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Squirt review 2024

Squirt review 2024
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Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 22-36
Profiles 750 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 6.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • With more than half a million users, Squirt makes a massive platform for single gay men and gay swingers worldwide.
  • You do not have to face the pressure of getting yourself into a long-term commitment. Gay men can just sign up and enjoy themselves.
  • The sign-up process on the platform is very easy and convenient. All you need is 2-3 minutes of your precious time and tell a bit about yourself.
  • You can meet the gay men in your locality as the website uses location-based services to find a match in your proximity.
  • Get to know the man you desire closely, just by opting to chat with them. Send messages, make small talks, and take the conversation to the next level. It is as easy as it can be.
  • There are no guidelines or strict terms declared by the Squirt site to upload photos. You can select your favorite image and choose to show it on the site whenever you want. Additionally, you can also change your pictures as many times as you wish to.
  • Squirt does not put censorship on any of its content. Therefore, you are free to post the content of your choice, even if it includes sexually explicit and enticing content. The Squirt site does not pose any restrictions on users regarding uploading their photos, videos, or other multimedia features.
  • If text chat is not what you prefer, you can also opt for an easy video chat option with your friend or amongst a community.
  • There is no Squirt app for smartphone users to access its services on the go. It is a hassle for those who have to sign up every time they use mobile phone browsers to use the website.
  • Those who do not wish to spend their money on an online dating site can suffer from a possible lack of features. You cannot do much if you hold a free account, so there is a need to buy a premium membership.
  • If you are someone who believes in commitments, you might be disappointed to use the site. The platform only offers short-term fun and does not guarantee you to find love.
  • Users have to verify a profile at their own risk because you cannot tell if a user profile is legit or fake. Unfortunately, the website does not provide you with moderation or screening of profiles.

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Squirt site has emerged as a leading name in the online gay dating industry. While the online dating industry is filled with sites for straight people, Squirt stands out as one of the very few online dating platforms that solely cater to the dating needs of gay people. But what it really is, and how does it benefit the gay community? The following Squirt review will tell you all that you need to know about this site.

When you surf the internet, Squirt turns out to be one of the names that would pop up in search results. That is because, over the years, Squirt has been successfully able to establish itself as an international platform for gay men of all preferences and interests to interact, meet, date, and form new relations.

It has spread across Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Whether you are an English or Non-English-speaking person, you can use this website with great ease. The platform also provides a safe space for gay men to express their desires without being afraid of what society would say.

Over the years, Squirt has helped millions of people gain the much-needed confidence in their lives and continues to do so. The Squirt site is a popular name in the gay community with an excellent website interface and unique site features.

Keep reading to know more about Squirt!

Squirt Summary


Squirt is quite popularly known for its services as an online dating site for gay men. Although society is progressively becoming aware of the gender norms and everything else associated with it, the LGBTQ+ community might not always feel comfortable sharing their thoughts as there are still a lot of stigmas and judgments over same-sex relationships. Online dating platforms like Squirt give gay men the freedom to express their emotions and actions without the fear of getting judged for their sexual orientation.

The developers first introduced the Squirt site in the year 1999 by the Pink Triangle Press group in Canada. The developers specifically intended to cater to the dating, friendship, relationship, and hookup needs of gay men. And over the years, Squirt became one of the most popular online places for gay men all around the world.

Squirt site delivers world-class services to all of its users along with the pleasure they seek. Most of the features and functions vouch for the supremacy of the platform over other gay sites, but still, a few of them can bring some challenges and difficulties to your way. To know a platform fully, you should examine both its pros as well as cons. It will let you have a greater insight into what you are signing up for.

The audience of Squirt


Gay men of varied ages, ethnicity, religious preferences, shapes, and sizes are a part of the large gay community of Squirt site. You can find most of the gay population having an account on Squirt.

There are almost half a million unique profiles on the platform that belongs to real gay men. Most of the users are aged between 27 to 40 years. The most significant number of accounts belongs to the people in the 35-45 age group.

Ethnicities like South Asian, Hispanic, Black, Caucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and much more are accepted with open arms. In short, there is something for everyone here. In fact, various Squirt reviews say that once you sign up, you will not leave unsatisfied.

Squirt Site Features


Just like any other online dating site, you will find many attractive and user-friendly features on the Squirt site too. Know all of them here:

  • With the provision of the Group Chat feature, users can take advantage of chatting amongst groups and communities. The section has details and updates about recent events in the community. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to understand other people’s views and gives you a platform to openly express what you think.
  • The Squirt site is just an ideal place for you to get your perfect date. You make all the magic happen. Other users can view your pictures and leave comments with a paid account. With the Scorecard feature, your profile gets rated based on likes and comments that you receive. Based on this Scorecard option, your profile is visible to significant others who can then check you out and arrange a date with you!
  • With the Cocktails feature, you can share everything fun happening around you on the Squirt site platform. Your community would be able to see and react to your happy moments easily.
  • You can virtually change your location to explore the gay diaspora of different parts of the world and find a perfect match for yourself overseas in no time!



