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FabSwingers Singles Review 2023

FabSwingers Singles Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 62%
Popular Age 25-47
Profiles 231 000
Reply Rate 67%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website has many free features;
  • Messaging is free;
  • Verified pictures;
  • You can load a lot of photos;
  • You can register as a couple;
  • A live chat option;
  • It has a video call service;
  • It is not possible to fake a profile;
  • There is no subscription;
  • The site accommodates all kinds of people.
  • There is no mobile application;
  • There is no support phone number for fast responses;
  • The live streams can lag even when your internet connection is strong.

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FabSwingers is among the safest places for people to enjoy what they like. In the twenty-first century, everyone deserves to do what they love, especially regarding bedroom activities. The swingers’ community, which includes people that love fun deserves an open place where they feel at home.

The best website for swingers enables them to connect. It is the perfect place to encounter people with the same sexual preferences. The site goes ahead to ensure it delivers what it promises. The service is the largest swing platform currently. There are many users and more keep joining each time. The site is fun and does not require payment to enter.

Analysis shows that one hundred and fifty thousand swingers often register on the website daily. The perfect thing about having a service that centers on swingers is people meet quickly. You will not have to struggle to find a suitable partner.

The FabSwingers website welcomes singles and couples. Partner swapping is legal, and several other non-conventional sexual acts can take place.

Swingers can be couples or single people interested in an open relationship. They have no problem with their partners getting intimate with other people. What swingers do is healthy for most relationships. However, the best site requires that customers adhere to the specified rules and respect one another. It is also necessary to undergo STDs checkups to avoid spread.

Keep reading this review and see how the website is ideal for swingers.

FabSwingers Summary


FabSwingers is a niche dating platform. It caters to the swingers’ community. Since 2006, the website has been beneficial to its users. It is responsible for many hookups globally.

The platform has the most significant number of swingers across the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

The swingers’ site has always been at the top because of many reasons. Among them is its ease of use. There is nothing complicated for the users. As a result, people get excellent results daily, attracting more users.

It is rare to find inactive members on the FabSwingers site. The operator achieves that by ensuring there are no fake accounts or bots. In addition, the website administrators are proactive when providing the platform fresh and lively.

If a person fails to log into the site for three days, he gets denied access to certain features. One of them is the hotlist option. You will, however, use the feature one day after you sign in.

The website is up to date, making customers feel comfortable. In addition, all the site features look familiar, making it less threatening to non-tech-savvy individuals.

Another thing that makes the website stand out is that there are no spammers or scammers. The platform ensures that through a strict verification procedure. Each new signup gets analyzed and re-analyzed manually by the administrators using a well-thought verification process.

Users’ profiles contain sufficient information. The uploaded pictures are available for anyone to view. You can modify your profile if you want. Below is what most of the profiles contain.

  • Profiles have additional information besides the primary details like gender, name, and age.
  • A profile picture is a must. The site has to verify the image to allow it to get seen by other people. Users need to take photos holding a paper that has the site name and their username.

The website has many advantages, but there are some drawbacks, too.

The Audience of EuroDate


FabSwingers features an active population. You will witness a lot of activities in the group chats, video calls, and messaging section. Many users are active each time.

Most of the customers are men, and the site groups profiles into couples and singles. However, every user can interact with anyone they like, whether individuals or couples.

When it comes to age, most people are between twenty-five and forty-five years. However, you can encounter young adults between eighteen and twenty-four years. People above fifty-five years are also not left out.

The platform presently hosts over five hundred thousand people from the UK. More than two hundred thousand individuals log into the site each day.

Besides males and females, there is a good mix of non-binary customers and couples.

Most profiles are for couples.

Customers encounter polite and friendly individuals.

FabSwingers Site Features


The website has various features that enable users to have an excellent experience.

Advanced search: The option has more than twenty-five filters. Customers use them to locate compatible partners. For instance, you can find a match based on sexual orientation, age, location, cross-dressing, name, etc.

  • Video chat: Users can use the feature to communicate with their matches either on phone or PC. The service does not require the Flash feature.
  • Content: The site covers several topics. Among them are swinging and sex.
  • Clubs: Customers can join any depending on their interests.
  • Webcams: The site allows customers to interact with many cams simultaneously during a video conference.
  • Chat rooms: Users can join any depending on their interests.
  • Messaging: The option allows customers to exchange messages.



The FabSwingers dating platform is free. Members do not need to subscribe.

However, some VIP features require money. For example, users need at least seven dollars to unlock them for sixty days.

There is a silver and gold membership. The former lasts fifty days, and the latter lasts thirty-two days.

Advantages of Paid Account


The dating platform is free, but some opportunities may require payment. The silver and gold memberships unlock the following features:

  • See people that check out your profile;
  • No annoying ads;
  • Larger and cleaner pages with additional information;
  • See more extensive and high-quality pictures;
  • Customers get a supporter badge on their profile;
  • Users can see distances on profiles;
  • You can visit multiple webcams in chat rooms;
  • Users can upload more photos on their profiles;
  • Customers can use smiles when messaging;
  • Access searchable gallery of recent public picture uploads;
  • Members can save messages to archive folders;
  • You can see entire message threads on the emails;
  • Customers get access to the website supporter webcam room;
  • Customers can email photos to the website from their devices;
  • You can edit your username;
  • SILVER Dock one cam (see two total);
  • GOLD Dock three cams (see four total);
  • SILVER fifty photos (eight per day);
  • GOLD one hundred and fifty images (fifteen per day);
  • View other people’s HD pictures;
  • You can see people that like your profile;
  • Customers see nearby matches;
  • The site lets people watch up to four webcams at once in chat rooms.

