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AsianDate Review 2023

AsianDate Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The number of active women subscribers of Asian background is significant;
  • The sign-up process is too fast;
  • A verification is a must;
  • There is an interpreter feature for calls;
  • There are lots of communication features;
  • Even free-based users may browse profiles;
  • There are no monthly payments;
  • Search tool won’t show men’s profiles;
  • The profiles have enough details with photo and video content and self-description.
  • Only Android users may download the application;
  • There are fake profiles that send lots of spam;
  • You have to pay to send messages;
  • You have to refresh the page to see new suggestions;
  • Live chats and webcam shows are open only for fee-based members.

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It is not necessary to be a psychic to understand the primary purpose of the AsianDate dating community. This website caters to males interested in dating Asian women. Thus, this website has some restrictions about the target audience. At AsianDate, only men looking for women can sign up. This website is a rather popular niche dating community, especially among American men. There are many of those looking for some relationships with women having Asian backgrounds. During registration, there are no other options except men seeking women. This website creates lots of opportunities to start relations and maintain communication with matches. It is not challenging to connect with other subscribers because the website has several ways to do it. For example, here, one can be involved in live chatting. The other popular thing here is video cam together with Asian females.

AsianDate was always supporting the high-security standards. But they did not manage to omit the leakage of information, which caused significant troubles. Thus, the platform has some controversies and drawbacks. There was a case in 2015 when someone stole photos of other women and used them to create profiles at the AsianDate website. Fortunately, the public relations team of the website managed to cope with this issue immediately. However, this case demonstrated drawbacks in the work of the system. Such cases undermine the reputation of the website and significantly decrease the membership base of AsianDate. However, many women are still active here. The same is with males throughout the world who are looking for dates with Asian women. The site solved security problems, and now, moderators are stricter when it comes to scam charges. The other thing that decreases the number of subscribers is the absence of a mobile application for iPhone users. Also, there is no regular monthly payment for the advanced services at AsianDate. Instead, they offer to buy credits (the website’s currency) and purchase various advanced features.

So, there is a lot to discuss. Let’s look through all the essential features and suggestions from the AsianDate community.

AsianDate Summary


AsianDate is a popular niche dating community that has lots of exciting things. That is why it would be essential to discuss how to sign up and create a profile, communicate with other members, and build matches here.

The registration process is relatively fast and straightforward. It will not take more than one or two minutes. Some reviews say that only men looking for women can sign up here. However, it is not valid. During registration, one may find an option of a woman seeking a man. In such a way, we can explain that the number of women here is three times higher. But this thing is also questionable because, after registration, no one sees their profiles. They are redirected to the dashboard, where males may find several women profiles with suggestions to start a live chat or cam share. Then, it will be necessary to enter your full name and email address. Your password should be no less than six characters.

Additionally, there is an opportunity to sign up via a Google account. You have to enter your email and respond to the letter sent by the website. Only then, will you complete the registration process.

At AsianDate, members can communicate in chat rooms. Many communication features are free. But live chats are available for fee-based members. Thus, it will be necessary to purchase coins. The other way to communicate with women at AsianDate is to send letters. All the male subscribers, including the free-based ones, can receive letters from female subscribers. In the letter, the women introduce themselves and write what they like or dislike. Responding to these messages is not free. You will have to pay ten coins to respond. However, often, you may be sorry to pay something when the message you received is fake. When you would like to receive the phone number of the potential match, you will have to pay 100 coins. But the duration of your conversation will be limited to ten minutes.

Speaking about profiles at AsianDate, we should admit that there are differences between the male and female profiles. Male profiles are less detailed. They contain information only about the appearance, traces of character, and fields of interest. Each member can write several paragraphs about themselves in an accessible form. The more appealing the information is, the more interesting the page will be for others. Fortunately, it is entirely free to look through the profiles. Those members who do not like to complete their profiles at once may do it later.

In the same way, you can change your profile information later. When you visit someone’s profile, you may see the profile picture in full size. However, here one should not expect something too explicit. Even though many females are models at AsianDate, they do not perform candidness too explicitly. The women’s profiles are much more detailed here. As a rule, their photo galleries contain lots of beautiful photos. But for viewing them, it will be necessary to pay. The same goes for the video content published by the girls. But a distinctive feature of AsianDate is the absence of encouragement to complete the profiles. This aspect is present in other dating communities, but it is not about the AsianDate site. However, the community members understand that the quality of profiles determines the attention of other members to one’s profile page. But at the AsianDate platform, you can send messages even to empty profiles. This means that many of the messages are fake here. That is why everybody should be careful.

Speaking about the AsianDate mobile application, we should admit that only Android users can download it. Users of other platforms may use a mobile-friendly website via the available search engine. The application is easy to use, thanks to its simple interface. When the user receives messages, they get notifications. However, it has tiny drawbacks. For example, it is necessary to always refresh a page to receive new suggestions. But this does not significantly affect the user experience. Starting from here, we may move on and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the website.

