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Shagle Review

Shagle Review
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Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 21-40
Profiles 910 360
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 6.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Shagle claims to have over 3 million monthly users and over 100,000 daily users. It is an incredibly wide pool of people to connect and have a lovely chat with. On the flip side, the site recorded its highest growth in a quarter, with over 20k more users during the pandemic.
  • You can join the platform for free and avail of their video and chatting feature.
  • Based on your preferences, you can choose which gender you wish to speak to. They offer the options to chat with girls, guys, and couples.
  • It is available in 5 languages other than English. These are French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Russian.
  • It is available in 70 countries across all continents. Users availing of the premiere feature can filter their preferences from over 70 countries.
  • It ensures that you don't meet the same person twice.
  • If you are shy and work up your courage to show your face to a stranger, Shagle allows its users to mask their faces.
  • It doesn't have a lengthy sign-up process.
  • The platform delivers on its promise of being fast and can be used on your mobile phone.
  • The site doesn't offer a mobile application as of yet.
  • If you use the country-specific filter to sort your search results, you might still meet strangers from countries out of your preference.
  • You can't meet a person you have already chatted with.
  • Premium membership doesn't offer fascinating features.
  • You cannot save your chats with another person.

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Do you wish to chat with random strangers? Do you not want to waste your time on some frustrating site that has little to no features, has bad picture quality, lags all of the time, and asks for too much of your private information?

Then Shagle is the perfect website for you. It is an online video chatting platform that is made with the sole mission to provide its users a fun and simple platform where they can connect with like-minded people. Their site is built with the sole purpose of connecting people from around the world as easily and quickly as possible.

It doesn’t even ask for any personal questions. You can remain anonymous by simply logging in via your Google or Facebook account. Not just that, it allows its members to pick their preferences when it comes to the gender of the stranger and the country from which they come.

For absolutely free, members can use the site’s video chatting and texting functionalities. And members availing of the premium packs can feel relaxed during the transaction, as a third-party processor and not Shagle process all transactions. That is right; they don’t store even an iota of information about the transaction.

As of 2021, their website claims that they have over 3 million active monthly users and over 100,000 active weekly users.

Shagle Summary

Shagle Summary

Since 2017, after Shagle launched its newly revamped website, the site has seen a constant increase in its user base. The platform sees monthly traffic from over 3 million users and over 100,000 daily users. Like most dating sites, Shagle, too, has more men on their site than women. With men making over 68% of the population on the site and women just 32%. People between the ages of 25-34 make up at least 40% of the people on the site, putting them higher than any other age group.

It provides its users a unique experience by allowing them to chat with a stranger without even logging in. Not only that, but it is also notable as it gives its free members access to an insane number of features such as video chatting, texting, and choosing the country from which a stranger is randomly picked.

Shagle members can use the website in 5 languages other than English, and premium members can even pick the gender of the stranger they chat with, from girls to guys to even couples. Shy people get the option to cover their faces with a virtual mask to remain anonymous, and you can use various chat filters to set the tone of your chat.

Premium members can even access an exciting feature that allows them to save and continue chatting with a stranger they were already matched with. Plus, they can also block unwanted ads from the site.

Shagle is strictly for adults only and has a few other rules which they strictly enforce. These include getting banned if the member is rude, misbehaves, makes insensitive and offensive remarks towards another ban, getting reported to the authorities if you abuse or harm animals or people on camera, and being banned from the platform if you consume or inject drugs while on camera. They also ban and report members to the law enforcement officials who blackmail other members on the site.

They are also very protective of their user’s personal information and collect and store as little as possible. Therefore, all transactions related to purchasing premium memberships are done via a third-party processor called SegPay.

Although Shagle is not available to download as an app on Android or iOS phones, for now, it can still be used just as effectively on a web browser.

The Audience of Shagle

The Audience of Shagle

While Shagle tries not to impose a lot of rules on their users, they do, however, mandate that their users must be 18 years and older. It is an adults-only online video platforming website.

And rightfully so! As we have seen in the past, video chatting platforms and social media act as a praying ground for young children. Predators misuse these websites to get in touch with children, and that can have severe repercussions.

The site welcomes people over 18 to get into friendly discussions to make friends in different countries and even in the hopes of finding love. It is up to the user. Shagle sees a consistent rise in members, which means more friends to choose from.

Shagle Site Features

Shagle Site Features

Shagle offers its members free and otherwise exciting features, which makes it stand apart from its competitors.

