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Only Lads Dating Review: Gay Dating App Analysis

Only Lads Dating Review: Gay Dating App Analysis
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Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 22-68
Profiles 1 320 100
Reply Rate 60%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Accessibility of a portable application for both Android and iOS.
  • The Only Lads site is suitable for men seeking committed relationships.
  • All new clients can test the premium subscription for one day and decide whether they want to purchase it.
  • The site is selective for gay and bisexuals.
  • It offers a Facebook join choice.
  • The Only Lads site offers free access to certain tools, so even basic users can enjoy using it.
  • This Only Lads site lacks fun and extraordinary highlights because it doesn’t stand out from other similar sites.
  • Facebook sign-in may not be reasonable for everybody, particularly those who favor more protection.
  • The time for testing is legitimate for 24 hours only.
  • There is no immediate or prompt contact option with customer support.

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What is the Only Lads app? It’s outstanding amongst service that offers gay males a platform for committed relationships and marriage. This spot is suitable for single individuals searching for long-haul connections and genuine relationships. In addition, the Only Lads site exists to help people find their match amongst dedicated partners who do not seek one-night stands.

Do you need help in determining the site’s legitimacy or the authenticity of its users? This Only Lads review will help you settle on the best choice for your intimate life. We will forearm you with all the relevant data you need to know before using this site. Continue to read to find out more in this Only Lads review.

Only Lads Dating Site at a Glance

Only Lads Dating Site at a Glance

The Only Lads site was launched in 2012 by a Jimmy Forrester-Fellowes. The founder, gay himself, didn’t have any convenient app for gay men that he would enjoy. Thus, he decided to launch a service that would be safe, intuitive, and truly effective. While some argue that the interface and functionality are too simple, others like such an approach.

The Only Lads app gives all gays and bi men a safe stage where they can communicate with similar people to find love. People of different ages, professions, hobbies, and origins register there. Only two things unite them: their strive for genuine long-term relationships and their orientation. Unfortunately, women cannot use the Only Lads site, as it is intended for men only.

Only Lads Dating Audience Analysis

Only Lads Dating Audience Analysis

Since so many of the site’s members are searching for genuine relationships regarding long-term dating and marriage, the audience consists of serious intentioned people. But aren’t you looking for a drawn-out relationship or genuine responsibility? Then the Only Lads app isn’t the right decision for you.

The site puts forth an attempt to give a truly protected and tolerating climate for individuals who seek LGBTQ+ dating. However, more than that, you can confidently realize that you’re associating with other people who need the same things you do. So, if you are a trans, bi, or gay man, the Only Lads site will be for you.

The service has more than three million users, but there is no data concerning their origin. It seems that the majority of the Only Lads app members come from the US, the UK, France, and Spain. There is a considerable amount of fakes, yet you can tell them from the real users.

According to our Only Lads review, authentic members mention many details on their profiles and take time to fill out personal details. A major piece of rounding out your profile consists of questions. The motivation behind these inquiries is to allow the site’s algorithm to become more acquainted with you and your preferences. Thus, it can propose reasonable matches.

Only Lads Dating Site: Main Features of the Interface and Design

Only Lads Dating Site: Main Features of the Interface and  Design

After you effectively register a record, you should round out seven profile fields. However, they aren’t necessary, but if you invest time filling them out, the site’s matching system will work better. The Only Lads site algorithm that works based on your information guarantees that the matches will be accurate. The essential details you need to state are age, sex, marital status, location, work, origin, and intentions.

The features available for making contact aren’t exciting. There are few of them, and they resemble those on any other dating site. You can send a friend request, an icebreaker, or a message. All members you reach out to will receive a notification about your actions and decide whether they want to stay friends with you. You can send instant messages to the Only Lads app individuals you like. If you do not know how to start a dialogue, you can use one of the ready-made icebreakers.

The general look of the site is consistent and easy to explore, with a perfectly simple and efficient interface. The primary menu is set at the left of the screen, and four areas are on it. This folding menu holds the Home tab, and there are six collaboration pages where the client can get to various highlights. They are:

  • Close by – Demonstrates the Only Lads app members in the area and how far they are.
  • Talk – This is the place where you receive and send messages from.
  • Visited You – Here, you will see a rundown of members who navigated your profile.
  • Members – You can see your rundown of members on the application.
  • Top picks – When you add people to favorites, they will show up here.
  • Update Profile – You can change any piece of our profile here. Tap on this tab, and you can edit any of the account or profile settings, such as your password, credit card details, or email. Ultimately, your name shows up on the last Only Lads app tab, and it has three subsections: Record Settings, Update Profile, and Log out capacities.

