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SwingLifestyle Review 2024

SwingLifestyle Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 600 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • one of the oldest and most famous swinger dating sites
  • a large, welcoming, and sex-positive community
  • it is good both for beginners and experienced swingers
  • it is easy to find an appropriate match based on your preferences
  • there are a lot of ways to communicate with people
  • can participate in SwingLifestyle community activities, including offline events
  • there is a handy mobile application available for download
  • some essential features are available only with a paid subscription
  • you cannot proactively send messages to other users if you have a free membership
  • a lot of users have hidden or blurred pictures

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SwingLifestyle is one of the most popular online dating websites designed specifically for people who are practicing swinging or want to become a part of a swinger community. One of the most exciting things about this website is that you can be yourself and find like-minded people with no effort. That is a great opportunity to connect with other swinger community members and even find a date for a night. Therefore, if you are looking for new ways to have fun and expand your sexual horizons, this SwingLifestyle review will help you understand whether this website is worth your attention.

SwingLifestyle Summary


The SwingLifestyle site was launched in 2001 and instantly caught the attention of many users from every part of the world. Initially, it was meant to connect swinger people so that they have the opportunity to find soulmates online and use the website for partner swapping practices. However, as the website grew, it started attracting people who were new to the swinger practices and wanted to bring some new joy into their sexual lives. Nowadays, SwingLifestyle connects millions of people globally. They may have different interests and desires, but they are connected by the same goal and are part of the swinger community.

Moreover, the website is not only focused on connecting people online to communicate and meet for hookup dates. It also provides a list of exciting features that will never make you bored while using this website. Also, sometimes the SwingLifestyle site organizes local events and offline parties to connect with members of the website and have a great experience.

Therefore, if you are a swinger looking for new companions or new to this lifestyle and want to explore it, SwingLifestyle should catch your interest. However, before diving into the site’s in-depth review, it is worth to overview its main advantages and disadvantages.

The Audience of SwingLifestyle


As SwingLifestyle does not have any limits on who can join the website, you can find many different kinds of people here. What matters is that they all are connected by the same goal, which is to match with the like-minded swinger person and have fun and enjoy new experiences.

Members of this website are located in every part of the world, even though most users are from the United States. The bigger part of the SwingLifestyle community is couples and male members, but plenty of available females are also looking for a new sexual experience on this website. Most of the users are young individuals in their mid-twenties, but you can easily find a match from any age group since a lot of users of various ages are active here. However, to join the website, you must be at least eighteen years old.

When it comes to the gender and sexuality of the users, it also does not matter here. Therefore, on the SwingLifestyle app, you can find a straight, gay, or trans match without any problem. Everything that matters here is having great fun and finding the right person to share it with.

SwingLifestyle Site Features


Even though SwingLifestyle is a website aimed at connecting people who share a swinger lifestyle or want to explore this community, it has numerous great features that allow you to have a great experience. Therefore, it is not only about searching for the user you like and schedule a hookup date. It is also about spending great quality time on the website, enjoying interesting functionalities, and diving into the great community of sex-positive and welcoming people.

There are many SwingLifestyle features that are worth mentioning, for example:

  • The Hot Date feature allows you to let everyone know that you want to find a companion on a particular day. This way, other members will see when and where you will be available and schedule a date.
  • You can check out the offline Swinger Clubs available in your area. The list is created by experienced users and is verified, so you can check where it is possible to find soulmates in real-life nearby.
  • SwingLifestyle also has a Topless Travel section which works as a real travel agency. You can check out the trips to go with like-minded swinger people or choose a party or event to go to in your city.



It is possible to sign up and start using the SwingLifestyle site for free, as you can create your personal account and browse around the website without having to pay anything. However, if you want to access some necessary features and get the best possible experience out of the website, you will have to think about purchasing a subscription.

Many active members of this website are using the paid services and report that it is worth it. If you are considering upgrading your SwingLifestyle account, it is worth noting that the subscription fees of this website are not as pricey as the fees of other popular dating sites.

Duration Cost
1 month 14.95 USD
3 months 29.94 USD
6 months 49.98 USD
12 months 69.95 USD
Lifetime 149.95 USD

Considering the variety of features that the premium subscription offers you, it sounds like a good deal to upgrade your account. Below you will find a more detailed overview of the differences between paid and free subscriptions, so you can decide which option suits you the most.

