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Facebook Dating Review 2024

Facebook Dating Review 2024
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Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-36
Profiles 310 000
Reply Rate 98%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration is easy. You should sign in with your existing Facebook account, and the required information will auto-complete.
  • There is no need to download a separate application. You can access the platform by using the Facebook app.
  • The AI-based matchmaking algorithm suggests highly compatible candidates.
  • All features of the Facebook Dating app are free, including messaging.
  • You can meet singles interested in dating and long-term relationships.
  • User profiles are discreet. No sexually explicit content is allowed.
  • The platform has a huge member base, perhaps, the biggest in the world.
  • Unfortunately, less tech-savvy people cannot navigate the platform.
  • There is no Facebook Dating site available. You can access Dating via the app only.
  • You can receive unwelcome messages because the app allows texting without mutual matching.
  • Some users report that the number of fake accounts is pretty high.
  • There is no verification procedure available.
  • The app doesn’t conduct a criminal background check.

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Facebook has been a significant part of our lives since 2004, but Facebook Dating was launched only in 2018. Before its official release, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they created the tool to bring together the singles interested in finding love, building long-term relationships, and starting families. The new platform was first tested in Colombia. Later, it became available in other South and North American countries. European Union approved Facebook Dating only at the end of 2020. Nowadays, the platform is accessible from almost any point of the globe.

Facebook Dating Summary


No one can deny that Facebook is the most popular and powerful social media platform. Though the launch of Facebook Dating was expected, it didn’t become a boom in the online dating industry. People had mixed feelings. Some were happy to use a platform that didn’t have a complicated registration process or locked premium functions, while others were concerned about their data’s security. Most users love that the platform is accessible right from the Facebook app, while others find its navigation complicated. Let’s explore Facebook Dating features in detail and see why people have mixed feelings about it.

The Audience of Facebook Dating


Currently, Facebook has over 2.85 billion active users per month. However, Facebook Dating isn’t as popular as its sister platforms Instagram and WhatsApp. There is no official report about the size of the Facebook Dating app audience. However, some sources claim that the platform has over 10 million weekly active users.

Though the Facebook Dating site is available globally, most users are from the United States. Second place by audience size takes India, followed by Canada, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Sweden, etc.

Statistics show that the gender proportion of the Facebook Dating app is slightly imbalanced. The number of males exceeds the number of female users by 14%. Though except for straight people, the platform also welcomes lesbian, gay, and trans individuals, the majority of users are straight.

The service is predominantly popular among younger people.

  • 30% of users belong to the 25-34 age category.
  • 23% of members are younger singles aged between 18 and 24.
  • The number of middle-aged individuals is 19%.
  • The percentage of members in the 45-54 age range drops drastically to 13%.
  • Surprisingly, the number of users over 55 is higher than its previous age category by 2% (15%).

All these members are looking for long-term relationships, friendship, or love. All profiles are discreet since the Facebook Dating app policy prohibits sexually explicit content.

Facebook Dating site Features


It’s no secret that Facebook focuses on user experience and provides features that allow people to enjoy their time on the platform. The Facebook Dating app features are no exceptions. Here are some outstanding ones:

On Pause

Social media has a significant role in people’s lives. Everyone uses Facebook for communicating with friends and family, reading news, shopping, or entertaining themselves. However, sometimes it becomes overwhelming and tiresome, and people need some time off. Hence, the Facebook Dating site offers users a special pause feature. If you plan to come back after some time, it’s better to pause your profile instead of deactivating it. It saves all the information about mutual matches and messages intact. So, you can resume your profile whenever you want.

Secret Crush

Usually, the Facebook Dating app doesn’t suggest your Facebook friends as potential matches. However, it offers a feature called Secret Crush. Users can use this feature to select the top nine Facebook friends they have a secret crush on. You’ll become mutual matches only if the other person also lists you as a secret crush. If the other person shows no interest in you, nothing will happen.

Second Look

People sometimes swipe match recommendations without having a proper look at the person’s picture or personal information. As a result, they may lose their chance of meeting their ideal partner. Fortunately, this Facebook Dating site function gives users a “second chance” to look through their match recommendations. The feature displays them in reverse order. So, if you missed out on the chance of meeting your ideal partner, it’s not entirely lost.

Instagram Integration

As previously mentioned in this Facebook Dating review, the platform belongs to Facebook, but it’s relatively independent. Like Facebook accounts can be connected to Instagram profiles, Facebook Dating can also be integrated with Instagram. Once you connect your profiles, the pictures posted on your Instagram account will automatically appear on Facebook Dating.

Block List

If you’re on an online dating platform, it doesn’t mean that you’re open to relationships with anyone. On the contrary, there are sometimes people with whom you wouldn’t like to get matched. It can be your colleague, ex-boyfriend, or just an acquaintance. Fortunately, the Facebook Dating block feature allows finding their accounts and blocking so that they don’t appear among your match suggestions. But it would be best if you considered that profiles blocked on Facebook Dating wouldn’t be blocked on your Facebook account.

Discover Which Friends Have Facebook Dating Profiles

Facebook Dating is constantly introducing new features. Recently they have added a function that tells users which friends are registered on the platform. Reportedly, a list of friends called “Recently Used Dating” appears on people’s feeds with the name of friends using the app.



Facebook, with its sister social media platforms, is free of charge. The company doesn’t charge users for registering on the platform, adding pictures, or messaging. Just like the parent company, the Facebook Dating app also doesn’t have paid features. Unlike most online dating platforms, Facebook doesn’t offer premium membership, subscription plans, or different packages. However, everyone knows that businesses and entrepreneurs use Facebook ads for promoting their products and services. And the platform uses the information collected from its members to display these ads. Moreover, Facebook has the right to sell and share this information with third-party apps integrated into your Facebook account. If you’re curious about what information the Facebook Dating app collects about you and uses, check the privacy policy section.

