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Chatib Review 2024

Chatib Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 18-30
Profiles 95 000
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 5.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A newbie can find dozens of chatrooms to choose from as per their interest;
  • A member can use the site's all available features free of cost;
  • If a member doesn't find the chat room of their interest, they can create their own and start with discussing;
  • Those members who prefer applications rather than a desktop can download the Chatib app and start connecting there;
  • All the members from different communities can register at the site, like lesbians, gays, singles, and other communities;
  • Members can freely share their opinions on a specific topic and continue the conversation with like-minded individuals;
  • The site enables the members to play the game online with other people;
  • The website doesn't ask for the user's detailed information, which saves a ton of time during registration;
  • The platform holds more than 2000 active members at the Chatib site.
  • As the site is free of charge, several people start to create fake profiles on the platform;
  • There is no option of saving the past details;
  • The site doesn't support the iOS version, making it difficult for iPhone users to use the Chatib app on their phones;
  • If a member doesn't use the chat room actively, they get disconnected. Therefore, active participation is necessary;
  • You need to wait for the other member to join and play the game with you a few times;
  • The ads distract a member as the platform is filled with dozens of ads, creating frustration;
  • The Captcha registration is a little bothersome because of its repetitive nature;
  • If a member doesn't use the Chatib site for a few days, the platform automatically deactivates the account.

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Chatib site is the one that focuses on letting the members communicate in private messages. The users are free to get the best chat rooms. Rather than making relations, the site tends to let people chat with each other on interesting topics. If the user didn’t get the chat room as per his preference, they could create their own. The Chatib app is understandable for all.

This unique dating platform helps you in reaching out to maximum people. Further, you can communicate with the ones you like. In short, you can make good friends on the platform. The chat room you will notice on the site is categorized like the chat room for singles, general chat room, etc. Therefore, you can spend your time on this app and get to know people from other countries.

Several members associated with the Chatib app are active in speaking openly concerning any topic. In contrast, some take an interest in serious issues like love. Therefore, it’s up to you what chat room you join. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can also join a chat room for sports dating.

You can get access to the Chatib site as a registered member and a guest. The positive aspect of this platform is that it’s completely free, and around 40,000+ users visit every day, making it possible for you to make new friends.

Chatib Summary


Chatib site is one of the most well-known sites that help you meet with strangers online by playing games with them. The concept sounds interesting, and it is. Besides playing games with new members, you can learn more about them and make friends.

All the available functions of the platform are comparatively free. However, keep in mind that this app is not for the ones who look for serious relationships. Instead, this app is a great way to spend your time online by conversing with new friends. That’s how you can get to know more of them, like their interests, likes, dislikes, etc., and further convert the connection into a relationship.

You will find people above 18 years of age. Thus, it becomes easy for you to connect with like-minded ones. So, if you seek to have a quick chat with a random person and then connect further via chatting, this Chatib app won’t disappoint you. Besides this, you will see amazing aspects of Chatib in this Chatib review.

The Audience of Chatib


When it comes to the audience available at Chatib app, the platform is designed considering the age group of 18-60 years. However, it is clear that the person’s minimum age is 18 years old is required to register at the platform.

There is no such discrimination regarding race or other communities on the platform. That is why several users are from different communities like Caucasians, African Americans, etc. People generally belong to Canada, the UK, the United States of America & Australia. Anyone can join the Chatib site without paying for it.

Around 70% of members on the site are Male. In contrast, 30% of members on the site are Female. Overall, the site has a worldwide user base from various backgrounds. Therefore, it has been concluded that the platform doesn’t focus on any specific group and is open to all.

Chatib Site Features


Chatib app possesses great opportunities for people who are looking to make new connections globally. So let’s have a look at the same.

  • Chat room Creation: All the members can meet new people by joining the chatroom. These chat rooms are based on a specific topic. Besides joining, you can also create an account of your interest.
  • Send the picture as an attachment: If you wish to send photos to someone, you are free to do so by sending them in the attached form. What you need to consider is the guidelines associated with the app.
  • Free Chat: The platform allows members to create their accounts for free. Also, anyone can join it. All the chat rooms are free, and you can start contributing to them after joining.
  • Dating tips: If you need to know more, the site offers blogs on the homepage in which dating tips are mentioned. So, reading them will benefit you a lot in dating.
  • Send and receive private messages: If you prefer privacy and don’t wish to participate in GD, you can connect with people in private messages.
  • Save as favourite: While using the Chatib app, if you find someone attractive and you wish to date them or make relations, you have the option to save them as favourites. With this, you can, later on, chat with them without forgetting their I’d.
  • FAQ page: If you found any queries concerning the site, you can check out the FAQ section.



You will be amazed to know that the site is free of charge. Yes, there is no such subscription plan, and you can even join the chat rooms without any hassle.

A user can enter the chat room without registering at the platform, which is quite impressive. Besides this, a guest user can send messages and winks to other people to build connections.

