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E-Chat Review 2023

E-Chat Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 72%
Popular Age 26-34
Profiles 948 046
Reply Rate 77%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can join any chat room as a guest without creating an account
  • E-Chat has a super responsive members base
  • Plenty of chatrooms for every interest
  • Simple Registration
  • Users can create a chatroom and administer it
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • E-Chat app is not available
  • The site promises no updates
  • Presence of scam profiles

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The E-Chat site has earned a solid reputation in the online dating world when it comes to popularity. However, the site still has a mysterious vibe surrounding it, making people curious to know more. The dating site is your go-to chatting platform when you are in the mood for free and enjoyable chatting.

Unlike premium dating sites that offer little to free members, E-Chat is a treat for members on tight budgets. Select a chatroom you prefer and enjoy chatting with different people looking for friendship, relationships, and hookups.

Read this E-Chat review to know what the dating site is all about and what features attract players.

E-Chat Review


E-Chat has gained immense popularity since its inception among people looking for sites to find partners and friends. In today’s digital world, almost everything is available online. No surprise that we moved lots of our social activities to the digital arena. Singles in need of partners or friends join dating sites to meet people with common interests.

All reputed online chat rooms offer confidentiality and privacy that assure members that they can have private discussions. Lots of introverted people find online dating sites or chat rooms more convenient to socialize than meeting physically.

If we talk about the E-Chat site, people are curious about the chat rooms as the site offers minimum information. First of all, being a free chat room raises many suspicions about whether the site is legit to use and are the profits real or fake. Top of all, the site notifies its users that there won’t be any updates on the sites, which forces some members to think of outdated safety measures. However, the site is operating seamlessly.

E-Chat is a web-based free chatting platform where strangers from all over the globe can meet. You can join any chat room as a verified member or guest. The site makes navigation simpler and chatting interesting.

If we compare the E-Chat site with its rivals, the comparison may be in favor of the latter. However, the services it provides for free are amazing compared to other web-based chat rooms.

E-Chat User Base


As a free chat room site, E-Chat has a huge member base that has reached 1 million worldwide. The majority of the members on the site are from the US, UK, India, Canada, Belgium, Philippines, and Australia. Most users on the site are young, as is expected when it comes to chat rooms, as the old generation is not into texting much. Therefore, the site is used mainly by people between the age of 18 to 34.

We are not saying you won’t find any senior members, but their number is relatively low. In addition, the male members outnumbered the female population on the site with a 60 to 40 ratio.

Every chat room features different participant numbers and gender ratios. So, for example, you may find more female members in one chatroom and more males in the other.

E-Chat Features and Services


E-Chat is popular because of its splendid features that are free to use but do not lack functionality. What impresses us the most is its members base that has crossed one million, meaning you can find many active members on the site. Let’s take a look at what the E-Chat site has to offer in terms of features.

Registration Process

A huge plus point of the E-Chat site is it’s a web-based chatting platform with a straightforward registration process. Unlike other dating or social sites, signup does not require any personal or financial information like email addresses or credit card details. Instead, type in the username of your choice and input a strong password for security purposes and retype the password. That’s it! You are done.

You now own a fully functional account faster than you can think. Log in to the site as members or guests, join any chat room of your interest, and start chatting. Signing up without any information may give you quick access, but it raises many security concerns for users too. It’s important to know that when your identity is hidden from others, the same goes for you.


The E-Chat site will make you feel nostalgic with its old-school charms. A simple interface and clean layout will take you from point A to point B within seconds without any detours. No doubt the design is outdated, but it’s serving its purpose, and the users are happy with the way things are working on the site.

As a free chatting platform, the site provides luxurious service. Let’s talk about the theme that is simple with white background and fonts in minimalistic style. If you count yourself on the list of people who prefer classy aesthetics and high regards, E-Chat is for you.

You can navigate the site within minutes as all the buttons are available at the bottom of the screen in a clean layout. The site is easy to use and navigate; indeed, users have no complaints.

E-Chat Searching Options

A mentioned before E-Chat site is best described as an old school with a traditional look and features. The site’s main purpose is to offer convenience and instant communication with strangers who share your interest.

The best part is the chatting site features an assortment of rooms to chat with random people. Think of any topic, and you will find the chatroom available. However, if you can’t find any chat room of interest, create your own and run it as an administrator. The E-Chat site caters to people from all interests, and it’s the main reason for its popularity.

No efforts are needed to join a chat room of your choice to talk in groups or with individuals in private conversation when it comes to exploring. The chat rooms cover the topics of romance, friendships, religion, BDSM, and the LGBTQ community.

Communicating Features

Chat Rooms are the only highlight of the E-Chat site. The collection of chat rooms is what stands out from the traditional messengers. Do you know what chat rooms are?

The variety of chat rooms is the reason many users join E-Chat sites. These chatroom groups formed according to interests. If you enter a lesbian chatroom, the members of the group are either lesbians or supporters of the community. If you want to know about Christianity, join the religion group. Are you depressed? There are chat rooms where you can find people ready to listen and provide professional help.

