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Taimi Review 2024

Taimi Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 21-39
Profiles 4 000 000
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 7.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Taimi is not a regular dating platform; it is also a social media networking site.
  • Inclusive for the entire Pride community and extremely acceptable.
  • The freemium design helps users to use the Taimi site even for free.
  • The platform is very safe.
  • You can use it to find partners for both casual hookups and serious relationships.
  • The dating platform also spurs many friendships.
  • Intuitive mobile applications for the young modern audience base that it has.
  • Several complaints against app updates with bugs, resulting in glitches and crashes.
  • Complex payment setup for the premium membership.
  • Some exclusive features for premium members that cannot be experimented with a free account.
  • The customer support of the Taimi app is almost nonexistent.
  • No website for those comfortable with a desktop experience.

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Taimi is an extremely popular dating app for a niche audience. Yes, while it sounds big, there are things that you need to know about the platform. While the online dating space is as old as the internet, that is not true for all people. The statement is particularly true for the LGBTQ+ society. However, even though more and more popular dating platforms are becoming or already have become inclusive of the community. But, from the community’s point of view, the experience is not as great as in an exclusive dating platform for the niche. So enters the scenario Taimi, which acts as the perfect solution for the problem. Claiming to be the biggest network of the LGBTQ+ community, this dating site is unique in many ways. However, the real question is how trustworthy these claims are. Here is a Taimi review to look into all the facets and find out the reality.

Taimi Summary


With the membership registration numbers going over 11.5 million, the Taimi site has indeed become a successful resource to the Pride community. Developed by Alex Pasykov and owned by Social Impact Inc., Taimi has managed to successfully launch itself into the hearts of its target audience since 2017. While the dating site can also double as a social networking platform for the target audience, it is strongly influenced by the very popular Tinder. It is available in the app versions for iOS and Android users and comes in a freemium design. It means that the Taimi site works great even with a free account which itself is great news. However, the dating platform is not over the top flowery as it seems; there are issues with the app as well. The next section of pros and cons in the Taimi review reveals them in points.

The Audience Of Taimi


Taimi is for the young LGBTQ+ community with an eye for fun while dating online. We say young because the majority of the registered members on the dating platform fall in the age group of 18 to 24 years. The one that closely follows is between 25 and 34 years. The later age groups even though there are fewer numbers. While the age groups show limited diversity, the same trend is seen in the location category as well. Most of the members are from the United States. However, with a global presence and growing popularity, countries like Australia, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand are showing up with strength. Also, one thing to know is that Taimi is exclusively for the LGBTQ+ community, and hence you will not find a single straight person. It is not a platform the pride community asks for support; it is rather a space where they enjoy equality. And the experience is the reason why despite being new in the industry and concentrating a niche audience, it attracts a massive member base of 11.5 million and counting.

Taimi Site Features


Taimi is unique, and so are the features on it. While some of them are paid and are only available to the premium members, the free features are more than enough to keep you hanging. So, let us find out some of the most exciting features of Taimi to have caught our eye for good:

  • Swipe Undo

We already told you that Taimi is somewhere influenced by Tinder. And swipe undoing is an example right there to prove the point. Well, that doesn’t change the fact that the feature is extremely important for regretful mistakes. And if you have been on Tinder or when you join Taimi, you will know how common these mistakes are made.

  • Story

The story is a feature that has been quite amazingly trending on social media platforms. Content available for 24-hours only has surprisingly a lot of reaches, and that is what Taimi uses to its advantage as well. Taimi stories are cool and hot content suitable for the vibe of the dating platform that is both entertaining and helps members get increased engagement.

  • Live Stream

The live stream is another popular feature from social media platforms. However, it is also a feature popular on explicit dating sites. The live broadcast is enjoyed by both the broadcasters and viewers. And since the response on live videos is generally very good, Taimi too has introduced it on its platform.

  • Custom Incognito

Anonymity is another common feature seen on several dating platforms. However, Taimi takes it to the next level by letting the users customize the function. So you can choose people to snoop around and stalk anonymously and do the same without it as well. It could be an interesting way to gain the attention of people of the good kind.



First, the good news is that you can use the Taimi site without buying a membership. It means the premium membership is not compulsory and only optional, unlike many popular dating platforms. Second, while the membership is optional, the pricing of the plans does not make sense. It is rather bizarre; however, since the site can work free, you can debate your decision to purchase a plan by comparing the paid features with the price.

Taimi Review Premium Membership Plans
Duration Cost Per Month Total Price
One Week 59.96 USD 14.99 USD
One month 41.99 USD 41.99 USD
Three months 18.00 USD 53.99 USD
Twelve months 06.00 USD 71.99 USD

Advantages Of Paid Account


So, while we have already compared the pricing of Taimi, it only makes sense to compare the features with the price next. Let us understand the features you need to pay for on the Taimi site with the membership.

  • Send chat requests

Sending chat requests to unmatched profiles is possible with premium membership on Taimi. So you can use the search filters to find good profiles and message them without waiting for them to right swipe on you.

