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CountryMatch Review

CountryMatch Review
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 56%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 600 820
Reply Rate 63%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • CountryMatch is a community that is based on specific shared interests.
  • There won't be any trouble in using the website as it is user-friendly.
  • You can send winks and likes to people you want.
  • If you want more people to see your profile, you have to select the highlight option.
  • You can create a list of your favorite users.
  • You have the option to choose users from within specific states inside the US.
  • 24*7 customer service.
  • Users looking for romantic partners can go through different profiles.
  • Only those profile photos are allowed that pass the standards set by the moderators.
  • There is no mobile app.
  • There is a limited number of people in the local search option.
  • Absence of FAQ and Success Stories section.
  • Only premium members can see who checked out their profile.
  • Only premium members can reply to emails.

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CountryMatch is the perfect site to look for like-minded people interested in the good old country lifestyle. It is a customized site, especially for people interested in the country’s lifestyle. You don’t need to ask for each other’s likes and dislikes because that step is already completed. Registered users on this site can share their views and opinions about the country’s culture. People can make new friends who have the same taste and love for country culture. It’s always easy to find love with people who like the same things.

Unlike other dating sites that create boundaries in the name of gender or sexual orientation or target a specific group, this app focuses on the lifestyle preferences of the individual to help them find the perfect person to talk to. CountryMatch is ideal for all those folks who love country-style dancing, country music, grooving to rodeo music, or western cowboy-style outfits!

Although CountryMatch is not a globally-used site, it is being used fairly enough in the USA. It has a considerable fan base consisting of all the country-lifestyle lovers in the USA. Did you always dream of dating and living with a cowboy but didn’t know where to go? Throw those worries away since CountryMatch is here to help you! This site consists of mature, kind people. CountryMatch is for the people who are looking for more than just a one-night stand.

CountryMatch Summary

CountryMatch Summary

Do you love country music, dance, and culture but are scared of getting mocked by people? Well, rest assured that that won’t be a problem anymore! CountryMatch has been going strong for ten years in the world of dating sites. During these ten years, it has amassed a massive reputation amongst various online dating portals. If you want to join CountryMatch, the only requirement is to be interested in the country’s lifestyle. This site has many varied and interesting features for the users, such as sharing messages, viewing photos, sending winks, and sending virtual tokens to people they like.

The site ensures user happiness in two ways – quality administration and high standards and ethics for the registered users. These standards ensure that the users can find people who share their interests and are also fun to talk to. To ensure that there are no bots on the site, the experts thoroughly go through the profile of each new user, thus ensuring that they are 100% genuine accounts. With many scam sites on the internet these days, you don’t need to worry about the same in CountryMatch, since each new user would have to complete a set of questions that take around 30 minutes or so.

If you’re experienced with using dating sites, it’ll be straightforward to register yourself on CountryMatch. All you have to do is to visit their website and fill in your details. There is no official app version, but there are chances that this problem will be resolved soon. After opening the website, click on the “VIEW SINGLES NOW” button. A popup window will appear on your screen, where you have to type your email, username, password, along with your age, nationality, etc. The username does not have to be your real name. It is advisable to use a nickname. The email should be your genuine email ID as a link would be sent to this account for further verification, and you have to complete the following steps by clicking on the link. For personalizing the suggestions, they would ask for your geographical location and birth date. If the information is not authentic, there are chances that you won’t be able to proceed further.

After completing the above steps, you should create a profile. Creating a profile includes creating the perfect tagline, headline, and introduction paragraph to attract other users to your account. Even though this process would take some time, it is a primary step in setting up your profile on CountryMatch. The introduction section should consist of a few phrases that describe who you are, your areas of interest, and what you’re looking for on the dating site. Expand the boundaries of your imagination and creativity and write things that will intrigue others. The last and final step is always the photo. A photo captures the viewer’s attention instantly, which is why CountryMatch makes sure that all the images abide by their policy rules. Using any nude or semi-nude pictures as your profile image is against the site’s policy. If any account is found to be doing so, it’ll be immediately banned.

The Audience of CountryMatch

The Audience of CountryMatch

The current number of users for this dating site is 2,500,000, with an average of over nine starts. The age limit for this app is from 18 – 60 or 65, but users between 35-45 mostly use it. The chances of meeting an older guy are 15% for the users. The ratio between men and women is 4:2, but this is a dynamically fluctuating ratio.

CountryMatch Site Features

CountryMatch Site Features

CountryMatch is a dating site that provides tons of features for its users, and there are chances that users may get special offers on festivals. Even though this is rare, there won’t be a problem since all the existing features are outstanding.

  • Winks – You can receive and send a wink from/to all the users.
  • Profile Views – You can see who visited your profile.
  • Likes – You can check the likes and those who liked your profile.
  • Meets – You can choose the person you want to meet and vice versa.
  • Favorites – You can add all the people you like to a list.
  • Browse Members – You can check who is online and who is a new user.
  • Membership is required for sending texts.


