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MyLOL Review 2024

MyLOL Review 2024
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Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • a modern and intuitive design
  • many interesting and useful features
  • a platform exclusively for teenagers
  • functional free membership
  • available on desktop and mobile (Android; iOS)
  • Premium membership plan offers few extra features
  • the potentially high number of fake, scam, and predator profiles
  • many complaints about the platform’s security

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MyLOL is an app with a funny and intriguing name that you may have heard of over the last few years. True, it is a dating app, but what you may think of as the standard dating platform is certainly not what you should expect from MyLOL. MyLOL is first and foremost a space where teenagers can connect online for a quality chat with their peers. It is designed as a safe platform where only teens between 13 and 19 years old can reach out to each other and have fun online. With such a niche audience in mind, it is important to raise questions about the safety and exclusivity of membership on the website, which is exactly what this review aims to do. Continue reading for full information on one of the most popular teenage dating apps, MyLOL, and decide whether this service is worth your time or not.

MyLOL Summary


So what is MyLOL exactly? It is a dating/flirting/social media platform for teenagers of 13-19 years, owned by a Canadian company. The brand’s history starts with a shady website that raised a plethora of concerns regarding the online safety of members prior to the new ownership. To put it simply, the website wasn’t moderated well enough to make this online dating platform a safe space for teenagers. Since then, with stricter safety measures and rules of access, the site has been reformed to what can be considered a good teenage dating website. However, is everything as great now as it seems? Let’s find out together, step by step, whether MyLOL deserves a positive mark for its functions, usability, safety, and membership base or not. But first, a quick overview of the brand’s most and least favorable characteristics:

The Audience of MyLOL

As stated already, the audience of the MyLOL app consists of teenagers aged 13 to 19. Unlike many other dating websites and applications, this brand can boast an equal number of male and female profiles. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most members on the platform seem to be closer to the age of 19, which makes the app predominantly a young adult-oriented platform.

You might ask an obvious question: can someone outside of this age category register on the website and use it to chat with young singles. And here’s where it gets tricky – as per the brand’s strict guidelines, only teenagers of the specified age group can become members to chat with other users on the platform. However, as you will find out further into reading this review, not everything is as smooth with these measures as it should be.

MyLOL Site Features


MyLOL has plenty of interesting features for its users, to name a few. In this review, we want to give you a full overview of the features that the brand offers to its users for free and for an additional fee. But before we go to the discussion of prices and free availability, let’s take a brief look at the most important features of MyLOL as a dating app:

General functions

So the MyLOL app is, in many respects, a regular dating app like many others out there. To become a member, you need to register an account, create and fill out a profile, and reach out to other members by means of likes, votes, instant messages, etc.

Social media platforms feeling

That is what we’d like to start from – in our humble opinion, MyLOL’s greatest advantage is the fact that it’s not exclusively a dating app but rather a whole social media platform. Here teenagers can create their own community of similar-minded young individuals, join other communities, and simply find friends all across the world within moments and with the help of a few clicks.


Yes, MyLOL encourages its young members to not only chat and flirt for the purpose of finding love and romance but also to socialize with other teenagers to make friends. This highlights the website’s admirable goal of creating a safe and exciting space for teenagers to connect with each other, find friends, love, and understanding equals.


When you see someone on MyLOL that catches your eye, you can let them know about your interest by giving their profile a vote. There are different votes to choose from, and you can mark someone as “friendly,” “pretty,” “sexy,” etc. The votes are pretty innocent and show the whole range of what the brand gives its members as a choice – to show interest in someone romantically or as a potential friend or pen pal.


When accessing the platform on the app, members can get matched with a random user not far from their own location. To use the feature, one just needs to shake their phone while on the app, get matched with the closest member selected randomly, and start chatting immediately.


Like most dating apps and websites, MyLOL uses the standard private instant messaging option for communication on the app. However, there is also a common section, where everyone can comment whatever they want, like a common group chat. This section offers a quick way to chat with someone to pass the time and see if you connect with someone specific.



It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the MyLOL app has both a free and a paid membership available. One might think that a dating platform for teenagers should be totally free, yet this popular app certainly doesn’t think so. Instead, you can register as a free user and use the basic features, which we will list further into this review, or pay the subscription fee for the full usability of the app. Below is the table you can see the complete price list of the MyLOL app’s paid services:

Subscription plan Cost
7 days $3.99
1 month $9.99
3 months $20.99
6 months $29.99

As you can see, although the app is not entirely free to use and does have a version of Premium membership like most dating apps, the price is significantly lower than the average cost for dating platform services.

