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Love.ru Review 2023

Love.ru Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-36
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There are multiple functions on the app as well as on the site. The features are very engaging.
  • The interface is designed with elegance and simplicity.
  • There is a lot of freemium features. You can communicate with other members on the free version.
  • The algorithm gets you to your perfect match. So, there is a questionnaire where you fill in all that you love and hate and prefer. This helps your account be on the right visibility map to find an ideal match.
  • You can share your photos, social media handles, and other significant files via personal chatting.
  • You can restrict profiles from seeing what you share.
  • Photos are displayed with a compressed display.
  • The user base is diversified and extensive.
  • There is a dedicated Love.ru app compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • The site graphics and creatives soothe the soul and are indeed a colossal flex of the company that set them apart from the other sites.
  • There’s no search filter for gender classification. You get both men and women in your searches.
  • The profile bio has character limitations which is another red flag.
  • The website is a little outdated in engineering and takes considerably a greater time to load.

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Are you tired of waiting for the love of your life? Unable to find that perfect person of your dream around? Are you always busy with work and managing your surroundings, so you do not socialize, meet new people, and fall in love?

Well, this is the ultimate guide that you need right now! Whether you are a young single soul or a single parent searching for love, irrespective of your gender identification and sexual orientation, you are welcomed to the Love.ru site. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and spare a few minutes, and you get the love solution you have been looking for, for so long. But, unfortunately, not all of us just meet the ONE walking on the streets or while grocery shopping. Sounds dreamy, but we have all been on a bad trip in life. So, why not take one small step to take life on rock and roll, high on love!

Dating sites and applications are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world because we are all set to carve our destinies. In this article, we have brought to you the Love.ru review, where we will share with you every baby step walkthrough to finding your perfect match in just a few clicks. So, gear up, and let’s find Love!

Love.ru Summary


Created back in 2008, this is one of the most popular dating sites in Russia. However, soon after the launch, it spread across many European countries. Currently, the site hosts a massive pool of users across the globe, accounting for over 40 million active profiles. The most significant number of audiences are male. The data suggests around ten thousand new logins daily.

The online feedbacks were mainly good, but there were a few bad negative experiences. So, we thought of trying and testing it ourselves, and here is our real-time review from the community. This Russian dating website is far from being a scam. On the contrary, it holds a grave reputation for connecting millions of users to their loved ones, and the numbers are not being falsely advertised.

The chat and search facilities are smooth and easy on the Love.ru site. The initial registration process takes a minimum time for signing up. You can also edit your profile information later and project yourself with absolute authenticity. Being genuine will also help you in finding matches alike. When you connect with like-minded people, communication becomes easy and seamless. You can quickly initiate a conversation that can take up to a real date. We recommend you keep updating your profile regularly for a better experience so that you never miss out on your potentially perfect matches. If you opt for the premium membership, you get credited with an e-wallet. This allows better flexibility and a sufficient amount of visibility on the search.

Here’s a quick overview of the Love.ru app and website.

  • The site was Russia-based but presently hosts users globally. It has precedents of connecting millions of people to their loved ones.
  • It is an LGBTQIA+ pro-community, and hence, you can register with an open heart. Sexual orientation or gender identification is no bar. The algorithm is set to connect you to people of your orientation. Also, if you have once had a failed marriage or a single parent looking for a soulmate, this is your perfect station.
  • Pansexual, queer, gay, and every other LGBTQIA+ community members find Love.ru their comfortable and safe space. The site strongly condemns homophobia and transphobia and strives to promote a healthy, normal, and fair environment for all.
  • Being an adult is a must for signing up for this site. The minimum age is 18. There is often adult and explicit promotional content on the website; hence the age restriction is strictly maintained. No member can breach this policy without being banned.
  • There is no racism tolerated based on ethnic differences. If you love connecting with people of different backgrounds and love learning about cultural diversities, this is the right place for you.

The Audience of Love.ru


The company has a comprehensive package for all international customers and has many exciting features available free of cost. The demographic portrays diversity in the true sense of the term. No matter how you identify yourself, this is a safe and excellent platform for you. The service algorithm is very well structured to match profiles as per their gender preference and sexual orientation. The company promotes inclusivity and helps you find your dream match.

The age is restricted to above 18. Any account of a minor is suspended. The majority of users identify as male. There are over 10 thousand new logins every day. Members from various backgrounds and cultural ethnicities form the Love.ru community.