  • There are two types of membership: the standard one ($14 to $25), where the prices vary each month, and the 6-month subscription, which is $14/ per month.
  • If you want to pay for three months in advance, you have to pay $54.
  • A 1-month standard subscription with $25 is allowed too.
  • If you are a premium membership holder, you will get access to all the features of the dating portal. It provides features like highlighting your profile and exposure for a certain period.
  • You can also buy three months of premium subscription with just the first bonus feature for $21/per month. It includes varied features that help in making your profile more legitimate and authentic.

Prices for the CountryMatch subscription vary and will satisfy any user regardless of the budget.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

If you purchase a premium membership plan, you can access the following features:

  • You are capable of initiating new conversations and emails.
  • With the help of IM, you can connect more efficiently.
  • You can see who viewed your profile.
  • You have access to the CountryMatch advanced search filters.
  • You get access to all the new features quickly.
  • You have the option to highlight your account.
  • Optimizing your Countrymatch profile is more effortless.
  • You can read and reply to emails.

You can take the three-month membership plan also. These premium membership plans are important if you want to get the most out of the dating platform through interactions and meetups. Free members can only wink. Hence, getting a subscription plan is extremely valuable.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

Once you sign up, you may get a basic free membership. Being a free user of this dating web portal, you have access to the following features:

  • You can send and get winks.
  • You can send and receive meetings.
  • You can like photos of other CountryMatch users.
  • You are free to look for potential partners.
  • You can create a profile.
  • You can appear in the CountryMatch search results.
  • You can upload photos.
  • You get mobile access.
  • You can add and remove favorites.



It has already been stated that experts verify all the users’ profiles. Even though CountryMatch provides the option for a user to report to the moderator if they find anything suspicious or send them inappropriate texts, this would never offer complete security. Going by specific reviews, not all the users have received the answers to their queries or complaints. It means that you can’t trust the dating app 100% for your safety and security. Especially in cases where a stranger asks for your credit card number or personal information, it is wiser to report and block such people. Try avoiding getting into such situations and report to the moderator immediately.

Dating online happens at the cost of safety at times. Most dating websites and apps try their best to protect their users and create a secure place since the users have to share their financial and personal details on such portals. CountryMatch considers such matters with much sensitivity. They recommend these steps for all their users:

  • Never share your address details. Never accept lifts when coming back home after meeting someone, as there are chances that they may track you later.
  • Avoid any alcoholic drink, as it may affect your decision-making skills. You may not have a clear understanding of the situation, and you may jump to conclusions.
  • Never meet up in a place where there are no people around. Always make sure it is in a busy area since if any problem occurs during the meetups, it will be easy to raise the alarm.
  • There are many positive reviews for CountryMatch, as most users claim that it is a trustworthy portal for meeting up with other people who love the country lifestyle.

Scam Charges

Since the dating portal won’t verify the provided email addresses, there are chances that you can come across fake profiles. But at the same time, moderators approve all uploaded photos before they are shown to the members of this dating portal. Hence, cases like using a celebrity picture or a cartoon character won’t be an issue. If you come across suspicious behavior, you can report it to the moderator. The replies given to the members by the moderators are quicker compared to other sites.

Contact Information

Address : 1521 Alton Road, Suite #672,

Miami Beach,33139-3301


Often as a user, you might have many questions when it comes to sign-up for a dating platform. Here is the compiled list of the most frequently asked questions. You may get your queries resolved via this.

Is CountryMatch Legitimate?

If you are an individual who wants to have that special bond with someone and are looking for long-term relationships which have a happy ending, you can trust Countrymatch. This simple, user-friendly dating site provides 99.9% accurate matches based on your likes and dislikes.

But with the high-security measures and strict refund policy, the chances of getting your money back are slim. But if you want to find the right partner for you, there is no better website than this!

What Are the Subscription Costs for CountryMatch?

It depends upon the plan you are subscribing to. When you decide to pay for a CountryMatch subscription plan, you are going to see the following prices:

1 month $24.95 per month
3 months $17.95 per month
6 months $13.95 per month

3 months $20.99 per month
6 months $16.99 per month

How About the Mobile App for CountryMatch?

Sadly, there are no mobile apps for the Countrymatch dating portal yet. But it does work flawlessly when opened on any web browser on your phone. CountryMatch is currently working on the mobile interface to ease the user experience.

What’s CountryMatch’s Demographic Analysis?

The audience’s age and user base vary from 18 to those in their 60s and are interested in the country lifestyle. There are people from various ethnicities whom you can meet. Female users are pretty open to chatting with elderly males. Usually, users between 35-45 years are pretty active.

Is It Easy to Register on CountryMatch?

It is easy to sign up for this dating site, and it takes about 5 minutes. But if you want your profile to be visited and have a high ranking, you need to answer some questions regarding your preferences. The information you give is essential for the website to match you to the right people according to your age and preferences. If you want to change the preferences, that is also possible through the “settings” options.

Once you have saved your username and password in your browser, the process becomes much more manageable. Ensure that the username is not your real name and reveal your personal information only after getting to know the person you are talking about. Things would go more smoothly if you are a registered premium account-holder on CountryMatch.

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