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PositiveSingles Review 2024

PositiveSingles Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 2 700 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Users have the flexibility to keep their profiles anonymous until they start conversing with their match.
  • All the site members can verify their information from time, like photos, age, education, occupation, and so on.
  • Instead of a Bot, a real user approves the profile and further verifies it.
  • The match gets filtered easily with the people having the same STD.
  • A standard user can easily reply to the messages that they receive from the other members.
  • A user can benefit by taking one-on-one dating advice without any hassle.
  • You can’t group chat or video chat with the other user.
  • Some members find this website to be boring as it doesn’t hold any exciting features.
  • If you want to enjoy the features, you need to be a paid member.
  • Both the desktop version and the mobile application have different features, which indicates you can’t get access to all the features simultaneously.
  • If you don’t know how to upload the photos or update the status, you don’t find any instructions on the site.
  • You’ll be charged around $15.95 to $29.9, which is relatively high in an expensive little site.

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PositiveSingles Site is one of the most popular dating communities for singles with STD. It has been observed that around 110 million people in the US are the ones that live with STD. Therefore, in this article, you will know the complete details about PositiveSingles App.

This number has reached around 600 million across the globe. You will find several singles at the dating site, and they have either HPV, HIV/HPV, Hepatitis, herpes, and so on.

These people generally look for the people who deal with the same situation. They prefer similar people either to share their life or to make a partner.

PositiveSingles site is a wholly featured dating site that you can easily access via a dating app or a website. The best part is it is available on both Android and iOS devices. So, you can quickly look at the different dating profiles that move towards the one with a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

You can find your potential match using its proper email system and an active messaging tool. Also, the site holds both block and privacy options for its users. In these privacy options, you can easily hide your statistical information and interactions and keep them private.

This site also enables its users to write about real-life experiences. The experience can be from living with STD to a relationship with the same.

Besides this, many members post their views in the forum. Some try running their blog and discussing their relationship needs in life at PositiveSingles.

PositiveSingles Summary


Just with the rise of dating applications, singles can easily find the perfect match according to personality on their site. Catering to the needs and wants of people at this dating platform is effortless, and it has been designed keeping in mind the singles with STD.

Besides STD, this single community platform has singles with herpes too. Finding someone with the same diseases you are dealing with is quite tricky. Sometimes it’s challenging. Well! This is the reason PositiveSingles is catering to the need of individuals.

So, in this PositiveSingles review, you can quickly learn everything concerning the PositiveSingles site.

The Audience of PositiveSingles

PositiveSingles possesses over 1.6 million users. You can consider it as the largest community of online helps that focuses on catering to the people dealing with STD. Around more than 110 million US users with STD are active at this site. Besides this, around 2,550,000 people visited the site in the previous month. The members you will find here will belong to the US community and the other community. Some members are from Canada and the UK.

Members generally talk about the STD, complications, their contractions with STD that defame the life of a human. You will observe medical support there, which is specifically for the ones having difficulties.

Each person supports the other on the platform. As this site is all about STDs and Helps, the members prefer discussing other topics like movies, controversy, music, and politics rather than STD and herpes.

The site holds a maximum of male members that lies under the age range of 18-45 years. Therefore, around 18+ age people are available at the site. As per the statistical data, around 70% of Males and 30% of females are available on the platform. Members remain active at the platform and prefer keeping their profiles busy at the same time.

PositiveSingles Site Features


PositiveSingles app or the largest dating site is specifically for people dealing with STD. Also, the company has recently announced some of the best features of using this site for its STD users. Let’s get to know the notable ones.

Live Support – All the users can take advantage of the fast service and unlimited features available at the site. Besides this, a person can have a live online chat with the other member of their interest.

Live Dating Advisor – PositiveSingles advisor team is ready to give valuable advice to other people. You can get advice concerning dating-related issues.

Once you meet the other person on PositiveSingles, you can try chatting with the advisor and ask for guidance or another opinion.

Let’s Meet – With the Let’s meet feature, you can see other singles on the platform, and accordingly, you can share your interests with them.

Besides this, you can like them or have a look at their profiles if you are interested.

Care Location – This dating platform also takes care of the people and provides them with clinics, hospitals, healthcare facilities. Also, the facilities in the list cover Canada, the UK, the US, and other countries.

Treatment stories – You can read about the other person’s stories, their treatment for STD conditions, etc.

This is because several users out there share their experiences with the treatment. Also, they share the dealing with daily lives.

Online Chat Rooms – There are several chat rooms available on the site. Every chat room discusses different topics like movies, travel, politics, and so on rather than STD.



A user can quickly sign up on the PositiveSingles app without paying for it, as the site offers a free option. If you want to enjoy other privileges, you are required to subscribe to them. So, the prices for PositiveSingles premium membership are as follows:

  • One month $29.95 per month $29.95
  • Three months $19.98 per month $59.95
  • Six months $15.99 per month $95.95

    1 month 29.95 USD
    3 months 59.95 USD
    6 months 95.95 USD

    All the payments can be made via PayPal, Credit Card, etc.

    Advantages of Paid Account


    Looking to enjoy the features and improving your visibility requires a paid membership. However, a paid membership also accompanies several features.