The site is not requesting any money and lets the users access all the stunning features of the Chatib app. Indeed, a member can send the image by attaching it to the message box. It is one of the positive aspects of the application.

Thus, if you are the one who doesn’t wish to spend on any dating app to connect with people, the Chatib site is specifically for you.

Benefits of Paid Account


There is no such paid subscription, but it has several advantages. Indeed, no member needs to spend the money to purchase any subscription to use all the features.

However, the sole disadvantage is the advertising part. With several advertisements running on the platform, a member needs to wait for it to end and connect with other users.

Possibility of Free Account


Yes, there are endless possibilities for a free account at Chatib app. The app doesn’t ask for any hidden charges from the members. Suppose you notice you need to pay for connecting with users in some applications. But, once you go through the Chatib site, you don’t have to worry about anything. Thus, you can freely use the whole platform.



Chatib app runs a huge network of people that remain active in making new friends. Besides this, they perform several activities like chatting with the other members or playing games. However, now that the site offers free services to individuals, the main concern is Safety.

Every person looks for Safety before using any site. So, you will feel happy to know the place is very safe to use. The site continually seeks to provide its members with safety. All the members are equally respected at the platform, and bad words are strictly prohibited.

If the site admin notices any suspicious user behaviour, they ban the profile completely. So, Safety is the utmost priority at the platform. Also, if any user provides any external link while chatting, the website will not be responsible for that.

The site uses industry-standard security to avoid scammers entering the application. Also, to stay safe from your side, keep in mind not to share any personal information. You are not suggested to meet the members that you connected via Chatib app in real life.

Scam Charges

You tend to meet loads of strangers at the Chatib app. Well! The major thing to ensure is to stay alert on the platform. There is no need to share any personal information with random members.

As the platform doesn’t ask for any verification, the chances of creating fake accounts are high on the platform. Several frauds can do scams while using the site. Unfortunately, the platform can’t stop scammers from entering and connecting with others.

So, you need to take care of yourself while using the platform and overlook those you think are disrespectful.

Contact Information


Now, if you still face any questions, you can directly contact the support team. The contact information of the Chatib site is here:

  • Address: Landocs Capital, PO Box 2428,
  • Zip Code + City: 55122 Kiryat Ono
  • Country: Israel
  • Email: [email protected]


Finally, you are done with reading the Chatib review. What next you can do is to spend a few minutes knowing the questions users generally face. It might help you in learning more about the platform.

Is Chatib Real?

The Chatib site is a real one as it consists of a massive volume of users. Also, a member can actively connect with the other members who belong to different countries.

As per the studies, it has seen that there are around 40k daily visitors at the Chatib app. This immense audience volume opens wide doors to meeting your potential match.

The age distribution lies within 18 to 60 years of age. Yes, the people who belong to the age group of more than 50 are also available on the platform. So, you can’t consider this site as a fake one. Instead, it is a real one with great premium features that a person can use for free.

How Much Does Chatib Cost?

Well! If you’ve read the Chatib review, you have concluded that the site is entirely free to use. It signifies a user can either join the platform as a guest mode or a registered member. Also, a free member can use all the available amazing features of the site.

Does Chatib Have a Mobile App?

Chatib app consists of a mobile application. But, unfortunately, iPhone users can’t use the application on their phones because the platform is not iOS friendly.

The Chatib app for users has been available since 2015. All Android users can easily use the website and meet new people on the app. Though Chatib has launched its iOS platform, it is not yet available on the Apple store.

So, if you don’t hold an android phone, you have to use the platform via browser. Yes, the Chatib site is completely mobile responsive. Thus, it provides you with a nice experience. If you possess an iPad, you don’t have to panic. You can also use this dating site on the iPad.

What’s the Chatib Website’s Demographics like?

The Chatib site holds a broad database of active users. All the members are keen to connect with like-minded individuals. The members fall under the bracket of 18 to 30 years.

The site’s main focus is to connect people rather than serious relationships. Most users on the platform are from the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. The best thing about the site is that there is no racism, and each member is treated respectfully by other members.

In chat rooms, several communities discuss different topics. You can also chat with anyone without entering your details. Around millions of users are available at the site, and they look to connect with more people like you.

Finally, Chatib is not targeted at any one religious group. Indeed, they did not inquire about users’ religion, indicating that people across religions are welcome on the website to sign in and enjoy Chatib.

Is It Easy to Sign up onto Chatib?

You will find the registration process to be completely hassle-free. The site has a straightforward process of registering. Meanwhile, it will take only a few minutes. First, you need to enter the basic information like age, country, username, home city, and other asked details. Then, if you want, you can log in anonymously. In the anonymous login, you don’t need to spend time on the registration process.

If you want to know about the site, anonymous login is the ideal option. While in the registration process, around two steps are needed. In the CAPTCHA authentication, you need to prove that you are real. Further, the site will keep your data. Once you perform all the formalities, you can join the other chat rooms at the Chatib site.

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