightFriend site, unfortunately, does not have an app version. However, the website is capable of acting as an -alternative to the OneNightFriend app. The website design is responsive, so irrespective of the size of your screen, the dating platform holds the capability to resize itself for user convenience. Be it a phone, a tablet, or a desktop, the user experience does not get altered due to a device change.

How Does The Audience On The OneNightFriend Look Like?

The OneNightFriend site is a popular dating site used for hookups. Most popular in the US, UK, and Canada, the site caters to the temporary partnership needs of people mainly in the age group of 25 and 34 years old. Even though it is open to all sexualities, straight men seem to be dominating the most on the platform. However, since the OneNightFriend site is a location-based platform, numbers cannot remain the same everywhere.

Is Signing Up On The OneNightFriend Site Easy?

The registration process on the OneNightFriend site is simple and takes hardly a few minutes to complete. It asks for basic questions besides asking you to verify your email id. Even though it is enough for the registration, the platform takes you forward to setting up your profile immediately after completing the registration. You may skip the step for later, but dating experts on the OneNightFriend recommend users complete the profile to the T for the best response.

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