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WantMatures review 2024

WantMatures review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 640 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The WantMatures site has a massive user base of approximately 9 million users. Males are in their 30s, and females are between the ages of 35 and 50.
  • It has a contemporary style with soothing colors and is easy to use.
  • WantMatures provides a thorough user account. After you've looked into it, you'll know if you want to focus on the match or scroll down.
  • Overall, the security on the dating website is of excellent quality. The website puts a lot of effort into ensuring that your romantic surf is safe and secure.
  • The phone version of its website may be accessed via a phone browser. Text blocks aren't used here because the emphasis is on visuals.
  • Premium memberships for females and males with the best perks are available.
  • Everyone can take advantage of a free 3-day free trial.
  • Many vital services are available for free. Even if you don't have a premium subscription, you'll still be in the lead.
  • The communication functions are a bit on the boring side.
  • Not having a WantMatures app is a significant turndown.
  • Improved live interaction alternatives, such as video and voice chats, are needed on the website.
  • Joining the premium membership club can be somewhat costly.
  • Because most of the participants are men, finding the ideal female companions may be difficult.

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WantMatures site is one of the very few online dating platforms designed while keeping the dating and relationship requirement of the elderly singles in the center. Moreover, mature women prefer dating sites because it allows them to find like-minded people with similar life experiences and goals, making dating easier. Another benefit is that, on platforms like WantMatures, you won’t find girlish and immature singles who are only looking for a casual fling. Being true to its name, the WantMature site rather enables you to find 40+ years of singles looking to make new relationships.

Moreover, most of the individuals you’ll meet are usually sick of feeling lonely and are ready to find the love of their lives. So, if you’re also keen to start dating older women within your locality, then the WantMatures site is an excellent place to start. Thanks to its diverse and large user base, the platform offers incredible opportunities to people looking for romance online. Moreover, it makes an excellent choice for individuals looking for a long-term relationship with a foreseeable future. The platform has enabled many singles to find their life partners as well. WantMatures site is a fantastic and perfect online destination for adults as it has a vast range of welcoming dating features.

The platform is aimed towards elderly adults who are searching for relaxing experiences or stable relationships with an understanding partner. But what all benefits can you expect from this dating site? Are there any downsides too? Is there a WantMatures app for smartphone users? Find answers to all such questions by scrolling down to the end, as this WantMatures review will tell you all you need to know about this one-of-a-kind platform!

WantMatures Summary


WantMatures site, launched in 2017, is relatively new compared to some renowned online dating giants in the industry for very long. But it does not make the website any less of a reliable online dating platform. It has immense potential to provide outstanding and long-lasting dating and relationship solutions to its users. And this is the reason why the WantMature site has turned out to be a massive hit among the targeted user segment.

It is a website that unites senior males and females who are seeking true love. Some people aren’t afraid of a date or two; however, the majority are looking for something more. The adult dating site’s ultimate objective appears to be worldwide since it has pulled in millions of users from all over the planet. Intricately examined function and price structure of the mature dating website and the genuineness of the website, in this WantMatures review, you will get to know about every tiny thing. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Audience of WantMatures


Although the platform empowers elderly males and females to find a desirable partner, the WantMatures site is heavily populated by single young guys looking for mature women. It makes the platform the most comforting dating destination for women in their 40s and 50s looking for a younger partner for romantic endeavors.

On the WantMatures site, meeting a handsome man in their 20s and 30s is simple. The bulk of female members are either in their 40s or above. The majority of the users are grown enough to form long-term relations. You’ll meet a variety of English-speaking individuals here. Therefore communication won’t be an issue. Individuals from many European nations, such as Italy, France, Romania, and many parts of the US, are the primary users of this dating site.

WantMatures site Features


WantMatures has a lot of cool enhanced features; some of them are listed hereunder:

  • Intelligent searching: WantMatures site’s fast and clever browsing is among the numerous features that distinguish it from the rest. You may filter your search results based on popularity, proximity, latest engagement, and age. Some additional premium search filters include nationality, relationship status, sexual preference, etc.
  • Find out who is active: With a simple click on a tab on the WantMatures site, you may see several contacts who are active at any given time. What you would have to do is click on the “online now” button.
  • Flirtcast: You may use ‘Flirtcast’ to deliver a pre-written message to multiple members who appear in your search engine results in one go. This feature improves your chances of quickly finding a date.
  • Add videos: You may also post videos on your account, which not all WantMatures’ competitors offer to users. Have you ever fantasized about someone being willing to inform your suitable suitor of all there is to know concerning you without typing a single word? Now you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Wink: If you’d like to contact someone but don’t understand what to say, you may drop a “wink” on the user profile of the person you find to be attractive on the WantMatures site.
  • Like Gallery: The website has millions of users all over the world; there’s a good chance you’ll miss somebody who might be an excellent fit for you. Allow no one to be someone who escapes. To better appreciate a user at WantMatures, go through their profiles line by line in the Like Gallery.
  • Favorites: In the spirit of what-might-have-been, add every one of the users whom you find to be appealing to you to your Favorites list. As a result, no one will be neglected since an URL to their account will be maintained.
  • Chat: Chat is by far the most straightforward method to communicate with fellow WantMatures site users. But, because this is a premium service, users may wish to upgrade their membership to premium. WantMatures will offer you 5 free chats to check out the feature. Choose whether to invest it in a single person or to greet five people at once.



