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Quickflirt Review 2023

Quickflirt Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-34
Profiles 640 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This site holds a large volume of the active user base.
  • It allows the users to communicate effectively with other members and also see their profiles.
  • If you are a free member, you can take advantage of 5 free messages to initiate the conversation.
  • It is viewed as a reliable searching ground.
  • This app offers multi-lingual support to the users, making it convenient for global users to use it.
  • If you are not satisfied with the application, you can ask for a refund because it offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Most time, you will notice the freezing of the application.
  • If you purchase the VIP pass, you will only send a message and adjust some basic filters.
  • Once you are done sending five messages, you need to purchase the subscription to continue your conversation with the members.
  • This site doesn't allow users to link their profiles to any social media account.
  • If you receive an email from their side, it lands in the spam folder, which is quite difficult to notice.
  • You are restricted from accessing the photo gallery, which creates an issue in viewing others' profiles.

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Quickflirt is counted among top-rated dating sites that let users chat and flirt with the partner that attracts them the most. Both males and females eagerly use this site from across the globe.

After all, it delivers the joy of adults to people. Just because of its fantastic concept, the user base of the Quickflirt site is relatively high. You will find this application convenient to use, and the best part is, a woman here can send a message to the man she is most interested in.

Besides chatting, this site enables the members to see profiles of individuals, perform different activities, send messages to the person and meet a lovable partner.

The site has a strict policy of not letting users exchange pornographic pictures or perform any suspicious activity. Curious to know about this app? Read on the complete details before entering into the world of this dating site.

This Quickflirt platform strictly follows the rules and regulations to avoid malicious activities from happening. Besides this, aim to focus on the national laws against scams, human trafficking, pornographic activities, and so on.

Quickflirt Summary


Quickflirt dating site consists of many single men or women who remain actively involved in finding their soulmates. They register on the platform and meet their favorite partners. On this platform, both women and men can cover their fetish without any hassle.

Once you go through the platform, you will find this dating site to be a comfortable one. You can set the parameter based on your requirement and find a potential partner to flirt with accordingly.

Quickflirt App is keeping up a good reputation among the audience. It has all the required licenses, and it is successfully running in the International market. You will find around more than 1.4 million active members at the site connecting with interested people and flirting with them.

Also, this site primarily focuses on letting singles experience a joyful date with their gorgeous ladies and handsome men.

Quickflirt Site Features


Suppose you are expecting to meet a partner or friend at the Quickflirt site. It will work if you take a quick look at some unique features offered by this platform.

Easier setup process – The user won’t face any issues while creating an account on this platform. It signifies you need to fill in the asked details and reach out to your preferred people globally.

You won’t be notified of any payment concerning the upgrades and other services in this process. Thus, having a quick setup process, this site is getting thousands of registration requests daily.

New friends – This feature of the Quickflirt App lets you connect with new friends across the globe. And, this site is viewed as a place with ample possibilities. You can connect with different people on the platform and get to know them.

Relations for any field – Besides looking for a romantic relationship, this site lets the users create other relationships as well. For instance, if you are in business, you can create a similar relation. The possibilities are more at this platform to reach the potential partners.

Video Upload – If you seek to make your profile more attractive, you can benefit from adding video to your profile at your convenience.

Like Gallery – You can consider the like gallery option, and accordingly, check out the profiles that are of interest to you. Then, you need to swipe either right or left. You can even mark the person as cute or not cute.

Promote My Account – This feature is counted among the most advantageous feature where you are free to chat with the interested person, and you can even wink at them without using the Internet.

Safe Mode – You can benefit from the safety feature of the Quickflirt App. In this, you can sort the ones whom you want to receive the message, and you are safe from any suspicious attempt from the site.

Flirt casts – In case you are not much good at flirting, then by using this feature, you will find it flexible in picking the best lines to get help in messaging.



In general, if you want to enter the site without paying any bucks, you are free to go. Well! The site is free to use. However, it asks for a certain amount only if you need to use the promos. Therefore, as it is a paid app, you are restricted to some features in free membership.

To take advantage of the whole application, you can choose from several packages as offered by the Quickflirt App.

  • A one-day trial membership costs you $0.99.
  • A monthly plan can cost you $28.80.
  • A 3-month membership can cost you $48.60, from which you will be charged $16.20 per month.
1 day 0.99 USD
1 month 28.80 USD
3 months 48.60 USD

Advantages of Paid Account


With a paid account, you can get access to all the available features available on the platform. So let us have a glimpse at that.

  • You are free to send unlimited messages to any member associated with the application.
  • You can easily share media in the chats.
  • Likewise, you can take benefit of premium support.
  • You can quickly look at the media gallery without any hassle.
  • You can use all the new features that the site offers.