  • Rainbow Likes

There is no doubt that the paid member profiles on Taimi get more priority than the free ones. They get more exposure and are shown before the free ones. The algorithm boosts their profile, and you can notice it with the rise in the number of matches. Taimi with rainbow likes allows you to get more people and in less time. It somewhere assures quick dates and definitely more matches.

  • See the left-swiped profiles

Initially, users don’t mind left swiping, but later with the lack of matches or compatibility, many regret their actions. The VIP membership on Taimi helps you to take back your action and rectify them. Paying members on the dating platform can see all their left-swiped profiles in one place to reconsider them if they wish for another chance.

  • Spot Search

Spot search is a feature on Taimi that lets you find a match from anywhere in the world. The location is not cared for in the feature; getting a match is more important.

  • Rollbacks

Since missing a profile or left swiping in a rush is common, Rollbacks on Taimi lets you undo your last action and get the profile back for your attention.

  • XL Filters

Search becomes fun when you are a paying member of Taimi. With added filters, the dating site makes it easier to define and find your dream partner.

Possibility Of Free Account


We have already mentioned before, Taimi is not completely useless to free account users. Standard users can have as much fun as paid ones because the communication isn’t hindered. Check out the features that allow you to date online without any issue on Taimi when it’s free:

  • Download App

The Taimi apps for iOS and Android devices are available for free. Anyone can download these from their official app stores like the App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Register

The registration on the Taimi app is easy and free. While it ensures a high level of safety, it does not stop anyone from entering if they meet the age requirements and are authentic individuals. Money is not even a consideration during the sign-up process.

  • Profile Setup

Setting up a profile on the Taimi site is not as long as it is on the other popular dating platforms. However, the process is fun because of the interesting fields and how members of Taimi make creative efforts to attract dates.

  • Swipe Right And Left

One of the most important features of Taimi is swiping. It is what starts the process of online dating on the platform. You are shown profiles in cards which you have to swipe right if you like them or left if you don’t.

  • Get Matched

Since you can swipe on people to show your judgment for free, you can also know if it’s a match. If you are unaware of the matching concept yet, then it means that you have been swiped right by someone you had shown interest in before by swiping right.

  • Blabber Your Heart Out

Matching on Taimi is winning because it lets you chat with the person without paying a penny for the chatbox. So, you can talk as much as you like with a person you have matched with and set up a date without any interruption from Taimi.



Taimi is considered to be the safest dating platform for the LGBTQ+ community on the internet. However, there is no verification process as such on the site. The registration process is simple and fast, which does not require identity authentication. But the platform is protected with updated encryption and certificates to ensure secure transactions and communication. It acts as one protection layer at least.

Scam Charges

Despite the lack of verification on the Taimi site, the quality of the profiles remains unharmed. The Taimi review is rather clean and does not find many fake profiles either. The strategy of mutual like and direct message feature only for paid members successfully keeps the platform free from scams. You may find a few less described profiles, but finding cheaters is difficult. And in case of inappropriate behavior, one can quickly use the block feature to save their experience from getting ruined.

Contact Information


Website: www.Taimi.com

Company: Social Impact Inc.

Location: USA

Email: [email protected]

Social: Active on Snapchat, Facebook & Twitter


Is The Taimi App Legit?

The Taimi app is a registered dating platform that ensures that it is absolutely legal. Therefore, you can very much trust it, and also its image as the safest dating platform for the community works in its favor.

How Much Does The Taimi App Membership Cost?

There are several membership plans available on the Taimi site. You can choose the one most convenient to you; however, the cost per month reduces with the size of the plan. If you consider the numbers, it may cost you anywhere between 6 and 42 USD per month. However, you may also opt for the weekly plan at 14.99 USD. Also, you must remember that the dating platform also works fine with a free account.

Does Taimi Has A Mobile App?

The dating platform we are talking about is only available in the app form. It means that you can get the Taimi app for your devices easily on your app store. The dating application is available to both operating systems through respective app versions. Also, the Taimi app on both the Google Play Store and App Store are free to download.

What’s The Taimi App’s Demographics?

The audience demography on the Taimi app shows incredible diversity. The entire LGBTQ+ community can be seen making a strong presence in the app. It is rather impressive to see the diversity in the sexuality of people. However, you will not find a straight person. Besides that, the younger age groups are more concentrated than the older ones, specifically those above 34 years. And while the Taimi app has a growing global popularity, the main membership comes from the US.

How Easy is To Sign Up On The Taimi App?

The Taimi app gives you several options to quickly complete the registration process. Besides offering a Twitter and Facebook login, it also offers a Snapchat login option for young members. Even though the login with a social account is easy and super fast, dating experts recommend the alternative for added safety. Alternatively, you can also register manually by filling up a form to share your needed information like email, password, gender, age, etc., for creating your Taimi account. In whichever way, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the Taimi registration.

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