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Luxy Review

Luxy Review
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Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 22-48
Profiles 930 600
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The number of fake profiles is limited due to the Anti-Scam System available on the website.
  • All the members can look through the profile pictures.
  • The Luxy app repeats all the features available in the desktop version.
  • The obligatory verification process adds attractiveness and reliability to the website.
  • Members may communicate in the chatroom.
  • The number of active subscribers is not significant because of the specificity of the website.
  • Despite a robust anti-scam system, scammers are still finding ways to cheat.
  • Almost all of the users are residents of large metropolitan areas. Residents of smaller cities can hardly find matches near them.
  • Users with free accounts may only respond to messages sent by premium members.

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There are lots of communities that invite members according to their income status. Luxy review shows that it is one of such dating websites. It was designed for wealthy people who are ready to approve their monthly revenues. However, this community has nothing to do with sugar daddy-sugar baby communities. Such types of arrangements are discouraged here. To become a member of the Luxy site, it is necessary to show that the applicant’s income is at least $500,000. In such a way, it is possible to say with confidence that this community was designed for millionaires.

Because of its target audience, the website cares about security measures and tries to eliminate the possibility of scammers’ activity here. However, there are lots of attempts to cheat the system and upload fake photos and data. It is because the Luxy site invites only rich people, and scammers want to get advantages from them.

Because of the mentioned above threat, the website implemented a serious verification process of Luxy’s applicants.

This process may be time-consuming, and often the already registered subscribers decide the fate of the applicant. Also, the majority of advanced features, which make the use of the service more manageable, are fee-based. The price, which is quite understandable, is above average and even expensive. We will highlight all the features and available services in this Luxy review further.

Luxy Summary

Luxy Summary

When characterizing the Luxy site with several words, it is necessary to underline its reliability and safeness. The website’s subscribers pay serious money for its services (however, for potential millionaires, these amounts are meaningless). That is why Luxy’s administration makes everything possible to make the users’ experience pleasant and satisfactory. There are lots of features that make the Luxy site better than ordinary dating communities.

One of the primary website’s features is a strict verification process. It is somewhat time-consuming, and someone may say that it’s boring. But it’s what makes the website secure and reliable. When the potential subscriber creates a profile, it goes for approval. It takes approximately 24 hours. During this period, the already registered vote for or against the potential member. The number of positive votes should exceed 50%. This so-called vouching process is beneficial for the general reputation of the community. Additionally to this vouching, the website’s administration checks the income of the applicant. As it was already underlined, the applicant revenues should be equal to or exceed half a million dollars.

Each member of the Luxy site may upload the photos, which are verified preliminarily. The website has limited the number of photos to nine. Also, during registration, one may underline the luxury brands they prefer. This may be an excellent hint for the potential match what to present to them.

This dating website has an advanced search filter, which takes into account all the nuances you want. The completeness of the profile and the search filter determines the potential matches the member will receive. Thus, all the recommendations depend on one’s search preferences. The results may be sorted considering the profiles with verified income data and photos. But, in general, all the profiles that meet the required criteria will be offered to you.

There are also many contacting features at the Luxy site. There are no limitations to sending messages to the accounts, which are your matches. Moreover, it is free of charge to send messages. The members may also communicate in the chatroom. One of the features that facilitate the communication process is sending roses. One rose is free, but one will have to pay with coins for a bouquet of flowers. Additionally, there is a Play section, where the “like” to other member means becoming a match if they send you a “like” in response. And when someone wants to send unlimited messages, even for those who are not matches, it is necessary to upgrade the account to premium Black.

Thus, there are more things to mention in this Luxy review. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this service in the subsequent paragraphs.

The Audience of Luxy

The Audience of Luxy

The target audience of the Luxy site is wealthy people who would like to find partners among the same category of the population. In the United States, about a quarter of a million people have subscribed to this community. About fifty thousand of them are active weekly. Many Luxy reviews have underlined that this community is far from the sugar daddy website. But the gender distribution here repeats the tendency of the latter. Women represent the majority on the site. Strangely, female subscribers are more active in sending roses as a sign of interest. Understanding the nature of the website, the subscribers try to fill their profiles as completely as possible. Thus, the majority of the profiles have full photo albums.

The Luxy site supports not only male-female relations but relations of the LGBT community as well. In that case, during registration, one may choose the option that they are looking for same-sex relationships. And the statistics show that they are no less successful in their search. All these make the audience of the website more diverse. As for the age distribution, there are members from 18 to 55+ years old. But the most active are subscribers from 25 to 35 among women and from 30 to 55 among men.

Luxy Site Features

Luxy Site Features

Besides the mentioned above features, the Luxy site has additional ones, making the user experience more pleasant and confident. There are many features, which ensure the safety and security measures provided by the website’s administration. Thus, the main features include the following:

  • It is possible to skip the verification process during registration. This may be done after buying the Luxy Black membership.
  • The advanced Black membership plan allows sending messages to the profiles, which were not matched with you previously.
  • Even members with free accounts can see who has visited their profile page.
  • The Who Likes Me tab shows all the profiles which gave a Like to you and are ready to communicate further.
  • The advanced membership plan allows turning on the anonymous mode and visiting other profiles without anybody knowing it.
  • The advanced members who have verified their income may use the Face Me feature and use the video call option.