Know that you can get access to all the features of the Squirt site for free, only if you sign up for a 10-day free trial. Upon successful completion of the period, you can make use of preferred payment mode like mobile pay, a credit card, a debit card, a prepaid card, direct debit, or Sofort to complete the payment process and buy a premium membership.

Here is a list of all the available plans with their prices and time duration:

7 days 3.97$
30 days 8.97$
180 days 22.97$
365 days 55.97$

Advantages of Paid Account


In addition to the features available with a free Squirt account, you can access the following features with a premium membership subscription:

  • You can use the Squirt site without any advertisement interruptions and unnecessary ad banners.
  • You can unlock the premium features of the site and get access to all of them.
  • You can use advanced search filters and narrow down the search results according to your preferences. This way, it makes it easier for you to find the man of your dreams.
  • Be a part of communities based on different characteristics like age, region, hobbies, and other aspects. With communities, you can find greater acceptance for yourself and your thoughts and get a chance to hang out with the group members.
  • Got a match? Want to talk to them? With a paid account, you can! All you have to do is open their profile and message them a “hey” or whatever you wish to do. Having a paid account makes it possible.
  • How will you decide that someone is right for you without even seeing them once? Having a paid account allows you to browse through the photos of other Squirt members, read the comments on their pictures, and leave a comment too.
  • In addition to the above, you can arrange a video chat to talk with someone special more privately. You can explore all the unique features and get an unforgettable experience using the site.

Possibility of Free Account

Most of the online dating websites allow you to access and use basic site features for free. The same is true for the Squirt site. Once you have signed up with your account on the site (it is as easy as a cakewalk), you are welcome to browse through profiles, chat with your friends, join groups, and so on.

Unfortunately, you can use all these features only for the first ten days. After the stipulated time of the free trial, you are required to pay a certain fee to continue accessing all the features. Additionally, no one likes those annoying ad interruptions in between a smooth experience. It is something that you have to face when continuing with a free account.



Squirt site is considered to be the safest site for gay men who wish to find their mates. Although there are rare instances of fraudulent profiles, the site is overall a safe platform to upload personal photos and communicate in private chats.

The conversations are encrypted and are not accessible to any third parties. Additionally, the users are also suggested to learn all the measures and tips to know how to determine whether their interlocutors are genuine or fake before sharing personal details.

Scam charges

There are no such charges reported for the Squirt site. Instead, there have been rare instances of scam profiles made by individuals. It is mainly due to the lack of a verification procedure.

Nevertheless, the site is working hard to weed out fraudulent profiles. Users are welcome to participate and help the site keep a safe environment by using a “red flag” option to report scam profiles or suspicious activity.

Contact Information


You can reach the support team of Squirt site using the following telephone numbers:

US and Canada: 1-877-587-8649

UK: 0-800-032-3665

Australia: 1-800-062-674


You will find the most popular questions and answers to them below.

Is Squirt legit?

Squirt is an authentic and reliable gay dating site. Many internet Squirt reviews prove this statement and claim that many men have found partners of their preferences on this website.

How much does Squirt cost?

While you can definitely use the basic functions and tools of the Squirt site by simply registering yourself, filling in your preferences, and not paying a single penny, it is important to remember that by following this approach, you might miss some extended features that can improve your experience on the platform.

The Squirt site follows a system that allows users to choose the most suitable plan by duration. The prices start from $3.97 for a week to $55.97 for a year.

Does Squirt have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, the developers have not created a Squirt app for smartphone users. However, you can still use your mobile browser and access the mobile version of the site. The users claim that it is a convenient way to communicate on the go. All the features of the site are available in the mobile version.

What are the website demographics of the Squirt site?

Once you join Squirt, you notice that white males largely dominate the platform. The platform is largely populated by white males. However, gay men with any ethnic or religious background can join Squirt. You can find handsome men from Russia, Canada, Asia, Africa, and almost every part of the globe on the website.

Is it easy to sign up for Squirt?

Why not? The Squirt site allows users to save a lot of their time and thus does not complicate the sign-up process. This easy and free process only demands your basic details like name, gender, email, password, date of birth, etc.

It would help the website offer the most suitable matches for you. In addition, you can upload profile pictures, general photos, a little information about yourself, and so on to help improve your profile.


Are you a gay man looking for the right platform to meet and date lovely single men of your sexual preference? Well, now you know where you have to go. Squirt is the perfect gateway for you to explore the sexiest and wildest single gay males on the earth.

And now that you know all about the Squirt, it will not be difficult for you to make an account and get started, right? So, without any doubts, join the Squirt site and find your ideal match in no time at all!

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