The Audience of AsianDate


The AsianDate has a significant membership base. About one million and a half subscribers are from the United States. However, it is difficult to tell the exact amount of fakes among them. The male members are mainly from the United States. As for women subscribers, they are all from Asian countries or have Asian roots. About 75% of the AsianDate subscribers are females. That is why for men, the search filter shows only women’s profiles. The male profiles are difficult to detect here despite the general direction of the community. Even the search filter does not show men’s profiles. When you are chatting with some women here, their profiles are automatically saved to your contact list. Considering that AsianDate has a diverse membership background, the bulk of the dates are occurring online. It is challenging to organize real-life meetings because many of the females are representatives of the far East. There are few cases when the US males went to Asian countries to meet someone they chatted with at the AsianDate platform. As for the age distribution, it is relatively equalized among various groups. However, as in most dating platforms, the number of those between 18 and 35 years is the highest.

AsianDate Site Features


The majority of website features at AsianDate are free-based. Moreover, their price is relatively high. It will be necessary to spend enough credits to use the following features.

  • 3-way call with an interpreter. The website may provide you with the opportunity to schedule a phone call with Asian women. This option costs up to 100 coins. This price includes an interpreter. You will need it if there is some language gap between you and your interlocutor.
  • Sending a virtual gift. It is possible to attract the woman’s attention by sending a virtual gift. The price of one such gift is 15 credits.
  • Sending an actual gift. Additionally, one may deliver a real gift to one of the Asian countries where your chosen lady lives. The delivery will take about 3-5 days. When the present is delivered, you will receive a message about it. As a confirmation, they will send a photo of a woman holding your gift.



As it was already mentioned, the AsianDate website does not have a monthly subscription. You may only buy credits and purchase various services for them. Thus, the prices are the following:

  • 20 credits – 15.99 USD
  • 160 credits – 96.60 USD
  • 1,000 credits – 399.00 USD
20 credits 15.99 USD
160 credits 96.60 USD
1,000 credits 399.00 USD

As for the price in general, it is above average.

Advantages of Paid Account


To buy credits, you have to know what you pay for. So, we collected all the paid features you can have after buying credits. Here they are:

  • The fee-based members can respond to messages;
  • The live chats and cam shares are only fee-based;
  • It is possible to look through the phone albums and view the videos at females’ profiles;
  • You may order the flowers and actual gift delivery;
  • It is possible to schedule a three-way call with Asian women.

Possibility of Free Account


You can use AsianDate for free, too. Here is what you have as a free member:

  • The registration and profile creation at AsianDate;
  • You may browse profiles;
  • Viewing through the profile photos;
  • Males may read the letters sent by female subscribers.



Safety is a tricky question at the AsianDate platform. There was a case in 2015, which demonstrated that safety and security are weak points at the website. The website allowed to post of fake photos taken online and create fake profiles. Fortunately, the owners of the photos noticed this and reported it. The issue was solved immediately. Thus, such leakage was a temporary issue. Since the reported profiles were removed, the website has taken measures to solve similar problems. For this, the AsianDate website implements email verification, where the users have to respond to a letter.

Scam Charges

Unfortunately, the website has many fake reported profiles. Although AsianDate has an email verification, the scammers still find ways to omit the security system and create fake profiles. Often, one should be careful because fakes may use someone’s photos, randomly taken from the Internet. But the website’s security system deleted all the profiles that were noticed in suspicious activities. Even when they purchase a package with credits, they will not be returned to the owner when they are noticed in a scam.

Contact Information


The AsianDate website does not provide an email address or the phone number to call in case of need. There is a Help Center icon on the website’s page, and every member can reach the support team when there’s a problem. Additionally, there is a list of frequently asked questions. Additionally, they underlined that their doors are always open for visitors. If someone would like to visit them and ask something directly, they are welcomed to the following address: 71, Level 4&5, Tower Road street, and the state is Malta. The official name of the company is SOL Networks Limited.


How legit is the AsianDate site?

The AsianDate website is legit because it functions according to its terms and conditions, and its company is officially registered. The website has been operating for over 15 years. Since then, their popularity has not decreased significantly, not taking into account the leakage of info in 2015.

Is AsianDate an expensive website?

AsianDate does not have a monthly or yearly subscription. Instead, they implemented the system of coins (credits). Thus, many services cost coins. When considering their price, the general price of the website is above average. For example, one phone call will cost 100 coins.

Are there advantages in the AsianDate app?

The AsianDate website has a mobile app, but it is available only for Android users. The application repeats all the essential features of the desktop version. Also, there is a swiping feature to scroll down the offered female candidates. Profiles are detailed, and one may browse them for free.

Who are the potential users of the AsianDate website?

Among the potential users of AsianDate, one will find American males looking for females of Asian background. The majority of males are from the United States. However, there are subscribers from different countries as well. The female subscribers reside in various Asian countries as well, even those located in the far East.

How easy is the registration process at AsianDate?

The registration process is straightforward here. It will not take longer than 1-2 minutes. It does not ask too many questions. If the profile owners would like, they may upload some essential information about themselves later. Thus, AsianDate offers to start searching for Asian beauties immediately after registration.

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