Advantages of Paid Account


As mentioned in the previous paragraph of this Facebook Dating review, the platform has no premium membership. All features on the app are available for all users. How so? It’s because Facebook’s model of making money differs from other online dating platforms. In exchange for free functions, the platform uses its members’ personal information to show them ads. Hence, Facebook’s revenue depends on advertisers and businesses that want to promote their products.

Possibility of Free Account


All accounts of the Facebook Dating app are free of charge. Here are some of the features available for them:

  • The platform doesn’t charge money for registration. Everyone above eighteen is welcome to create an account and receive match recommendations. The signup process takes only a minute since Facebook Dating is already available in your app, and you should only activate it. Upon registration, don’t skip the questions. By answering them, you help the Facebook AI understand your dating preferences and recommend highly compatible candidates. Moreover, don’t avoid letting the app auto-populate the fields using your Facebook account information. The information about registering on Facebook Dating won’t appear on your profile.
  • The Facebook Dating app uses innovative artificial intelligence and a special matchmaking algorithm. They use members’ personal information – interests, hobbies, location, religion, education, and job to match them with relevant people.
  • Unlike most online dating platforms, Facebook Dating doesn’t have a swiping feature. The platform displays profiles of potential partners. If they aren’t your type, you should choose the “Not Interested” option, and that person won’t appear in your match suggestions anymore.
  • If you like someone, don’t hesitate to text them. Messaging on the Facebook Dating app is free. However, once you send a message, you won’t be able to see the person’s profile anymore unless he responds.
  • Facebook match recommendations are based on your location. The app will show only the people living within 100 miles of distance from you.



Facebook cares about its members’ safety and the security of their data. Hence, the company has provided Facebook Dating users with multiple security functions. For example:

  • Your Facebook Dating profile doesn’t appear on your Facebook account for safety purposes, and your friends don’t get notified that you acquired such a profile.
  • The app doesn’t suggest your Facebook friends as matches. If you want to match with them, you should add a few friends as Secret Crush.
  • Your Dating inbox is separate from Facebook Messenger.
  • Changes made on your Dating account don’t affect your Facebook account.
  • If someone bothers you or seems suspicious, you can block their accounts. However, they won’t get automatically blocked on Facebook.
  • Use the app’s safety feature to share your date location details with a trusted friend. The platform will send this information to them fifteen minutes before the date. Hence, if something goes wrong, your friends will know where you are.

To get more information about the platform’s security features, read the data privacy section. It also includes information on how Facebook Dating uses its members’ personal information.

Scam Charges

Though Facebook constantly takes actions against scammers to protect its users, there are still many fake profiles. People mention in their Facebook Dating reviews that they notice many scam profiles. However, when they report them, the support team says that these profiles don’t violate any of the platform’s rules. On the other hand, Facebook claims it has an anti-fraud system that automatically detects and removes fake accounts.

Besides the app’s efforts, every user should take care of its safety. In case of noticing a fake account, don’t hesitate to report and block it. The Facebook Dating support team will receive the complaint and deal with it.

Contact Information


Company: Facebook, Inc.

Address: 1 Hacker Way (aka 1601 Willow Road) Menlo Park, California, U.S.


Here are the five questions frequently asked by users about Facebook Dating.

Is Operation of Facebook Dating Legit?

Yes, the operation of Facebook Dating is legitimate. The platform belongs to Facebook, Inc.

How Much Does Facebook Dating Premium Membership Cost?

Facebook Dating doesn’t cost a penny. Unlike most online dating platforms, the app doesn’t offer premium features or subscription plans. All of its functions are available free of charge for all users.

This fact shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. The company has several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and neither has paid functions. It’s also not a secret that the platform makes money by using its members’ data and selling ads.

Does Facebook Dating Have a Mobile App and Website?

The platform doesn’t exist in the web version. It’s available on apps only. As mentioned previously in this Facebook Dating review, the platform doesn’t have a separate app. It’s built into Facebook. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from Play Market and App Store. After installing the application, use your Facebook account credentials to log in. Then, go to your profile, tap the menu icon, choose Dating, and you’ll appear on the Facebook Dating platform. It’s as easy as that.

As for the web version, Facebook hasn’t announced yet when it will be available. There is also no information if Facebook has such plans or not.

What Does Facebook Dating Platform’s Audience Like?

It has already been mentioned in a previous paragraph of this Facebook Dating review that the platform has millions of users. However, there are no official statistics. Several sources claim that the app has over 10 million weekly active users. Though most of them are from the United States, there are millions of members from Asian, European, and South American countries.

Regarding the gender distribution, it isn’t surprising to see that the number of men is bigger than women. However, the platform has thousands of bisexual, gay, and lesbian users as well.

Is Registration on Facebook Dating Easy?

Yes, creating a Facebook Dating is effortless:

  1. You should install a Facebook app that you can download from the Play Market or App Store.
  2. You should either have or create a regular Facebook account. These two steps are mandatory for creating a Facebook Dating profile since the platform isn’t available on the web version.
  3. The service is created on Facebook and doesn’t exist independently. Hence, you should go to your Facebook profile, tap the menu icon and activate Facebook Dating.
  4. You should indicate your gender and location, upload a profile picture, and answer questions about dating preferences.

You can choose to enter your personal information manually and integrate your profile with Facebook or Instagram to import the data and photos automatically. No mention will appear on your social media accounts about joining the Facebook Dating app.

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