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WING review 2024

WING review 2024
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Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-31
Profiles 1 024 968
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • WING is a unique online dating application;
  • The application looks modern and attractive;
  • Provides great matches;
  • All features on the platform are entirely free of charge;
  • The support team is available 24/7;
  • Besides messaging, you can also communicate by video calling.
  • WING doesn’t have an application for Android devices;
  • The WING site is used for informational purposes only;
  • The app is most popular in the USA.

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The WING app is a unique online dating platform focused on providing its users with quality matches. On the app, users are divided into two groups – daters and matchmakers. Daters are the single people seeking their soulmates while matchmakers are dating or married people who want to find compatible matches for their friends. As you can see, the matchmaking functionality of the WING app doesn’t depend on its system. Here, real people play the role of Cupid.

WING Summary


This WING review is devoted to the features and functionality of WING – a unique online dating app where matchmakers are looking for compatible partners for their single friends. Users on this platform are interested in a hookup or friendship. They join the platform to meet their ideal match and get married. Their married friends can also join the app as matchmakers. They can browse through hundreds of profiles and choose the ones suitable for their friends. Overall, as you can see, the WING app is a big community of married matchmakers and single daters.

The Audience of WING


The WING app is designed for single men and women interested in dating and long-term relationships. Everyone above 18 years old is considered to be legally mature enough to register on the platform. Most users are in their late 20s and 30s, ready to date and marry if they find a compatible person. Unfortunately, there are no official statistics regarding the number or age distribution of WING users.

The WING site and app are globally available, but most users are from the United States. Although the platform is available in all countries, the company warns that its usage is prohibited in countries subject to embargo by the United States.

Although WING hasn’t been in the middle of scandals regarding spam or user data leakage, it’s not 100% secure. There is no warranty that the application has no vulnerabilities, and the latter won’t be discovered and used by hackers one day.

WING site Features


The overall idea behind the WING functionality is so unique that the app doesn’t need any extra functions to make it more attractive to potential users. Here is what makes WING so remarkable:

  1. Playing a Matchmaker.

Unlike traditional online dating platforms, the matchmaking functionality of the WING app isn’t based on a smart algorithm. Here real people are Cupids. Both single and married people can register on the app. Married people who aren’t interested in finding partners can become matchmakers for single men and women. As a matchmaker, you can see profiles of all daters and choose partners for your friends or match strangers.

  1. Points for Matchmakers.

WING has a special point and reward system for matchmakers. For every successful match, you receive points, and after gaining enough points, you level up. The higher your status is, the more likely it is that daters will take your suggestions seriously.

  1. Direct Contact with Daters.

Besides making match recommendations on the WING app, matchmakers can also talk with the people they matched. They can offer their support, advice, and some life hacks on finding a compatible partner.

  1. Family Sharing.

The Family Sharing feature allows WING users to invite up to six family members to use the app.

  1. Messaging on WING.

Communication on the WING app is a free function, but you should be mutual matches for exchanging messages. It means that you won’t receive messages from random people, but on the other hand, you cannot text someone you like unless they accept your match. Currently, there is no option of contacting your matchmaker.

  1. WING Website.

The WING site looks modern and beautiful, but it has only a promotional and informational character. It means that you cannot log into your account on the website, match with people, or exchange messages. But here, you can read about the platform, get acquainted with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You can also click the Download Now button, get redirected to App Store, and install the app there.

  1. Registration on WING App.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph of this WING review, it’s impossible to sign up with the website. Hence, the only option is to create an account via the app. To sign up for WING, you should enter your name and a valid email address, indicate your sexual orientation and sexual inclination, mention your date of birth, nationality, and location. The last step is uploading a photo, and you’re ready to go.



It’s worth mentioning in this WING review that the app is entirely free. It means that all the features of the platform are available for all users without exception. You can download the app, create an account, communicate with other members, and search for compatible partners without paying a penny.

Although the WING app is currently free, it doesn’t mean that the membership will always be free of charge. All WING features are accessible at the moment since the app has been created recently. It aims to attract a large number of people who can make the most of the platform. After becoming popular enough, creators of the WING app plan to introduce new features and premium membership. In that case, users should upgrade their accounts and pay a subscription fee to access those features.

Advantages of Paid Accounts


It was mentioned in this WING review that the service is entirely free and doesn’t have a premium subscription. So people can download the app, create personal accounts, and use all the features to find compatible partners. And all these activities can be done without paying a cent.

Possibility of Free Accounts


Here are the services available for WING app users free of charge:

  • Everyone can download the WING app from App Store;
  • New members can register and create a personal profile entirely free of charge;
  • You can become a matchmaker and connect two compatible people;
  • You can register as a dater and focus on finding a match;
  • Users can exchange messages free of charge if they are mutual matches;
  • Members can add album photos;
  • You can make video calls;
  • Users can join chat groups and discuss various topics;
  • Everyone receives exceptional customer support;
  • Besides sending text messages, uses can also send photos;
  • Matchmakers receive rewards for their successful recommendations;
  • After finding compatible partners, users can continue using their WING app by switching their account from dater to a matchmaker;
  • Everyone can remove their account and the app if they don’t want to use WING services anymore;
  • Users can block and report suspicious and fake accounts to protect their personal information.