Love.ru Site Features

The company is vastly diverse and interesting. The interface is much like any social media networking platform. You can upload status, share pictures and stories with captions on your feed. The unique and most striking features that we have loved are the following:

  • Coins: You are rewarded with 50 coins as a sign-up bonus. The more detailing you do to your profile and add authenticity, the more reward coins get credited to your account. You can also purchase coins using your card or electronic wallet. The more you have, the better profile visibility you get on the search. The coins are like VIP ranking of profiles on the website. With more of them, there are chances of getting better attention and hence finding love sooner. So, if you wish to optimize your visibility, make sure you keep saving coins from the very beginning.
  • Office of Registration: This is a fun and unique feature. In case you want to register the relationship with your match, you can get registration done virtually. The virtual marriage certificate can also be shared on your feed as a sweet celebration of the Love you find here.
  • Sympathy: In this section, random photos of women and men are put on display. You can flip through and browse the pictures. The top section also shows the profiles you have liked and the people who like you. There is a tab for mutual like, referred to as the Mutual Sympathy tab. As you register, you can right away hop on to partner search.



The best part of the Love.ru site is that all essential features come free of cost. You can have a free profile which you might choose to upgrade to premium. Having a VIP account boosts your visibility, thereby enhancing your chances of finding a match.

You can acquire the prime membership using your e-wallet or bank card. Then, you buy the coins using real money. The number of coins you acquire determines your profile ranking in the search.

The cost of premium membership is:

Days Cost
7 $6
25 $12
50 $17
100 $23

The cost of acquiring coins in packages for profile boosting:

Number of coins Cost of purchase
100 $1.15
330 $3.5
1300 $11
7500 $58

The site is very affordable as the prices are lower compared to the average industry rate. All important features are freemium.

Advantages of Paid Account


The essential features are free, but the VIP account has got some amazing advantages. Here is the list of things you receive on paying for a premium membership:

  • The profile search settings get advanced. Though there is a sufficient number of filters for finding your perfect match on free profiles, with a VIP boost, you get even further search classifications. This is the most useful feature of premium memberships, according to us. It does your search for the ideal person smooth, easy and uncomplicated.
  • There is a well-advanced text message feature in the premium membership.
  • You can stalk other profiles ensuring web anonymity using a VIP account. Your name will not appear on the guest list.
  • You can also choose to hide your account on the site entirely. It means you will be on the web and visible to other suiters, but your activity status will remain untraceable.
  • VIP profiles get a significant boost on the search results.
  • You can keep your profile locked out from unauthorized users.
  • You can choose to toggle off all kinds of promotions.
  • You can keep your zodiac sign hidden.
  • You can also hide your VIP badge.
  • You can put a restriction on your photo views from accounts that seem creepy.

These are not necessities for sure, but these advanced features will give you a better and more enjoyable experience on the web.

Possibility of Free Account

  • Every necessary feature for networking comes free of cost at this platform.
  • Free signing up on the Love.ru site
  • Sending text messages
  • Uploading photos, albums, and stories
  • Restrict your post visibility for some users.
  • Put up captions or share your thoughts.
  • Like and comment on posts made by other users.
  • Browse other user accounts.
  • Go through user profiles from the database.



The customer team is efficient and prompt in ensuring user safety. You can head to the website’s security policy menu and read in detail about their actions and policies.

Remember, it is also your responsibility to keep yourself safe on the web. Do not give away your personal and sensitive information when you connect with strangers. If you find any strange activity from anyone, make sure you report it immediately. Several administrative and technical measures are taken by the company’s end to protect the users.

Scam Charges

There are a few scam reports like every other online site, but the positive feedback is very overwhelming in every Love.ru review. We found the safety policies comprehensive on the site. Hence, we could not help recommending this site to everyone. The customer team efficiently reports scams, and issues are immediately mitigated.

Contact Information


There is a Customer Support tab on the Love.ru website. There are various commonly asked queries answered on this tab. The questions are divided and subdivided into relevant categories for ease of finding the required information. Almost all the problems are covered in this section. However, if this is insufficient to redress your grievance, you can approach the customer service agents. You can send them your queries via text messages and also attach screenshots if necessary. Your questions are taken up immediately. The service is available round the clock 24/7.


We saw several questions you put up across the internet about the Love.ru app and website. So, to wrap up our Love.ru review, we chose the most frequently asked questions and answered them all for you. Read on!

How Do You Know That Love.ru Is Legit?

The millions of real users across the globe and their success stories stand as a testament to the site’s legitimacy. In addition, the diverse ethnicity and inclusive environment make this site a healthy place to find love.

What Is The Love.ru Cost Of Subscription For VIP Membership?

All essential features are freemium. The VIP membership gives you certain additional advantages which make your search for an ideal match easier. The detailed cost of VIP membership and cost of purchasing coins has been given in this guide above. Scroll up, check it out and join now! The fees are affordable and cheaper compared to the average market rate.

Is There Any Love.ru App?

Yes. There is a dedicated mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

How Is The Love.ru Demographics?

The site is a cultural hub that promotes tolerance and inclusiveness. There are millions of users across the globe and of various gender identifications and sexual orientations. The number of male users is bigger. The site is a platform that hosts diversity in a true sense.

How Is The Signup Process of Love.ru?

The signing up merely takes some 5 minutes. You can create your account from your desktop or mobile with a valid email id, and you are all set. Add pictures and bio for authenticity.

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