    • You can fully access the PositiveSingles application and website.
    • You can start a conversation by sending a message to the other user.
    • You can check out who viewed your profile.
    • You can check out other people’s profiles.
    • You can see the last login time of each user in your list.
    • You can remove the members from their search.
    • You can create a private album.
    • You can identify the person who likes your picture.
    • You can get access to the quick exit button that allows them to switch the screen instantly.

    Possibility of Free Account


    If you want to try a free account at the PositiveSingles app before switching to the paid subscription, then you can still enjoy its varied features. So, with the assistance of free feature, you can:

    • Create a profile by adding all the essential info, uploading pictures and random pictures, and matching the gender you are looking for.
    • Quickly search by using the state or the location.
    • Reply to the email as well as instant messages.
    • Send out unlimited winks.
    • Check out the profile of other members.
    • Customise your match requirements.



    If you’re looking for safety at the PositiveSingles site, you’ll feel free to know that the site uses SSL to secure users’ secure transactions. Every purchase of the user is restricted. Therefore, the site genuinely cares for its member’s safety.

    The site also holds a Digital Millennium Copyright Act («DMCA”). In short, the platform has taken strict measures to protect the privacy of its users. If you are using the platform through a mobile application, you can also set up privacy and security.

    Once you meet the other members on the platform, you keep in mind to share it with your family members with whom you are meeting and the place you are looking to meet.

    Besides this, try to avoid sharing personal information, whether your home address or the work. You don’t know much about them and trusting at one go is not ideal. Also, now PositiveSingles app is counted among the trusted and safest site in the world of dating.

    Scam Charges

    No one can consider the PositiveSingles dating app as a fake dating site. The site has devoted itself to helping individuals dealing with any herpes and STDs. It has been 17 years for PositiveSingles to make a friendly community and keep all the people safe at the platform.

    This is why it is ranked as the #1 community that takes care of its members. Though it’s pretty challenging to find out the scams and blackmails on the site, the platform’s customer service always takes proper steps to find suspicious people.

    Besides this, the developers have the flexibility to check out the profiles of scammers and, accordingly, block their accounts without thinking twice.

    Contact Information


    Suppose you are seeking to connect with the PositiveSingles site. You can refer to the below-shared contact information of the platform.

    • Company Name: PositiveSingles.com
    • Address:10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160 Vaughan
    • Postcode + City: Ontario L4J 0A6
    • Country: US
    • Customer Support Email: [email protected].


    Finally, you have read the PositiveSingles review; let’s be more precise by understanding a few questions that come to mind for every newbie.

    Is PositiveSingles a legitimate dating service?

    Indeed, you can count this site as a legit one. The registration process that you will go through at the platform is given utmost importance. PositiveSingles app takes this process seriously.

    They do so because herpes and STD are pretty sensitive subjects. This is why the company focuses on sending a service agreement, including a copy of the privacy policy. If any fake profile is caught, it gets deleted without any excuse.

    So, it’s not a scam site. If you find anything offensive, you can directly post against it. Besides this, the platform doesn’t allow the users to post child-alone posts and pictures.

    The site doesn’t permit the members to use lewd languages once they communicate with someone. Also, racist and violent pictures are strictly banned on the platform.

    After getting to know such rules by the PositiveSingles app, it is clear that the site is ultimate and trustworthy and takes care of members’ safety at every level.

    What is the cost of using PositiveSingles?

    The premium membership cost is as shared below:

    • A member needs to pay $29.95 for one month.
    • A member has to pay $9.95 per month and 59.95 USD in total
    • For six-month, a sum of 15.95 USD per month and 95.95 in total has to be paid.

    Each member needs to pay only one time, and the platform accepts various modes of payment like American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and so on. Once you become a member of the PositiveSingles app, your membership will get set automatically for its renewal.

    Is PositiveSingles available on mobile devices?

    Yes, the platform has a unique mobile application that you can find at the Google Play Store and iTunes. The app doesn’t have many positive reviews by the application users, yet the site gets 50,000+ users daily.

    It has a friendly interface, easy to navigate, and has a responsive design. Whenever you open the app, you need to enter that passcode. You can communicate with other members, make payments, update profiles, message each other while using the application.

    If you want to visit the forums and other resources, you have to view and use the site.

    What are the demographics of the PositiveSingles website?

    As per the statistical information, the PositiveSingles site holds more than 54.55% of men and around 45.55% of women.

    In general, the random people that visit the site fall under the age of 25 to 34 years. Around 1.5 million users have used the site since its launch in the year 2001.

    So, it indicates that it has around 15,000 active users every day and 1,20,000 interactions on the platform.

    Each member is actively performing their role by participating in discussions, conversing, and so on.

    How to sign up on to PositiveSingles

    Filling a particular form available at the site is mandatory to sign up for the same. Accordingly, move to click on “find my matches.”

    Thus, select the country, range, sexual orientation, condition, etc., at the platform to find your potential match. You will see many options like human papillomavirus, herpes type 1, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, herpes type 2, etc.

    If you do not find your desired option, you can click on choose something. Then, continue the registration by adding your username, first name, email address, age, ethnicity, country, height, postcode, password, and whatever is asked of you.

    Keep in mind that uploading the picture is not essential. When you reach the final page, you will find three questions; you can fill in the profile’s headline, write about yourself, write what you like, and so on to find a perfect match.

    After completing all the things, you can complete your account page. So, whenever you want to view, edit, add pictures, read comments, and so on, you can head to your section.

    You can find out several questions, and by answering them, you can find your potential match on the PositiveSingles app.

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