WING Enterprises LLC is responsible for introducing the information entered on profiles the way it is, but they don’t guarantee the correctness of the information. Hence, WING Enterprises LLC cannot be held responsible for any problem arising from inaccurate user content.

Users are the only ones responsible for taking precautionary measures to ensure that the information obtained on the platform is free of viruses. The company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to users’ computers and hardware because of these viruses or infected files.

WING promises to safeguard user information storing them in secure servers protected by firewalls. However, you should know that no website is 100% protected from cyber attacks, data leakage, or unauthorized access. To protect your account, you should regularly change your password. In case of noticing fake accounts, don’t hesitate to report them. The WING app team will receive that information and take immediate action.

As you can see, WING ensures that they take all necessary actions to protect users’ data. However, members should also take additional precautionary measures. They should follow general guidelines for staying safe on online dating platforms.

Scam Charges

Any dating platform has some amount of fake profiles because there are always people who want to steal users’ credit card details. Others send malicious links and ask people to open and help them. When people click these links, their computers and phones get infected.

Like other platforms, the WING app is also vulnerable to these kinds of scammers. This is because the platform doesn’t have a strict profile or email verification procedure, which attracts fake profiles. However, WING says that they have a perfect fraud detection system. If you try to create a fake profile, the system will monitor its behavior and block your ID if it discovers that the account is used for malicious purposes.

However, users shouldn’t rely on the fraud detection system only. Every member is responsible for their safety. If you feel that the profile looks suspicious, don’t exchange messages with it. Also, don’t click any link inside the message, and never send money to anyone. Don’t ever provide your contact details such as email address or phone number to anyone, no matter how long you know each other. If you go on real-life dates, make sure to meet at public places such as cafes, parks, and restaurants. For security purposes, inform your family about your whereabouts to know what to do if something goes wrong. If you follow these instructions, you’ll minimize the possibility of becoming a victim of fraud.

Contact Information


Company: WING Enterprises LLC

Address: 45 Park Avenue, Floor 9, NY, NY 10022, USA

Email: [email protected]


Does WING operate legally?

The WING site and app belong to WING Enterprises LLC. The company is registered in New York State, the USA, and complies with the United States laws about providing online services.

By registering on the platform, the users should confirm that they aren’t located in countries subject to embargos by the government of the United States. Moreover, if you live in another country, you should consider that your data is stored in the USA. It’s because WING is located here, and its data storage and servers are also located in the USA.

By downloading the app, you allow it to receive certain information from your phone, such as your location. You should also express your consent to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions, according to which the WING app can collect, store, and transfer your data. If you need more information on the platform’s data, you can contact the WING customer support team for details.

How much do services of the WING app cost?

Services of the WING app don’t cost a penny. Currently, there is only one membership – the standard one but the platform plans to introduce a premium package in the nearest future. You can freely download the app from the App Store, set up your account, and start communicating with new people entirely free of charge.

Why are all services free? It’s because the WING site and app have been launched recently, and this way, the platform is trying to attract more people. After acquiring a base of loyal users, WING will make some of its features available for paying members only. Along with subscription plans, they’ll also introduce payment methods.

Does WING have a mobile application?

WING has a website and a mobile application. But the WING site includes information about the company, the application, terms, conditions of provided services, etc. Unfortunately, there is no option for registering on the platform via the website.

The WING app is the only version that can be used for accessing the community and platform features. Unfortunately, the application is compatible with iOS devices only and can be downloaded from App Store. However, it has a modern and attractive design where green is the dominating color. In addition, the WING app can access your phone’s location and suggest nearby matches so that you don’t waste time on distant relationships.

With the mobile application at hand, you have access to your matches and conversations anytime. The only prerequisite is the availability of the Internet. Thus, you can sit comfortably at your workplace or on a bus and chat with attractive people.

What about the member base of WING?

The population of the WING app is diverse, but there are no official statistics available about the platform’s member structure or size. However, it is known that the application is designed for mature people over 18 years old. Most people belong to the 24-35 age category and are interested in starting families. Though the application is available worldwide, currently, it’s most popular in the United States. However, WING is working on expanding its geography, introducing new features, and adding premium membership.

Can users easily register on the WING app?

Yes, the registration process is easy but longer compared to other online dating apps. First, you should download the WING app from App Store and enter the required information to create an account. To begin with, you should enter your name and a valid email ID. Next, specify your gender – male or female, and input some information about your height, birthday, and sexual preferences.

To move forward, you should choose the country of your residence and upload a profile photo. Moreover, WING requires all registrants to connect their accounts with social media accounts on Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Twitter. The app should access your friend list on these platforms to provide you with quality match suggestions.

The last step is creating a username and picking up a password. Now you’re ready to start your journey with the WING app.

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