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Hiki Detailed Review 2024

Hiki Detailed Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 760 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The atmosphere at Hiki can be described as warm and supportive, which can help someone find love;
  • The website and the mobile app are conducive for use on both Android and iPhone. It is perfect for every kind of person within the community for access;
  • The page has a huge community of autistic people who have their own set of challenges. One can easily share their experiences on this platform, and they will not be judged as the other might have faced similar situations;
  • The interface of the website is quite simple and comfortable to use. The straightforward design is conducive for people who have degrading motor abilities as well;
  • The customer service group is very reliable, and they can work overtime to make sure that the customers have perfect service.
  • This site can be accessed by adults of 18 years old who belong to the autistic spectrum;
  • Some people might use this page only to find solace in the other people of the same community. It might not be for the sake of romantic relationships as you had hoped in the past;
  • Hiki cannot provide you with the guarantee that you will not come across a person who might scam you.

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Hiki site is recognized as an online dating platform that is developed to allow autistic people to form relationships online. Love and friendship are the two human relationships that require no form of money and privilege. Everyone around the world should have the happiness and joy provided by the bond of love and friendship. The peace and happiness brought on by love in a person’s life cannot be matched with any other feeling. All human beings must have the opportunity to bring someone special into their lives. This person will understand, support, and adore them for what they are, unconditionally. Hiki is one of the platforms which is specially designed to help those who are unique from others. The platform is famous for appreciating and celebrating the unique abilities of the autistic community. The platform allows people in the autistic spectrum to find love and companionship like any other person worldwide.

Hiki Website Summary


Hiki is considered a niche dating website that can allow people within the autism spectrum to find love and friendship. The website is filled up with positive energy. It is not much like a dating platform rather than being a community in the online space. The entire atmosphere is extremely supportive and focuses on the happiness of every individual member. The warm and cheerful atmosphere at Hiki can help you find pure joy without interruption of anxiety, like other dating apps.

Hiki App is as legit as it should be, and since it allows a unique space for the people, it is better than other apps.

Hiki can be availed by members who belong to the autistic community only. People belonging to the autistic spectrum have special needs, which makes regular dating almost impossible for them. However, autistic people are not devoid of feelings and normal human reactions. They must have a community where they can showcase their talents without being judged by a person who does not understand them. Dating for autistic people has been made easy and safe by the Hiki platform. The service is provided with authenticity and class.

Hiki has one of the best interfaces related to the pine dating apps and has a high functioning website. The pages are extremely friendly for beginners. The policies are strict so that the users cannot take advantage of any kind of situation. Special norms are also made so that random users cannot harm someone. On the other hand, Hiki can be accessed both on Android and iOS.

The Audience of Hiki

  • Geography

It is quite true that the website is based only in the United States. The vast majority of the users also belong to the States only. If you are not a resident of the US, you will be able to join the platform without any kind of discrimination. It might be hard in real life, but you will be able to meet people who have the same struggles as you are. The site’s goal is to make sure that people feel safe and warm within a community that understands their perils.

When you are a resident of the US, you will be able to use all the benefits that Hiki provides you. However, when you are outside and find someone with the same romantic interests as you do, you will have some difficulties meeting them. It can be quite stressful. Consider the situation wisely.

  • Gender

Hiki is one of the most diverse communities that you would expect. You can be sure that the inclusive atmosphere of Hiki is what allows it to thrive. Every kind of gender is allowed on the platform. The binary and non-binary gender types are recognized in the same manner. There is a perfect balance of every kind of gender on this platform. Sometimes a specific gender might turn out to be a minority, but this often does not cause any issues. When you are keeping along with the registration process, you can be sure that you will be welcomed on board.

  • Sexual Orientation

This site has no problems with accepting members from the heterosexual or LGBTQ community. The strong LGBTQ community has been prevailing on the platform for a long time. Their number might be a bit less now, but this is not due to prejudice on the site.

  • Age

You cannot use this site unless you are 18 years old. Your registration process will not be accepted unless you reach the age mentioned above. This endeavor is made to cover the legal and ethical bases. The aim is to prevent any minor from getting into the world of adults and find a difficult situation to face. Unless you are 18 or above, you will not be allowed to join the page. It is a terrible move to expose kids to the adults’ online dating world, and Hiki would not permit it.

The age range on Hiki remains to be 18 to 50 years old. The warm atmosphere of the website makes sure that many age ranges find it to be encouraging and appealing. Both young and older individuals can be found on Hiki.

  • Ethnicity

The site is welcoming for any kind of person from any ethnic race. All kinds of ethnicities are represented here. As long as you belong to the community and have legit registration, Hiki will always have the door open for you.

Hiki Site Features


Hiki is a website that allows the user to make proper use of the mobile application. The registration process is rigorous, and the account will be immediately deleted if you provide fake information.