Advantages of Paid Account


If you are thinking about upgrading your account and buying SwingLifestyle premium membership, you should take a look at the list of features that it unlocks:

  • you can proactively send an unlimited amount of direct messages and instant chats
  • you can see the blurred content, including nudes which are unavailable to free users
  • it is possible to upload your private content and blur it from other members
  • you can also create a set of restricted albums with your pictures
  • you can rate the groups that other people create and approve new members
  • you can get some important updates before everyone else

As you can see, the biggest advantage of the SwingLifestyle premium subscription is the ability to communicate with everyone freely and with no limits. Together with this, you will receive access to a bunch of interesting features that will also make your experience on the website more pleasant and satisfying.

Possibility of Free Account


If you are not ready to purchase a paid subscription yet or are new to the SwingLifestyle site and want to see if it is for you, you can sign up for free and test it out. With a free subscription, you can still use a couple of nice features that will help you to understand the website; for example:

  • you can create your personal profile with information and pictures
  • you can use the SwingLifestyle search function to browse through the user profiles and find people that you are interested in
  • it is possible to see the pictures of other users unless they have blurred or restricted the content for free members
  • you can join the groups and forums and communicate with like-minded people from the community

The main limitation of the free account is that you cannot write direct messages to other SwingLifestyle app members. That is why if you started using the website and found someone that you like, you may want to upgrade your membership. However, before that, you can easily use the website for free.



SwingLifestyle takes care of your anonymity and data protection, so you can be sure that the website will not share your personal information with third parties. However, suppose you take care of your privacy and are interested in finding more about the data protection side of the website. In that case, there is a Privacy Policy link available at the bottom of the SwingLifestyle webpage.

If you want to make sure to stay anonymous, there are a couple of things that you can do to protect yourself even more. Firstly, create a username that does not mention your real name or details. Then, do not share your sensitive information with users that you just started communicating with. That includes your bank details, address, or even social media links. Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry, and even though SwingLifestyle will protect your account data, you also have to take care of your privacy.

Scam Charges

The fact that the members on the website can directly write to other users only with a paid subscription minimizes the number of scammers on the website. Therefore, the chance to get contacted by a fake profile is minimal. Moreover, the SwingLifestyle site moderation team constantly monitors the profiles to make sure every account is real and legitimate. However, if you notice that someone is behaving weirdly and suspiciously, it is always better to block this user and report it to the website team.

Contact Information


If you have any troubles using the website or want to contact the SwingLifestyle team, you can do it from the webpage. It can also be useful for you to browse the Help page and see if there are already some answers available for the question you have. You can also write an email to customer support at [email protected]. Furthermore, it is possible to call the support hotline at (754) 242-7440 or send a letter to the following address:

Dashboard Hosting, LLC

P.O. Box 9896 9601 W. Sample Rd

Coral Springs, Florida 33075

United States


The next section of the SwingLifestyle review will introduce the answers to the most popular questions about the website coming from internet users.

Is SwingLifestyle a Real Dating Site?

SwingLifestyle is a legitimate dating website that has been connecting swingers and people who are interested in this culture since 2001. It has many active members who are matching each other to have fun and enjoy the new and exciting sexual experience. Therefore, this website is trustworthy, and you should not be worried about it being a scam.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a SwingLifestyle Account?

It is possible to register and create your profile on the SwingLifestyle site for free. There are also a bunch of features available for you to use without paying. The main limitation of a free account is that you cannot message other people. Therefore, if you find someone you like and want to connect with that other person, you may want to get a paid subscription.

Is There a SwingLifestyle Smartphone App Available?

There is a SwingLifestyle app that you can download on your iOS or Android device from your app store. The app is convenient to use, especially if you do not always have access to your computer. The mobile application also has a nice and neat design and is a perfect solution if you want to match someone on the go.

Who Are the SwingLifestyle Users and Where Do They Come From?

Even though this website is focused on a particular niche and swinger community, it has many active members. Most of the SwingLifestyle members are located in the United States, but there are also many members from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and major European countries. It is worth mentioning that this website is international, so you can find users in your area no matter where you are. If you are located in a small town, though, it can be possible that the number of users nearby will not be that big.

How Difficult Is It to Sign Up to SwingLifestyle?

If you have decided to create an account on SwingLifestyle, it will not cost you much effort. All you have to do is go to the website, click the Sign Up button and fill in the required information. You will also have to come up with a unique username, verify your email and a password. Moreover, you will have to indicate your gender and sexual preference to easily find people who interest you. Of course, it is also possible to specify on the SwingLifestyle site that you are a couple looking for a hookup together. Next, you will have to answer a couple of questions about your lifestyle and interests so that other members will know what to expect from you. There is also a field to specify your fetishes and erotic desires. Finally, you will have to upload your picture, which is not required but is appreciated. After all, the registration process will not take you much time, and after a couple of minutes, you will be ready to start exploring the real SwingLifestyle.

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