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MocoSpace Review 2024

MocoSpace Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 74%
Popular Age 29-39
Profiles 940 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 7.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The official App and Website of MocoSpace is extremely easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Most of the features and games on MocoSpace are available for free users without paid membership access.
  • With various features and the scope of matching with a preferred partner, it makes the social networking experience interesting and interactive.
  • MocoSpace has a huge user base that is rapidly growing. Hence, matching with someone and connecting with more people becomes easier and convenient.
  • Various elements like playing games, texting, sending Ecards, and more, are combined, making it a unique social networking platform.
  • With no detailed identity verification process, creating a fake profile on MocoSpace is pretty easy.
  • The public forums on MocoSpace tend to be cluttered and disarranged.
  • Free users need to deal with a lot of unnecessary ads, especially on the mobile platform.
  • Content regulation on MocoSpace is not monitored. Hence, standard chat rooms and private chats include explicit content and language without any restriction and monitoring.
  • MocoSpace is known for lots of bots and spam accounts on its platform. Therefore the platform always suggests avoiding sharing any personal information with unverified users.

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Ever heard of MocoSpace? This networking platform was launched in 2005, and ever since become one of the most popular social networks for chatting and gaming, gaining over 100 million users!

A lot of people share their satisfaction and excitement with this platform, stating that MocoSpace helped them have a good time, relax and find both friends and partners.

So what is it about the MocoSpace that still makes it so popular? What can the site offers, and will it be a good option for you? That is what we’ve decided to find out and share with you in this MocoSpace review! So let’s dive in and see what this cool platform can offer!

MocoSpace Summary


MocoSpace is a social networking platform that allows people to connect across the globe and make friends, play games, find their preferred partners, instant message friends, send photos, Ecards, and much more. Launched back in 2005, MocoSpace belongs to the JNJ mobile Inc. which is a Boston-based company.

MocoSpace was created with the sole purpose of connecting people on a common platform. It allows users to interact, play games, share texts and chat. Now, fun fact, MocoSpace was originally an online gaming platform, that had chatrooms where gamers could interact. But with time it became more and more popular and blossomed into both the dating space and a place where people could play some games and have fun.

Some popular games and features the MocoSpace has include the Mafia game Street Wars, Friendshop, Daily Spin, Public Chat rooms, a dating option called Match Me, and many more. With a varied set of features for users to explore, MocoSpace works on a monthly subscription basis. While the basic elements of the networking platform remain free for users, some extended and extra features can only be accessed with a paid membership, either a primary or VIP membership.

The Audience of MocoSpace


MocoSpace has over 100 million registered users. 1/3 of the membership base of MocoSpace is Hispanic, and another 1/3 is African-American. Caucasians make up 22% of the total user base on MocoSpace.

A large part of the audience on MocoSpace is between the age group of 18-24 years old, with an overall percentage of 40%. 24% are people between 25-30 years old, 17% for the age group between 31-35, and 35 years and older are at 13% in total.

While the MocoSpace website is widespread, the mobile platform has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and ease of use. Hence, 66% of users prefer the MocoSpace mobile application for connecting with people.

The Female to Male ratio is 56:44, and there are more women than men. The platform supports English and Spanish language options and does not impose Geo-restrictions on users. It allows people to create a profile and connect with people from anywhere in the world.

MocoSpace Site Features


MocoSpace has a variety of great features and tools that make interaction among users a lot easier. These features are made available on their official mobile application along with their website. Some of these Key features include:

  1. Chat Rooms and Lobbies

MocoSpace has exclusive and public chat rooms and lobbies for group discussions on varied topics. These chat rooms revolve around simple texting and gif sending features. It is a convenient and fun way for people to match users who share similar interests and hobbies and increase their network of friends. Chat rooms are one of the most popular places in MocoSpace where people hang out and communicate.

  1. Friendshop

The Friendshop is one of the unique features of MocoSpace. It allows users to trade their friend’s profiles for a price determined by the number of times a profile was purchased on the platform. It increases the value and friendship money of the user and enables them to buy more profiles. It is a fun and exciting way of increasing your friend circle on the platform and connecting with people all along.

  1. Match Me

Much like a dating platform, Match Me is created as a feature for people to select on profiles with a yes or a no and match with like-minded people who share similar interests. These users can further ask each other on dates or stay as friends on the MocoSpace platform. Like a social media feed, Match Me has a discussion forum for people to interact and connect.

  1. Street Wars

Street Wars is a cyber-brawl game where people can interact and play to determine the highest scoring player on top. Users need to spend money on stamina refills to stay in the game longer. In this way, MocoSpace makes a fair share of revenue with just a simple game.

  1. Daily Spin

Every person on MocoSpace gets a daily free spin. The daily spin is a luck-based game and allows you to win various in-game prizes. The rewards won in the daily spin get added to the relevant game it can be used in.

Users can also earn a small amount of virtual income by winning gold added to their Moco Gold balance. However, the daily free spin can be used by each member only once per day. The spin gets refreshed the next day, but the prices remain in the user’s inventory.



And speaking of prices, while most of the features on MocoSpace can be used with a free membership account, premium membership offers extended options and benefits. Memberships on MocoSpace are widely divided into three categories: Regular, VIP, and VIP Legacy Membership.

The price for a Regular membership for one month is $7.99, and for six months is $34.99.

The VIP membership starts at $19.99 for one month and $48.99 for three months.

Most long-term users of the MocoSpace platform opt for the six-month regular renewable membership, and short-term users choose the one-month $7.99 plan.