Joining all these fantastic groups does not cost you a single cent, and you can join multiple chat rooms simultaneously.

Searching Partner

E-Chat was formed to bring together people of the same interest worldwide on a single platform. As a result, you can connect with some strangers instantly without going through the complete registration and profile creation process.

All the features on the site are free to use, and no hidden charges are lurking in the corner. Click on the Find The Chatroom Button, and you can instantly locate what you are looking for. In addition, you won’t be annoyed with pop-ups to upgrade your membership or requesting a premium subscription to use certain features.

E-Chat site emphasis is more on social networking than dating or finding a romantic partner. The site does not offer any specific tools to find partners. You cannot find matches based on your interest. The only way to find someone sharing your interest is to join a chatroom of the topic, and when you cannot find a chatroom of your liking, create one and personalize as you desire.

Canceling E-Chat Subscription

When you sign up for the E-Chat site, you don’t submit any personal or financial information. Moreover, there is no premium subscription on the site. You can delete your account from the settings, but there is no need as you don’t provide any information about yourself.

Embeddable Chat Box

E-Chat doesn`t offer many special features on the site; it’s a simple chat room site to connect people. However, the site does offer a great service to users that they can use on the website. The chatroom site features embeddable chat links that you can use on your website for promotional purposes. It is linked directly to the site’s main system. As you already know that you can personalize a chat room on the site; you can link your chat room to your website.

Additionally, you can personalize your chat room in every way, including language, colors of the text and the background, and many more.

E-Chat App

The 21st century is the era of digital technology, and almost every offline service is now available online. Unfortunately, the E-Chat app is not yet available on the market, and there are no promises to launch it soon. However, the good news is you can use the site from your mobile phone browser. The mobile version is identical to its desktop version in terms of layout, features, and interface. The messenger market is overloaded with apps nowadays, and that leaves E-Chat behind the race. Nobody is perfect, but the E-Chat site is fully functional on your mobile compact screen. If you own an iOS or Android smartphone, you can start chatting in any room available on the site.

Premium Membership Cost


E-Chat boasts of having various chat rooms that range from religion to romance and sexual interest. There are tons of active members on the site, giving users plenty of opportunities to mingle with strangers. The best thing is everything is free on the site, from joining a chat room to creating your own. Maybe the site will offer a premium program in the future, but currently, there is no news about any premium packages.

E-Chat does not offer a premium account that makes all the features on the site free to use. However, the chatroom site is free to use and navigate for all members or guests.

Free Account Benefits


All the features on the E-Chat site are free to use for all members, including:

  • Account registration
  • Uploading profile photo
  • Adding personal description
  • Inviting friends
  • Searching for chat rooms
  • Creating and personalizing own chat room
  • Blocking users on the site
  • Contacting the customer support team
  • Private chatting with special members

Safety and Security


When it comes to security, E-chat is not very keen on providing updated security tools for the safety of the users. However, the users on the site are already aware of what they are getting into, so there will be no surprises if they find a fake profile.

You won’t find any in-depth information about any user on the site, and as well, you don’t need to provide any personal information. It’s more of a chatting website than a dating site. You can find friends or people that share your interests, but it’s not an ideal site to find life partners or romantic relationships.

Scam Alert!

E-chat is a simple chatting platform where people unite on an interest basis. The site does not ask for any information upon registration. A short description and the profile picture is the only identity of users. Lack of information and security measures gave way to scammers to the site; however, the plus point is you can report any fake profile and block suspicious people from contacting.

Contacting the Customer Support Services

If you have any issues regarding the E-Chat site, you can contact the operator through the contact tab available on the site. Unfortunately, there are no other channels to contact customer service.


Is E-Chat a Legit Chatting Platform?

E-Chat is a free-to-use chat room site that users can enjoy connecting with strangers. The site is legit if we bring into concern the members and active users in the chatrooms. However, there is no indication of any security updates or use of firewalls on the site by the operators.

Do You Have to Pay for E-Chat Premium Subscription?

E-Chat is a free web-based chatting platform available for users worldwide to connect with strangers with the same interest. Users can create a free account and join any chat room they like to chat with other members. The chatting site provides minimal features, but all of them are free.

Can You Use E-Chat on Mobile?

The E-Chat App is not available in the market by far. However, users can use the site on any compatible mobile browser. You can register an account from your mobile and chat in any chat room.

What Is the Member Base of E-Chat Like?

The E-Chat audience is mainly from the US, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Philippines, and Belgium. You may find users from other countries as well but in the minority. It’s a slightly male-oriented chat room site, and males outnumber females.

Is the Sign-Up Process for E-Chat Simple?

Yes, the signup process of the E-Chat site is super easy. You don’t have to provide any extensive personal information or financial credentials. The site only requires a username and password to sign you up as a registered member.

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