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Reveal Review 2024

Reveal Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 21-35
Profiles 790 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • No. 1 Choice for Ladies. The app has been specially designed for the ladies out there. Reveal app provides a special feature for women to explore the male users’ profiles anonymously. It is utterly the woman's decision, whether she wants to date the guy or not.
  • A Sense of Security. Since the ladies can be anonymous, there is a sense of security among the users. Reveal app is designed in such a way that it protects the identity of its female users. The app is very safe and secure for its unique features, specially designed for the ladies to maintain their safety first.
  • Auto Swipe Eliminated for Gents. The ball is in the court of ladies. A male user will not be able to auto-swipe a profile, even if he wishes to. The male users can't go out of the line, which puts the female users in charge.
  • One-Hundred Percent Genuine Matches. Your matches will be based on the details that you put, or rather on similar interests and ideas. Thus, the matches are genuine and safe.
  • Intentions Cleared Out. The app is designed so that after making the match, it insists that users clear their intentions among themselves to avoid any misunderstandings. This way, you will always know what to expect and what purposes in dating your match has.
  • Additional Features. There are various additional features offered, such as calling options, video calling options, texting options, and HD audio conversation features. Everything included in the free version of the Reveal app. The premium membership, however, provides the facility of checking out each other's profiles anonymously.
  • Share Your Location. You can also share your locations wherever you are checking in so that your partner knows where you are. You can meet up with your partners to go on dates and have fun without any disturbances.
  • Easy Installation. Installing this app is a cakewalk. Reveal app is very user-friendly and allows the user to install the app in a hassle-free manner.
  • Limited Accessibility. One drawback of this app is that it is only available for iOS. Other operating systems’ users would not be able to access the app. Also, the app only supports one language, English. Hence, people native to other languages might have difficulty using this app. The app is only available in the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • No Working Website. There is NO Reveal site on the Internet. Thus, users willing to create an account on Reveal must download the app from the apple store to enjoy its features.
  • Free Accounts Have Limited Features. The free membership offers a very constricted feature in terms of accessibility, availability, and safety-security policies. The app's standard policy lets users text, chat, video call, and send audio messages to the person they intend to chat with.

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Reveal Review

Reveal is a free online dating app specially designed for today’s hot millennials. The app is a perfect place to look for a long-term relationship. This matchmaking app also has impressive features that give its user a super-duper-friendly interface. It even has a special feature, where a person can go anonymous while checking out a profile. Although the app is marvelous in its approach, it has not gained worldwide recognition due to its unavailability of multilingual features. Reveal has a 9.8-star rating, and the fraud rate is low. It has a visit rate of ninety-two percent. People having an age ranging from twenty-five to forty-five years old mainly use the app. The reply rate is ninety-one percent. The given statistics only prove that Reveal is the number one place to find your perfect partner.

Reveal is a United Kingdom-based company that extends to Wales as well. The app was launched on 12th April 2017. The three proud owners of the app are Mr. Sean Ferriter, Mr. Buzzard, and Mr. Edward Harvey. Reveal is a private company that Reveal Dating LTD owns.

Reveal Summary


Are you bored of living alone? Are you willing to settle down? If yes, Reveal is the best place to find the most suitable match for you. So, what is Reveal exactly? Is it safe to use the app?

Reveal is a hot dating app specially created for women. The user-friendly app puts the ladies in charge and allows them to find their perfect match anonymously, allowing them to choose and explore profiles from the lot.

The app is programmed in one language: English, and there is no Reveal site on the internet for online searches. Reveal supports iOS, so only people with iPhones can use the app. It is user-friendly and operates smoothly without any disturbances. When you find your match, it lets you chat, text, use video call, and send audio messages to your selected partner.

The selection process is straightforward as well. You can check the display picture, bio boxes, and the details that they have provided there. If their details match your requirements, you just need to swipe right. The selected person will get a notification then, and if he chooses you back, he has to swipe right and boom! You have found your perfect match! Read on to know more about how it works and why you should try this app!

The Audience of Reveal


If you are looking for casual hookups, Reveal is not the place for you. It is mainly developed for serious and long-term relationships. Since Reveal caters to the women community, they feel safe browsing the app. Reveal currently has 100 000 users.

Only those who are older than18 years can join the site. The users are between the age of twenty-five to thirty-five. Most of the users search for casual hookups, but other than that, the mature lot searches for long-term relationships.