It’s also important to note that VIP membership has a higher price than Regular because it includes extended features and platform advantages than other memberships. Some of these include the Who Viewed Me option, Stealth Mode to remain unnoticed on the platform. The VIP membership users also experience almost no ads.

The Moco Gold Currency, often won in Daily spins, helps purchase in-app benefits within many games. Users can also pay a certain amount of Moco Gold to boost their profile viewability. It ensures their profile rank on top while searching for relevant accounts. Upgrading the user membership account gives 50% more Moco Gold with every purchase made on the platform.

Advantages of Paid Account


The free membership of MocoSpace includes major features the networking site has to offer. But the paid Regular and VIP memberships provide extended features and elements that are beneficial for users. Some of these advantages include:

  • Getting a paid membership filters spam and bot accounts and allows users to connect with authentic people on the platform.
  • Seeing who viewed your account and matched with you through Meet people.
  • It ensures no ad disturbance to users and makes the site navigation easier and advertisement-free.
  • Has a Stealth Mode that allows you to be invisible from the platform whenever required. However, you can still have access to view profiles and interact with people discreetly.
  • Paid Membership users are ranked among the top in profile searches to meet people. Moreover, you can use Moco Gold to boost profile visibility and connect with more people on the platform.
  • All the VIP membership users are granted an official VIP label on their profile photo. It makes their profile on MocoSpace authentic and verified.
  • All the paid membership profiles on MocoSpace are given priority assistance and customer support. MocoSpace ensures that private and confidential information is kept secure and helps paid users solve all their inconveniences quickly and effectively.
  • Paid members get exclusive access to purchase stickers and Cards on the platform.

Possibility of Free Account


Setting up a free account on MocoSpace is fairly simple. With a quick free registration process, users can create their profile and access blog posts, community forums and discussions, private chat forums, and more. Users have the option to set up their account with a Facebook or Google account and enter their preferred profile username, along with a password, email, Date of Birth, and gender. Other than that:

  • You can also upload your profile photos, but the images are not regulated by MocoSpace and allow users to upload anything they desire.
  • Free account users can also view and browse through other member profiles on the platform. They can also view their posts and content uploaded on various forums.
  • You can message and connect with your interest profiles with an unlimited instant messaging limit.

However, keep in mind that free account users lack additional essential features like Stealth Mode, Who Viewed their profile, Removed ad disturbances, higher rank on Meet People, Purchasing and sending Ecards, and more.



As creating a profile and being a member on MocoSpace is free and easy to set up, there’s a high chance that you may encounter multiple bots and spam accounts. That’s why MocoSpace warns people to review the other profiles before divulging any personal or confidential information to people on the site.

Even while purchasing their membership, MocoSpace uses a verified payment portal to authorize all transactions. As for content, the site does not regulate any content uploaded on their platform, so you may come across some explicit material here.

For the safety of its users, MocoSpace has a dedicated customer service that caters to all the needs of profiles on its platform. However, paid and VIP membership profiles are given higher priority and increased customer support, with value-added bonuses for compensation like an increase in Moco Gold with every purchase.

Scam Charges

While registering, the user’s only contact information is their official Facebook or Google ID, along with a username and password for the profile with their date of birth mentioned. And if you want to get a paid MocoSpace membership, you need to provide your credit or debit card details.

As MocoSpace does not have an authentic identity verification process, bot and spam accounts are very common. However, Mocosope does not have stringent rules and charges for scammers, nor do they remove such accounts from the platform. Instead, they warn people on the platform to remain cautious and preferably connect with genuine and verified VIP profiles. Plus, you must also remember to never share your personal information with people, such as credit card info, income, or sensitive pictures that can be used as blackmail material.

Contact Information


You can contact MocoSpace, via mail: [email protected]. Their official post mail address: JNJ Mobile Inc., 6 Liberty Sq PMB 96493, Boston MA 02109, or their official customer service contact: 1-877-323-4815.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the most common questions regarding MocoSpace!

Is MocoSpace Authentic and Legit?

Yes. MocoSpace is an authentic and legit platform with 100 million users on the platform. Moreover, it has been in service for over a decade and can boast a lot of good user feedback.

How much does MocoSpace cost?

Although most of MocoSpace’s features are available for free users, premium memberships provide extended features and added security like Stealth Mode, Who Viewed your Profile Data, and much more.

  • The price for a Regular membership for one month is $7.99, and for six months is $34.99.
  • The VIP membership starts at $19.99 for one month and $48.99 for three months.
  • The most popular plan is a 6-month renewal package of $34.99.

Does MocoSpace have an app?

Yes. MocoSpace has its official Mobile application available on Android and iOS. 66% of the users prefer the mobile application, as it is easy to use and extremely convenient. The app has most of the features available on MocoSpace’s website. Android users can opt for a $1.99 plan offered by MocoSpace that removes all ads from the platform. However, this pack is not available yet for the iOS version.

What’s the MocoSpace’s demographics like?

MocoSpace has over 100 million users on the platform, with 40% of people being between the age group of 18-24, 24% between the age group of 25-30. The other half is 17% between 31-35 and 17% for ages above 35. MocoSpace has a diverse population of users, where 38% are Hispanic, 22% are Caucasian, and 35% are African-American users. The Female to Male ratio is rather balanced 56:44, and there are more women than men.

Is is easy to sign on to MocoSpace?

Yes. Registration on MocoSpace is fairly straightforward, and anyone over the age of 18 can make a profile. It requires a login from the official Facebook or Google ID, along with a custom username and password for their MocoSpace profile. You also need to provide their date of birth to ensure their age is above 18 years.

For paid membership, MocoSpace requires Credit or Debit Card information to process the payment and enable exclusive features.

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