The monthly subscription cost for a premium account on the WantMatures site is 41.40 USD. At the same time, the overall cost for a three-month subscription is equal to 69.4 USD, which breaks down to 23 USD each month. The final amount for 6 months will be 111 USD, which breaks down to 18.6 USD each month. There’s also a trial structure in place where members may receive a three-day trial for around $1 per day. When a user is satisfied with the sample, they may upgrade to a premium membership.

Advantages of Paid Account


The premium membership on the WantMatures site includes the following benefits:

  • Users will have full exposure to all the data on the accounts of other users. The information is usually accessible for 3 users under a free membership.
  • An enhanced search or prolonged search feature could also be used to ensure that the matching is ideal.
  • All of the images in the gallery would be displayed in full-size mode, making it easier to see the partner’s facial and physical characteristics.
  • With premium membership, a user would be free to exchange an unlimited number of photographs and videos in chat conversation without facing any legal issues.
  • Premium customer service is what all premium users can count forward to.

Possibility of Free Account

  • Signing up and setting up an account on the WantMatures site is entirely free.
  • Users can conduct simple searches and look at the profiles of other users. However, not all of the data will be visible.
  • To begin the chat, winks and flirtatious texts can be sent.
  • Members can explore the gallery; however still not be allowed to access the full-size images.



Following features help WantMatures site to incorporate an unbreachable and secure environment:

  • Verification: You can’t create an online account unless you’ve verified your email address. Scammers, therefore, have a much harder time creating profiles on the platform.
  • Make a profile complaint: You can report an account that doesn’t appear genuine or if the profile owner has harassed you in any way whatsoever.
  • Hide and block: You may successfully block or hide a user by going on their account and choosing “block.”
  • Safety when dating: The staff and WantMatures site have worked hard to ensure that users enjoy a secure and spam-free meeting encounter since the webpage launch. You may complain or block an account right away, and you can read via the site’s secure dating advice to avoid being harassed or catfished. The anti-spam staff is always on the lookout for junk and false accounts to report.

Scam Charges

As previously said, this site is far from a fraud. WantMatures site is entirely legitimate, so there’s nothing to be worried about. Even so, the members should remain vigilant since the chats will be with strangers.

Contact Information


Company: Together Networks Holdings Limited

Address: PO Box 146, Trident Chambers, Road Town Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Email: [email protected]


Is WantMatures a genuine website?

Wantmatures is a real service that is not a rip-off. There are several benefits to registering on our website, including a well-designed site and simple navigation. The use of such a site that has a high survival rate would be simple for all users. At first look, this is a well-functioning website that has managed to achieve a significant degree of followers despite the numerous alternatives accessible in the internet realm.

What is the expense of WantMatures?

All of the special services will be accessible in the premium service plan, which may be purchased for one month, three months, or six months.

  • A one-month subscription will cost you at least about $41.
  • The subscription will cost about $70 for three months or $23 each month.
  • The six-month package is around $112 or $19 per month.

Is there a smartphone app for WantMatures?

The WantMatures dating website still does not have a WantMatures app that can be downloaded and used. However, the website permits browsing pages via a smartphone, acknowledging the fact of total social mobilization. Every consumer can connect the profile from any location. You’re still working with the same dating site whether you use your smartphone as an access point. Features are also stored and made available in the same way they are on the desktop version.

The layout is also the same as well. In terms of accessibility, the platform’s mobile site is straightforward. The text sections have been minimized, and symbols and graphics have taken their place. You could enjoy this if you are one of those people who perceive data through their eyes. The mobile version of the website is a terrific alternative for the WantMatures site’s desktop version. And with large pictures, clear graphics, and helpful shortcut keys, you may now stay online on all occasions and spend more time looking for newcomers.

What populations can you find on the WantMatures online platform?

The majority of the guys on this older dating website are all in their 30s. Females in their thirties to late 50s make up the majority of the group. It’s reasonable to conclude that senior males and females form the majority of the WantMatures site audience. The leading English-speaking nations that use the senior dating service are the US, UK, as well as Australia. Hungary, Romania, & Italy are among the European countries where the website has a significant audience.

Individuals who are parents or widowed/ divorced are also members of this site. These individuals could be open to a romantic date or perhaps a fling. However, most are looking for a long-term relationship. Finally, those who seek non-heteronormative partnerships will get a warm welcome on the WantMatures site.

Is it simple to join WantMatures?

It doesn’t imply completing lengthy questionnaire fields when they say “register” at WantMatures. To enroll in a user profile, no particular trial is necessary. The method is straightforward. Many other websites demand a Facebook account, but this one does not. WantMatures site will take a couple of minutes for you all to join and use this matchmaking platform. Fill in the primary form on the main website. You’ll have to choose your sexuality and interests, as well as your age and local region. In addition, provide your email account and confirm it afterward.

The passcode should not be too lengthy or too short, plus it ideally incorporates letters and numerals of varying sizes. By selecting the Join box, you expressly consent, comprehend, and agree to abide by the web’s Terms of Service. That would be all there is to it. Every dating website does have its own set of guidelines and limitations. If you are under the age of 18, you will not be able to join the WantMatures site. The age limit to register is 18 years old, and there are no more restrictions.

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