There are safety precautions that one should follow while using the app. You must never give your personal information to anyone. You should always be cautious while chatting or video calling with someone.

Reveal Site Features


To find out the various features of the app, keep scrolling!

  • Anonymous Access.

The anonymous feature allows the users to go invisible by hiding their identity while stalking or checking out other profiles. The person will not receive a notification, and the user checking out the profile will be safe. It allows you to check out one’s profile and stay anonymous.

  • Wonderful Search Filters.

The search feature at the Reveal app is unique and exact. Whatever your requirements are, it will find the most suitable suggestion for you. You can even set parameters for your searches. You just need to select what kind of guys you want.

  • Cheesy Chats.

The chat feature has been enhanced to get a complete match with your selected guy. Once you choose someone based on their profile, you can easily start a conversation by sending a message. But be sure whatever you are sending is legit and not too personal. Always remember, precaution is better than cure!

  • Acceptable Intentions.

This feature helps you to get a clear idea of what kind of relationship your selected partner wants. If your intentions match, you can start chatting to take the relationship to the next level. This feature also allows you to know whether the person wants to hook up or start a proper relationship.

  • Likes.

The like feature allows you to start a conversation with the selected person. Once you swipe right on a person’s profile, they will receive a notification immediately. They will also be able to use the same option of swiping left or right.



Reveal app is free with several features similar to other dating sites. There are additional features that the user can activate upon payment or paid membership offers. Women can go anonymous once they take the subscription to search and explore profiles. Features like video calls, text messages, audio calls, and video chat are always there. The pricing is around $9.99 per month.

Advantages of Paid Account

The paid accounts provide some additional features like:

  • You can go anonymous while connecting with members;
  • Video and audio calls.

Possibility of Free Account


Yes, you can even use the app for free if you are not yet ready to buy the premium membership. Some of the free features include:

  • Installing the app and signing up;
  • Filling in your profile with adequate details;
  • Explore the member base;
  • Use the messaging feature.



You can be safe by giving necessary information only. One should never provide any essential details. Every user will access the photos that you will post on the app. These are some basic precautions that a new user can take.

The safety services provided by the app are standard. The app asks you to connect your Facebook profile to prove the users are not bots or scammers. The support team monitors users’ accounts manually. If the support team finds any fake account, they will remove it.

Scam Charges

You can always report scams and suspicious activity to the support team. The most effective way to stay safe is not to upload your personal information on the site. Remember, whatever you will upload on the site will be visible to all the users.

The support team always verifies every account manually whenever it is created. The account is asked to join with their own Facebook profile so that the users cannot fake their identity or pretend to be someone they are not.

Contact Information


Reveal app has high-tech support services. You can contact them via their official email id. You can also contact the support team even before you make your account. Although the interface is super user-friendly, you might need some additional help from the support team.

Address: Kemp House, City Road, London, UK, EC1V 2NX

Email id: [email protected]


Is your mind bubbling with questions? Write down your questions here and get your answers.

How legit is Reveal?

Reveal has strict community standards. The Reveal app asks the user to link their Reveal account with their Facebook account to verify a person’s identity. In case of scams and frauds, the users should contact the support team to get help.

Reveal has mainly been built for adults and specifically for women. The features of this app serve to make the women community feel more safe and secure.

What is the cost of Reveal?

Reveal app has a user-friendly interface developed especially for its users’ easy access. It is a free app, but to enjoy additional and extra services, you need to pay an amount of money. The additional feature allows you to go invisible while searching or stalking other profiles. Other features such as audio and video calls, video chat, text messages, etc., are standard like any other dating site or dating app. The pricing is around $9.99 per month.

Is there a Reveal mobile app?

Reveal app is amazingly designed for its honest users. The app is for iOS users. Thus, one cannot install it on other devices. The only drawback is that you cannot use it on a computer because there is no Reveal site.

What is the demographic structure of the Reveal?

The app has around 100 000 users globally. Generally, people from the twenty to twenty-five age range use the app. Reveal’s visit rate is around 9.2. The app is an excellent site for women, and it never disappoints its customers.

Is it easy to sign up on Reveal?

The registration is quite simple. You just need to fill in some essential details like name, gender, age, etc. You will need to confirm your email id. The app will ask you to put a password and username to get started finally. You can also cut out this process if you choose to login into the app with Facebook. Once you fill out all the requirements, you are ready to get started. Make sure you do not put any personal information on the website. You should be precautious of what you let other people see about you.

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