At the Luxy site, there is one advanced membership option and several other opportunities to buy additional features offered by the website.

It is possible to buy a Luxy Tune feature. It will cost $12.99 per month and will allow you to see in the search results only those who are verified and belong to the high-income category.

The Luxy Black is a premium account, which opens all the premium features. The price for the subscription is the following:

Luxy Tune Black
One-month $12.99 $99.99
Three-month $239.94
Half-year $353.94

Additionally, it is possible to buy coins as a Luxy currency. With their help, the members may buy roses, bouquets, and other gifts for their matches. Thus, 20 coins will cost two dollars, two thousand coins will cost one hundred dollars, and twenty thousand coins will cost six hundred dollars. In general, the price for Luxy services is above average.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

The Luxy review shows that there are many services offered for free in the Luxy community. But the advanced membership provides limitless opportunities here. Which are they?

  • The user may send messages to all the members.
  • Their matching filter may be sorted according to the verified first or highest income first.
  • They may send the whole bouquet of roses as a sign of attractiveness.
  • It is possible to skip the vouching process.
  • Almost all of the mentioned above special features are open for Luxy Black members.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

The fee-based accounts may use the following advantages of their subscription:

  • They may create an account.
  • Sending a rose to several profiles is free.
  • Looking through the profiles and their photos is free.
  • They may send messages only to their matches.
  • The search tool is available without paid membership as well.



The Luxy site is always trying to improve its safety and security systems. This implementation is crucial for them because they are a niche-dating website whose target audience is wealthy people worldwide. They provide their income data that should remain in safety from the access of any third parties. They also launched an Anti-Scam System that verifies the potential members during the registration process. Additionally, this system is working further and tracks the activity of the user. In such a way, the website may detect any suspicious activity and stop it from the very beginning. Even the entire community is involved in safety measures during the vouching process. The Luxy site uses the latest data encryption software achievements that prevent various scamming activities from the technical side.

Scam Charges

As was mentioned above, the Luxy site pays significant attention to the prevention of scamming activities. For this, the website has an Anti-Scam System, which works at all stages of the subscriber’s activity.

Despite all the measures, some scammers manage to penetrate and cheat the system. It becomes possible for them because of the involvement of the latest findings in this sphere. The primary aim of the scammers is quite understandable: they are hunting for wealthy people and their money. But the suspicious activity of such subscribers will be detected earlier or later.

Additionally, other subscribers may report scammers, and all the suspicious accounts will be blocked. Even if they purchased a premium account, the money would not be returned to scammers.

Contact Information

The Luxy Limited company’s head office is located in Hong Kong, China. Their support department is working 24/7 because they know that many of their subscribers are residents of other countries. The majority of subscribers are from the United States. The contacting email is [email protected]. Additionally, the registered users may send a direct message to Luciana in their inboxes. In both of these options, the support department responds rather quickly because they appreciate the trust of their subscribers.


Considering the community’s status, there is no doubt that Luxy is a legit community. The website is functioning according to the terms and conditions. Due to advanced security and safety measures, the community is considered a reputable service where almost 100% of subscribers are real people. As for the dating community, this number is high.

Is the Luxy site expensive?

The price for the Luxy services is above average. However, the sums are not high for the wealthy people, who are the target audience of this website. The price for the Luxy Black membership depends on the duration of the subscription. Thus, a one-month subscription will cost $99.99. A three-month subscription will cost $79.99 per month. And finally, the six-month subscription will cost $58.99 per month. Additionally, it is possible to buy coins as a website’s currency. Many options open when paying with coins.

Is the smartphone application available?

The Luxy app does exist, and it may be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The mobile application repeats all the functions, which the desktop version has. The design of the Luxy app is the same and makes the user’s experience easy and comfortable. With the help of an application, it is possible to verify the profile photo. In this task, the front camera will be helpful. All the photos on the user album are more attractive when viewed through the Luxy app.

Who is the target audience of the Luxy website?

The target audience of the Luxy site is wealthy people whose monthly income is above average and reaches half-million dollars. As for the demographic of the community, about 60% of subscribers are females, and 40% are males. Nearly 50,000 subscribers are active each week. The majority of the members are residents of the United States, who live mainly in large cities.

How difficult is the signing up process at Luxy?

The signing-up process is not complicated at all. However, it is time-consuming because of the obligatory verification process. Additionally, the vouching process will take the whole day while the other members vote for or against you. It is necessary to provide your name, date of birth, email address and password, and whom you are looking for. Additionally, it is possible to connect the profile to Facebook or Google accounts. And that is all that is needed to register at the Luxy site.

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