Advantages of Paid Account


Let us discuss the paid functionality of the MyLOL app in a bit of detail. What exactly does a Premium membership give you? For the record, we couldn’t find any paid feature worthy enough to buy a paid subscription. The app allows you to see if the other user has read your messages and use the app as a “privileged” member. However, at the end of the day, all you need for a quality chatting experience is already available in the free version.

Possibility of Free Account

Without a doubt, the possibility of a free account on MyLOL is there, and luckily this app doesn’t offer its members an extremely limited experience of its services on a free mode. Instead, you are free to use most features on this platform, including the most important and interesting ones such as chats, votes, videos, shakes, etc. Of course, you are limited in how many photos and videos you can upload, but the free version is still more than enough to try the service out and decide whether you’d like to pay for the full capacity.



Up to this moment, our review of MyLOL has been pretty neutral and didn’t actually lean toward any of the sides, whether positive or negative. This is, however, the point where we need to address the concerns about MyLOL, and of course, they are all about the most important thing on any dating website out there – safety. As you’ve already had the chance to gather from our review, MyLOL used to have many issues with safety before the new guidelines. However, it is doubtful whether the platform’s moderation team has had great success in maintaining the website as a safe space for teens since then.

The brand asserts that they strictly prohibit any explicit content, including photos, videos, messages, comments, etc., unsuitable for the audience of teenagers up to 19 years old. However, over the recent years, MyLOL has been accused of being unsafe for teens on several occasions. In addition, there is a significant number of user reviews stating that the dating platform is full of users over 19 years old. Reportedly, these are often adult individuals (predominantly male) who prey on young teens on this website, pretending to be their age and asking for explicit photos.

We would like to believe that such concerns are not true to at least a certain degree, but the reviews do often come with proof in the form of conversation screenshots, inappropriate profile pictures, etc. It seems that the platform is not as strictly and carefully moderated as it is supposed to be, which makes the members’ safety on the app dubious at best. Perhaps with better control over the registration process and even stricter rules and guidelines for who can access the platform, MyLOL could become a truly safe place for teens to connect romantically.

Scam Charges

Unfortunately, MyLOL has more than enough scam charges to speak for. There are known cases of child predators using the platform to groom young children and manipulate them into exchanges of sexual nature. It is not the website itself that has a hidden agenda and performs harmful practices towards its members. Instead, it is the lack of proper control and safety measures to ensure that the platform remains a safe place for teenagers to meet online. Because of the brand’s somewhat lax hold on the profiles that get registered on the platform and the content that gets passed around without much restriction, that the potential malicious users can access and use the app as a place to prey on underage girls and boys. With some hope, the app owners will recognize that safety should be a top priority, especially when it comes to dating sites created for and dedicated to teenagers. Until then, we would recommend extreme caution if you decide to use MyLOL as your preferred teen dating website.

Contact Information


MyLOL brand is also known as MyLOL.net and is owned by a Canadian company. There are two standard options available for contact: the email address and the contact form. Additionally, you can use the block and report buttons to alert the administration about a suspicious profile. Below are the full details:

Company: MyLOL.net

Email address: [email protected]


Can I trust MyLOL?

Although MyLOL does seem like a legit dating site, the safety measures that should be the top priority in a teen app leave much to be desired. Additionally, the fact that MyLOL is a location-based app for dating and flirting but supposedly caters to teenagers makes us doubt the safety of young members of this service.

Is MyLOL expensive to use?

MyLOL is an app with free and paid features available to users. However, the basic features that are essential to communicate with other members on the platform are free. If you want to use the app’s premium version, you will have to pay between $3.99 for a week of use and $29.99 for a month-long subscription to premium features. If you compare the cost of MyLOL Premium membership to other apps’ paid subscription plans, the price is below average.

Is MyLOL available as an app?

MyLOL used to be known as a website for desktops and only recently changed its focus toward the mobile application. As of today, the platform is available on mobile devices, both Android and iOS, as well as the standard website. The app is fully adapted to the mobile format and is now the primary version that most users prefer to the desktop version. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Who are the members of MyLOL?

MyLOL is created for teenagers of 13-19 years old and caters entirely to the young adult audience. Unfortunately, quite a large number of members are below 16 years old, while many profiles are suspected to be adults, which is a cause for concern. Mostly, the app is supposed to be the perfect community for 13-19-year-old individuals to find friendship, romance, or even love.

How fast can I register on MyLOL?

The sign-up process on MyLOL is nothing to be concerned about. It only takes a few minutes and can be done with an existing social media profile such as Facebook or Twitter account. Alternatively, you can register by phone and email, in which case you’ll have to activate your account. After that, it takes a few minutes to fill out your profile with relevant info, upload a profile picture, and start liking and messaging intriguing profiles.

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