Possibility of Free Account

Indeed, there is a possibility of running a free account at the Quickflirt site. Some of its features are:

Registration and Profile Creation – Registration on the platform is free of charge, and so you can do the same. Also, you can add important information concerning yourself to update the profile based on yourself.

Checking-out someone – You can check out the profile of the other member you are highly interested in. You need to click on their profile and access all the associated information about the concerned person.

Searching People – You can even search for different profiles at the Quickflirt site without spending any bucks. Accordingly, you can scroll through thousands of profiles without any restriction.

Sending Likes – If you find out that the profile you stalked looks attractive and want to initiate the conversation, you can easily send that person a ‘Like’ and poke the person with a unique notification.

Favorite List – You get full access to your Favorite List; anytime you find a profile genuine or like them out of the way.



Safety is the priority at the Quickflirt site, and as you have read above, the site strictly follows the rules to maintain peace. It protects the users from any scammers or crime suspects. As several people look to exchange the conversations on the site, they are strictly prohibited from using pornographic pictures and any fraud activity. The platform bans suspicious activities without thinking twice.

Also, the punishment is given to the ones who do malicious activities on the platform. Besides this, the site bans the members who use any curse words. Thousands of people use this site and join to find out their perfect life partner.

They have a hard-working staff that takes care of the data and keep it secure and safe. Besides this, you can connect with your life partner and create a terror-free environment. The site actively uses SSL encryption.

Scam Charges

There are a plethora of fake profiles available on the platform. Still, if you find any suspicious thing, you can report the profile without any hassle. The customer support continually keeps a close watch over the members’ activities and tries to permanently ban the swindle members.

Quickflirt strictly adheres to the rules and is not involved in any illegal activity. The violation of the rules is not tolerated, and only adults are allowed to use the site.

Contact Information


To connect with the Quickflirt Site, you can refer to the below-shared details:

  • Company – Together Networks Holdings Limited
  • Address – PO Box 146, Trident Chambers, Road Town Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Phone-Hotline – 1800-691-5793


If you found any doubt while reading the Quickflirt app details, you can refer to the FAQ section.

Is Quickflirt Legit Or Scam?

As you have read the Quickflirt review above, it is clear that the site is legit. Around 1.5 million members actively using this site means it could not be a fraud. The site’s strictness won’t let the scammers create any fake profiles or do any scam.

The site consists of many gorgeous ladies eagerly waiting to find the handsome men. Therefore, you can consider the site genuine, and you are free to find the one that is made for you.

What Is The Cost To Use Premium Version of Quickflirt?

Every member has the flexibility to use the basic option and run the app free. However, to get access to more features, upgrading it will work well; free users can benefit from several services like creating a profile, sending winds, using the search panel, viewing the user’s profiles, and adding them to the favorite list.

On the opposite side, a premium subscription gives premium services like sharing pictures and videos, access to messages, checking out videos and profiles, and using other features.

The premium rates vary based on the duration. However, the pricing is shared as under:

  • 0.99 USD for one day.
  • 7.00 USD for one week.
  • 28.80 USD for one month.
  • 48.60 USD for three months or 16.20 USD per month.

How About The Mobile App For Quickflirt?

Indeed, the Quickflirt platform has a mobile application. Several members find this app convenient to use in contrast to using it through the web.

Its application is compatible both in Mobile and in Tab. In contrast to personal computers, using this app on mobile phones comes with a handy option.

What Is The Demographic Profile Of The Quickflirt Website?

The Quickflirt App holds a huge database. The members available at this platform vary upon the different age groups. The site possesses both female and male members.

However, a bigger share of the gender that actively use this site’s service are men. Yes, there are nearly 70% of men actively use this website. The site has members of the age group of 25 to 34 years.

Generally, it has been found that the members of this age group prefer coming into a serious relationship. Besides this, the members you will find at this platform can be lesbian, gay, widower, cougars, married individuals, as well as hot milfs. Therefore, you have to find the one based on your interest and ping the same.

How simple is to register on Quickflirt?

Joining the Quickflirt App is relatively easy. The platform has a simple and timesaving interface. You do not have to connect your account with any social channel.

Instead, you need to fill in the essential information like your name, date of birth, password, gender, postcode, email, and so on. After that, you can click on the Join now option.

Next, you need to confirm your identity by filling the verification box you will see in between the screen. Accordingly, upload your favorite picture, and you are up to find the member has to date at the Quickflirt site.

If you look to change your preference concerning the site, you must remove the account later on. This is how you will not find any difficulty in adding or changing the preference. Happy dating at Quickflirt site!

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