  • They don’t have a lengthy sign-up process; you can start chatting with a click of a button.
  • You can sort your matches based on gender. Users can select from girls, guys, or couples.
  • You can also sort your matches based on specific countries. And Shagle’s randomized search results will match you with a stranger from over 70 countries.
  • Premium members can send virtual gifts to the people they are chatting with.
  • They offer their services in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • It is a lightweight platform that can load with lightning-fast speed on even mobile phones!
  • Shagle provides a virtual mask option for people who are either shy or wish to be completely anonymous.
  • Premium members get access to features such as remove ads, back button, and verified chat badge.



Shagle allows its non-premium members to avail the video chatting and texting feature for free. However, non-premium members can’t access any of the advanced features. .

They do not store or process any billing information. All of their transactions are processed via a third-party vendor, SegPay. The private information required to process the transaction is stored and processed by SegPay and not Shagle.

monthly pack $19.99
weekly plan $6.99

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

Persons availing of the premium membership facility on any platform are bound to get many advantages. The same is the case with Shagle. The premium packs allow its members to filter people based on their gender preferences, such as male, female, or couple, and based on the country of the stranger from whom they wish to speak from. Premium members get access to chat with people in over 200 countries.

Premium members can also block all advertisements, send the person chatting with a virtual gift, use the back button functionality, and access private chat. They also get a verified chat badge with the membership. But its highly coveted feature is the feature to reconnect with a stranger you have spoken to before.

Possibilities of Free Account

Possibilities of Free Account

Shagle doesn’t leave its non-premium members hanging in the dust, though. They still offer some excellent features to their non-premium members, which allows them to chat with strangers. Especially the most important features such as video chatting, virtual face mask, and text messaging.

People with free accounts can choose the country of the stranger they wish to chat with. Non-premium members get to choose from a pool of 70 countries. They can avail the virtual mask feature for maintaining anonymity and can filter their chatting preferences. They can also view the profile of the person next in line while still chatting with another person.

So, Shagle takes good care of its non-premium members and allows them to take advantage of their site to meet different people.



I think it is rational to question the safety of any website, let alone a website where you are supposed to interact and message with strangers. We make ourselves incredibly vulnerable to fraudsters and miscreants who will try to take advantage of someone’s emotional stage and manipulate them into doing financially, mentally, or physically harmful things.

Shagle is made to maintain privacy and keep the members anonymous. And they take all necessary steps to ensure the same as well. They do not even process or store payment information of its members while availing the premium pack; instead, they use a third-party processor, SegPay, to do the transaction.

It conforms to the privacy rights under California, Nevada, and Canadian, EEA/UK laws. They claim to take stringent procedures to prevent any data collected from their members from being used or accessed unauthorized and lost.

Scam Charges

Shagle advises its members to beware of scammer activities on their website and report whenever possible. It urges its members not to give their private information to a stranger under any circumstances. In its rules, Shagle clearly states that it does not tolerate activities such as blackmailing, and if someone is caught doing it, it will be banned and reported to the authorities.

Contact Information

If a member has any issues with the apps or wishes to ask questions or make comments, they can contact Shagle via their online contact form. However, they make it very clear that they might not respond to all questions, comments, or queries but address it under a common question in the FAQ section.

Their online contact form lets their members ask questions, cause concerns, or make comments. These can be about issues faced while cancelling or creating memberships, getting banned from chat, reporting bugs or problems, or deleting the account. Members can leave a completely different comment from the above as well.


Here are a few FAQs that will resolve all your remaining doubts.

Is Shagle a Legit Website?

Shagle is a “legit” website. It is used by over 3 million people in a month and by at least 100,000 people every day. They are incorporated as a Limited Liability Company.

How Much Does Shagle’s Services Cost?

The essential features of Shagle, including video chatting and text messaging, are free, along with many interesting features that allow it to match you with a random stranger based on your preferences. Such as the stranger’s country.

However, it does offer two premium packs that provide advanced features to its members. There is a monthly pack and a weekly pack. The monthly package costs $19.99 and offers its members the option to pick the gender of the person they wish to speak with and choose them from over 200 countries.

The weekly pack, which is for $6.99, offers the same features as the monthly packs, such as sending virtual gifts and the option to chat with a stranger again.

Does Shagle Have Its Own Mobile App?

As of now, Shagle does not have a mobile app. However, since it is so lightweight, one can access the website from their browser on the phone. The company’s press director has made remarks about the possibility of an app soon as the company is constantly innovating and introducing new features.

What Are Shagle Websites’ Demographics?

Like a lot of dating sites, Shagle is used by more than women. 68% of Shagle’s 3 million members are men, and the rest, 32%, are women. The site is also overwhelmingly used by people between the 25-34 age group. They make up at least 40% of the population.

Is It Easy to Create an Account on Shagle?

It is effortless to sign into Shagle. It gives you the option to log in either using their Google or Facebook accounts or login via e-mail. They don’t even ask for any other personal information, and users can start chatting straight away.

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