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SugarBook Review

SugarBook Review
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Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 36%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 700 320
Reply Rate 57%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There is a serious benefit for female subscribers who enroll in higher educational establishments. There is a free premium subscription for them after they show proof of enrollment.
  • The SugarBook app is available for all smartphones with different software.
  • There is an obligatory profile verification, which takes up to 24 hours.
  • All the profiles contain enough information to know the person better.
  • The unverified account cannot send messages to you. Thus, scammers will not reach your account.
  • The design of the website is simple and easy to navigate, even for beginners.
  • The price for premium accounts is relatively high here, especially when compared to ordinary dating communities.
  • If you would like to cancel your subscription, no money will be refunded.
  • Sometimes, there are bugs in the SugarBook app. However, they never lead to the loss of any data.
  • The registration process is time-consuming because of the verification procedure. But this time is worth waiting.

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In the discussions about the best sugar daddy websites, the SugarBook site is mentioned among the first. It is due to the fact that this community is one of the most reputable. Among the factors contributing to this, we would name a stringent selection process for the candidates who would like to join the community. This SugarBook review will show that this website has nothing to do with one-night encounters and hookups. Their primary aim is long-lasting relationships. SugarBook is a myth buster that sugar daddy websites cannot bring anything serious but financially-based relationships where each side pursues their mercenary purposes. Such a fact brings lots of adherents to this website because there are many singles, both males and females, who are looking for something serious because they would like to change their lives completely. Because of this, SugarBook obtained lots of positive reviews in the most reputable newspapers and other news media.

Many SugarBook reviews underline that this website is close to the elite singles community because its membership base is composed of serious and wealthy people. To prove this statement, male candidates should validate their income status by providing any proof of their income. Hence, female subscribers may be sure that they may expect many gifts and pleasant presents from their benefactors who have many resources to please their beautiful sugar babies. But those male subscribers who register at the SugarBook site are far from fancy men. They are looking for attractive women who are ready to become their Penelopes. And the presence of sugar daddies here underlines that they are ready to become loving husbands for their incredible girls. When you are already interested in this community, go on reading through the SugarBook review and learn more exciting facts.

SugarBook Summary

SugarBook Summary

The SugarBook site cares about the loyalty of its customers. That is why they try to bring as many advantages as possible. Because of this, SugarBook ranks as one of the most reputable sugar daddy websites. With the help of different means, SugarBook helps sugar ladies to find their wealthy benefactors who have enough resources to please them financially. The central concept about the SugarBook site is that it helps establish mutually beneficial relations between sugar daddies and their female partners. It is worth mentioning one more time that this website supports long-term and serious relationships and doesn’t approve of any manifestations of prostitution or something like this. That is why not only the ability to pay bills is essential here, but the inner world of the subscribers as well. Hence, the selection process may be strict here.

The recent SugarBook review underlined that the sugar daddy concept is not only about males older than 40 years. Nowadays, even males in their twenties may be sugar daddies, and their sugar babies may be even a little bit older than them. However, this phenomenon is not frequent yet. The majority of sugar daddies at the SugarBook site are males between 35 and 50 years. However, here the age is not significant. The most important is the solvency of sugar daddies. The mean age among the female sugar babies is from 20 to 30 years old. And they have all of the necessary traits – attractiveness, beauty, energy, and hot nature. All these features are interesting for sugar daddies. It is a paradise for sugar daddies here because the number of female subscribers is two times higher. Thus, there are lots of those to choose from. The situation for sugar babies is more challenging because they have to use all their means to attract their desired benefactors. It is essential for student girls whose number is significant at the SugarBook site.

The website’s administration has made everything possible for the retention of their subscribers. For this, they made a straightforward registration process, which is free. The subscriber should fill in several lines, and they are already on the website’s main page. For those who would like to save time, there is registration via a Facebook account. One may add photos here and descriptive information about themselves. The completion of the registration will be finished only after opening the letter sent by the SugarBook site to your email.

The interface of the website is pretty straightforward and does not have any pitfalls. Even beginners will be able to use it intuitively. The navigation and the website’s settings are pretty understandable. Thus, the SugarBook site considers that there are older people among their subscribers, for whom it may be difficult to catch some extraordinary things. The SugarBook app is easy to use as well. Thus, we have enough background for now to clarify all the advantages and disadvantages of the service.

The Audience of SugarBook

The Audience of SugarBook

The audience of the SugarBook site contains sugar daddies and sugar babies who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships. In the majority of cases, they are looking for long-term relationships. That is why sugar babies should be ready to become faithful wives. The mean age of sugar daddies is 35-50 years. However, there are those who are even younger. As for sugar babies, their mean age is between 20 and 30 years. The majority of them are students who are looking for a better and careless life, where someone will solve all of their troubles. As the practice shows, the SugarBook site really helps such girls with some troubles. As for the gender distribution, the number of females is 65%, and the rest, 35%, are sugar daddies.