The interface of the website is extremely straightforward, pleasing, and aesthetic. The functionalities are pretty easy to master and have high standards. You will be able to send texts, gifts, and voice notes in the chat room. The website is also developed enough to allow you to edit your posts and comments. Multi-person communities can be easily formulated on the design structure enabled by Hiki. Inbox features are also included so that every person can communicate with the other on a one-to-one basis.

The best feature of Hiki site is that the customer service is extremely developed for online dating operations. Hiki has taken some extraordinary measures to keep up the safety and integrity of its users.

Any special or fancy features are usually avoided on Hiki for the users’ comfort. Match and chat feature is also added to find another account to talk and share feelings with. The list of features is:

  • Match feature. You will be able to scroll down among various profiles which might seem interesting to you. You can click on the heart option if you are interested in talking to them.
  • Chat feature. The chat feature is built within the system to communicate with others and have a good time.
  • Posts. The platform also allows individuals to communicate without restrictions. You can post for more significant audiences or make contact with special ones for your voices and feelings.

You will find matches easily on Hiki. It is because the atmosphere is very friendly and those people are kind-hearted. You can select prospective friends or partners while searching through different profiles. You will also be provided with an image of the owner and check out their preferences. If you have a better profile, there will be a greater opportunity of meeting more people. It is better not to push anyone and be patient. Be yourself!

Price List of Paid Account


There is no form of pricing facilities or payment methods for Hiki as the platform wishes to give free service to the autistic community. Users appreciate it in their Hiki Reviews.

Advantages of Paid Account


Hiki is an entirely free app that can be used by people belonging to the autistic spectrum. The platform is not at all commercial. The advertisements are completely absent inside the application process.

Features of Free Account


The functionalities of Hiki are utterly free for those who are using the app. The steps include:

  • Downloading the app;
  • Profile creation;
  • Further editing of your account;
  • Answering the registration quiz;
  • Access to the main feed with photos of users;
  • Ability to like or skip people;
  • Basic search filters;
  • Instant messenger and unlimited conversations;
  • “Feed Posts” section;
  • Reading detailed information of users in the profile description.

Is Hiki Safe & Secure?


Hiki promises complete safety for its users. The entire story begins with a profile photo, and the moderators will verify the authenticity of this image later. You will not be able to access any kind of communication if your image is not verified. Some of the users choose to upload images of pets on their profiles. These profiles are not blocked, and the platform respects the privacy of the people.

The final step or the registration includes the reading of terms and conditions. This area will warn the users about the hazards of online dating. The platform offers responsibility for certain actions and asks the users to stay safe. Hiki makes sure that safety is the foundation of the app policy.

The user agreement had made sure that the consequences of rules violation can lead to expulsion. If any of the users post content offensive to the other users, the profile will be removed permanently from the platform. One can easily block or report someone who acts like a hazard on the platform.

Hiki is probably one of the safest online dating platforms used by people who have autism. The comprehensive registration process can make sure that trolls and scammers are filtered out. The customer support team is extremely helpful as well.

Scam Charges

No other website can provide better safety for the members other than Hiki. The platform is filled with people with autistic spectrum syndrome. The users have made sure that they have agreed with the terms and conditions of the platform. If any member break the platform’s rules, the administrators will remove them from Hiki immediately. Hiki makes sure that the profiles are regularly monitored so that they are genuine and authentic. Autistic people might feel unsafe if there is a single fake profile on the platform. That is why it has full security measures. It helps to maintain peace and decency in the community.

Contact Information


Company: Hiki, Inc

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of frequently asked questions about the Hiki app.

Is Using Hiki Platform Legit?

Hiki fulfilled the promises it had made to the users. The platform has provided a safe space for autistic people to date. The design features of the app have made sure that it is straightforward to use and aesthetic for the eyes. Expenses were not spared to make the interface as pleasant as possible. The platform is a great one, and it is highly recommended for people looking for love and friendship with other people of the same community. The site has got good Hiki reviews online.

What Is The Pricing Model For Using the Hiki Site?

Membership features do not require any kind of payment.

What About The Mobile App for Hiki?

Hiki is available as an application version for both Android and IOS users. Hiki App is available through a third party like Google or Apple App Store. You have to agree with the terms and conditions of the third party, so download the app on your phone and register yourself.

How Do Website Demographics Look Like?

A team of 5 members has designed this app, and two of them are autistic. It made sure that the developers well represent the community. Only autistic people above 18 years are allowed to register on the app. Females here are mostly of age 18-25. However, you can find older autistic males looking for younger female partners. Usually, you will find genuine users who are looking for love in their lives.

How Easy or Convenient Is the Registration Process For Hiki?

Hiki might not be very easy to register into, but this is made only to ensure the safety of the users. You have to go through the membership agreement on the page and agree with all terms and conditions. You will also be required to download the app on your phone so that you can initiate the registration process. You have to provide contact details and other personal information so that you are ready to use the app later. But it can be very inconvenient for disabled people. You may also see people complaining about the difficult registration process in Hiki review.

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