Possibility of Free Account


Since the dating platform is free, users have a lot to enjoy. Below find the existing services:

  • Customers can watch other people’s live videos or broadcast theirs;
  • You can exchange messages with anyone you like;
  • The group chat feature offers customers a lot of fun. You will enjoy flirting and other dirty sessions;
  • Members can upload albums to create an attractive profile;
  • Customers can write reviews or anything else to express their feelings and ideas. Apart from that, users reach many people when they take part in forums;
  • People can send explicit pictures to get attention;
  • Users can like pictures;
  • It is possible to add friends and establish a community of like-minded individuals;
  • There are winks to use as ice breakers;
  • Users can view other people’s galleries to get inspiration;
  • Free registration;
  • The club section covers many topics. They include horny, camping, and politics;
  • Searching for matches offers users a variety of filters.



The FabSwingers dating platform is among the safest places to connect with like-minded individuals. Below is why:

  • The website’s privacy protocol and data safety policy of FabSwingers is the best.
  • The platform has HTTPS protocols on its pages. It additionally includes the sections where the new customers register, and the regular ones sign in daily.
  • The platform features a unique system based on peer confirmation. A new customer must get verified by other users to show that they are real. Verification may get done by another confirmed customer only. The activity virtually seals the coming in fake accounts.
  • Single male customers can register, but they can’t get verified.
  • People who verify others can only do that if they know them, have seen them, or have talked to them via webcam.

The peer verifying process functions well since the site has no fake accounts. Dormant unverified profiles get deleted each time, making options easier for customers.

Data leaks or revealing of customer details has never happened on the website. The platform does its best to protect people’s privacy. Winchester Consultancy Limited operates as the site data.

The platform has been successful in maintaining customer data. The website also has an SSL encryption technique that secures and protects it from hackers and spammers.

The website additionally will never send out adverts. Instead, email alerts for ads get controlled by customers.

Another thing is that the moment a person deletes a profile, everything concerning this profile is eliminated from the site. So, users’ data gets removed from the servers with the click on the ‘Delete’ option.

Scam Charges

The FabSwingers website takes customer protection seriously. There is no information about scam charges so far. It could be the only dating website that has no history of scammers.

The strict verification procedure users undergo before getting accepted on the website helps in preventing scammers. The verified members also assist in the verification activity. They can confirm that someone is honest if they have interacted with him on the site or met in person.

Users’ pictures get verified, too, ensuring legitimacy.

Customers are responsible for the meetings they hold with strangers outside the site. So, ensure you are safe. For instance, you can look out for red flags before agreeing to meet someone. Among them are:

  • A person that asks you to meet him in a private place.
  • Users that hide things or tell you something that doesn’t add up.
  • People that ask for personal information. It is advisable to avoid sharing information like banking details, real name, home address, phone number, workplace, etc.

Contact Information


Company Name: Winchester Consultancy Ltd.

Address: Winchester Consultancy Ltd, 4 Old Park Lane.

Zip Code + City: London, W1K 1QW.

Country: England and Wales.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FabSwingersWorldwide

Twitter: @fabswingers


Most people have doubts about online dating services. Below are some of the most asked questions. Their responses will help you determine if the dating service is worth joining.

Is the FabSwingers matchmaking service legit?

Yes. The dating platform offers a safe place for swingers to meet like-minded people. The site has over ten years of experience. It is still growing strong despite a lot of competition.

It has a good reputation for being a perfect hookup place for swingers around New Zealand, Australia, Canada, America, and the United Kingdom.

How much does the FabSwingers site charge users?

The online dating platform is free. However, some VIP services require a subscription. You need a minimum of seven dollars to unlock them.

The site has two one-off premium memberships. There is no auto-renewing, and the duration and services vary. Customers can choose between fifty and thirty-two days.

The Silver membership lasts fifty days.

The Gold membership lasts thirty-two days.

Is there an app for the FabSwingers dating service?

Unfortunately, the dating company has no app. However, the service can get accessed via a mobile browser.

The mobile website saves the space you would have needed to download an app. The platform is easily accessible and convenient. However, iOS users may encounter challenges when accessing the webchat service. The issue gets fixed when you download the Flash app.

How is the FabSwingers online matchmaking platform demographics?

The site currently has more than five hundred thousand users in the UK. More than two hundred thousand people log into the website daily.

The number of female customers and male users is even. There is also a good mix of non-binary customers and couples.

Most members are above forty years, and most profiles are for couples.

The site is full of polite and friendly people.

How is the signup process on the FabSwingers site?

Users can register as singles or couples. If you choose the latter, you will share an account with your partner. Signing up takes a few minutes, and it does not need much effort.

The site offers members some questions which they need to answer to become a member. Below are the registration steps.

  • Come up with a catchy username and enter it on the relevant section of the signup form;
  • Enter your email address;
  • Make up a strong password. It should comprise various symbols;
  • Indicate your gender. It can be female, male, couple (female and male), female couple, male couple, trans, etc.;
  • Enter your date of birth;
  • Provide the security code or captcha;
  • Confirm that you are above eighteen years.

After doing all the above, you can now begin browsing and enjoying the FabSwinger dating services.

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