SugarBook Site Features

SugarBook Site Features

This SugarBook review shows that the website does not have some extraordinary features apart from typical traits that were already mentioned. However, these features are essential, and they ensure the safety and security of the subscribers here. Let’s mention them once again:

  • One-day approval scheme. This feature is obligatory for sugar daddies who have to provide reasonable proof of their personality and their income status. These proofs help to secure female subscribers from scammers. Thus, sugar daddies demonstrate that they have enough resources to support their girls with their various wishes.
  • Student program. This trait is beneficial for female subscribers who are currently students of colleges and universities. They may receive a free premium account. For this, they have to sign in with their college email and provide proof of their enrollment. With this subscription, their chances to find a desired benefactor increases essentially.


The SugarBook site offers one premium subscription. Its price is not the highest among other sugar daddy communities but is above average when speaking about non-niche dating sites. Thus, the price list is the following:

One-month $79.95
three-month $209.85
half-year $359.70

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account
  • Premium members enjoy the benefits of advanced search filters.
  • It is possible to see when the recipient has already read the message.
  • There are no limitations to messaging.
  • It is possible to track who has visited your profile page and even marked it as favorite.
  • Premium members may switch on the incognito mode, and nobody will see whether they are online or not.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account
  • As in many communities, signing up and profile creation are free.
  • The standard search among the active members is free as well.
  • As for messaging, it is possible only to send messages but not to read or respond.
  • There is an opportunity to add the profile to a favorite list.



The registration process at the SugarBook site requires the provision of personal data and even financial-related information. But the website’s subscribers may be sure that none of this data is shared among the third parties for any purposes. Especially the female students should not worry that their educational establishment will know that they use such services as this one. SugarBook always supports the anonymity of their subscribers, which determines their respectable status in the sugar daddy niche dating market. This website will never share information that goes beyond the data presented on the profile pages. Of course, scammers try to penetrate the community and cheat some users, but the website’s prevention system copes with the task of eliminating such subscribers. The encryption software and other safety technologies make this website reliable and respectable among users. There are enough reasons to trust the SugarBook site.

Scam Charges

In such types of websites, scammers often try to penetrate the system and cheat someone to obtain their money. It is due to the fact that sugar daddies are wealthy people who register here to become a benefactor for young and beautiful sugar babies. But the website tries to prevent any such things from the very beginning. For this, they fake an obligatory income and photo verification. Also, when the profile was noticed in any scamming activity, it is immediately blocked without any chargebacks. The SugarBook site is serious in this question because their subscribers are essential for them, and the website does not want to lose them. As can be seen, the scamming activity is highly discouraged here. The community members can even report suspicious profiles.

Contact Information

The physical address of the SugarBook company is in Malaysia. Thus, it is doubtful that someone will send official letters to them. That is why they provide an email address where the subscribers may send all their concerns. Thus, the contact email is the following: [email protected]. Their support department is working 24/7 because the website’s members are residents of various countries throughout the world, which lie in different time zones. However, the majority of subscribers are from the United States.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

How legit is the SugarBook site?

How legit is the SugarBook site?

When reading through all the above SugarBook reviews, all the doubts about the legitimacy status of the community disappear. It is difficult to imagine that scammers will pay much attention to the verification process and checking of the profile information. For SugarBook, all these things are essential because they underline the seriousness of this service and their superiority over the other similar communities. The SugarBook site always acts according to terms and conditions, which are easily accessible via the official website. There, one will find all the principles and requirements of the website’s functioning. The customer-oriented approach will always be a central point of the website.

Is SugarBook an expensive website?

The price for the premium services of the site cannot be considered cheap. It is above average. As compared to many other niche sugar dating communities, the SugarBook prices are higher. Thus, a monthly subscription will cost $79.95 per month. A three-month subscription will cost $69.95 per month (which is $209.85 in total). And the third option is the six-month subscription. It costs $59.95 per month (which is $359.70 in total). It is evident that the better option will be to choose a more extended subscription. Such an approach will also increase the chances of finding a partner here.

Are there any advantages in SugarBook app?

Are there any advantages in SugarBook app?

The SugarBook app does exist, and it is the first benefit. One will find it in both Google Play Market and Apple App Store. Its minimalistic design allows it to use all of the available features without any obstacles. There are no advantages of the mobile version over the desktop version, but the app is of decent quality. The application allows you to take photos and use other features on the move. It is the most beneficial for sugar babies who are students. Such an active rhythm of life is accustomed to them.

Who are the potential users of SugarBook website?

Who are the potential users of SugarBook website?

The community’s target audience is sugar babies and sugar daddies, who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships. The average age of female subscribers is between 20 and 30 years old. The age of male subscribers (sugar daddies) varies from 20 to 50+ years. The number of females at the SugarBook site is 65%, and the rest, 35%, are sugar daddies who have a significant membership base to choose from.

How easy is the registration process at SugarBook?

The registration process will not take more than 5 minutes. It asks to indicate your gender, age, actual name, and email address. Additionally, it is necessary to provide valid photos, and the process of verification may take up to 24 hours. If you have a Facebook account, the registration at the SugarBook site will be much faster.

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