Subscription Costs and Prices

The Only Lads app invites you to join with free time for testing. However, free members will find it hard to use the site. Most of the cool features or those that are at least needed to communicate aren’t free. According to the Only Lads review, this gay dating service doesn’t have much to boast about, yet it asks you to upgrade. Should you pay for the services that other dating sites offer for free? Here it would help if you weighed out all the pros and cons. Three million users isn’t a small number for a gay niche site.

Features You Access With a Premium Account

Features You Access With a Premium Account

Premium subscribers pay $12.95 per month consistently. Installment is made through credit or check cards. Members with free enrollment can access only specific highlights on the service and pay to take part in the full advantages of participation. Each new Only Lads app profile is granted free premium participation for 24 hours.

By paying for a premium subscription, you gain admittance to the full advantages offered on the site. They incorporate:

  • The photos load in top quality.
  • You can browse a limitless number of profiles every day.
  • Eliminate advertisements.
  • You can see the total rundown of people who tapped on your profile.
  • You can see every individual who ‘top picks’ you.
  • You can add as many people to your list of favorites as you want.
  • You can add as many people to your friends as you want.
  • Send however many messages you need to any Only Lads app users.
  • Your search options and filters are not limited.

Features You Access with a Basic Account

Features You Access with a Basic Account

There are features every user can access straight after registration for free. They incorporate:

  • Pictures load in standard definition.
  • Members can browse only fifty profiles in 24 hours.
  • Messages are restricted to three every day.
  • Any Only Lads app member can send icebreakers.
  • Answering questions is restricted to ten pages.
  • Your Top picks rundown can include 20 people.
  • Your list of friends can include ten people.
  • You only get notifications about users who liked your snaps or posts.

Safety Measures and Support Team

Safety Measures and Support Team

For explicit Only Lads site security tips, you can generally allude to the site’s main page. After a completed verification, you will receive a stamp on the profile picture, which says that your profile is real. As with other dating sites, Only Lads cannot offer users 100 percent security. Users are advised only to contact verified profiles and report fake profiles.

The Only Lads site is subject to the privacy conditions of the respective country. Therefore, private data is kept under lock and key. Only the data you have filled in are visible to other members. If any of them violates the community rules, you can report a user by clicking on “”Report Abuse.”” You can also send a message to Only Lads via their email.

You can assist with securing yourself and different individuals by bringing anybody dubious to the consideration of the site’s team. Unfortunately, getting in touch via email is long and not always effective. The site seems to have many fakes, so you will have to do a great job telling them apart. If you were to report all fake and bots, it would take ages. The Only Lads app and site do not offer a consistent channel for immediate contact. The team isn’t eager to gather user feedback.

Scam Allegations of the Brand

There have been no major scandals or controversies concerning the site’s security. The Only Lads app team seems to protect the users and moderate chats and forums quite well. Nonetheless, user security is your sole duty, and you should stay cautious with the data you decide to share and the sort of individuals you converse with on the site.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Adress: Rocktware Ltd,1 Aire Street, Leeds, LS1 4PR.

Final Questions and Answers

Here you can find out more details about the Only Lads app.

What About the Only Lads Dating Legitimacy?

What About the Only Lads Dating Legitimacy?

The site users mainly come from the UK, where the issue of cybersecurity is taken seriously. However, people from different countries can freely communicate via the site. Even if you do not feel relaxed when expressing your identity or sexual orientation, the Only Lads app developers promise to offer you a safe environment for this. The site is genuine and simple, and you can see it in every part of their interface. While some people find security a complicated issue, the Only Lads site makes it simple. Nevertheless, it works.

What Are the Prices for Only Lads Dating?

One month of the Only Lads app subscription costs $12.95. Frequently, the site will offer discounts going from 30% to 46% to draw in more individuals to premium participation. Compared to other similar services, the Only Lads site is cheaper than most gay dating platforms.

Is There a Mobile App From Only Lads Dating Available?

Is There a Mobile App From Only Lads Dating Available?

According to our Only Lads review, this dating site has an application accessible for iPhone and Android. The portable application is a very decent service available for free. It is easy to download and offers you all the functionality provided by the site. Young gays who enjoy the location-based search and dynamic dating will enjoy this app.

What About the Audience Demographics of Only Lads Dating?

What About the Audience Demographics of Only Lads Dating?

Most people who use the site come from the UK. Indeed, the term “”lad”” originates from British and means “”young boy.”” The site has more than three million people, but its teams don’t explain the user demographics. The Only Lads app seems to have many members from France, the USA, and Germany.

They are usually young boys from 25 to 35 years who work in digital marketings, art, or technologies. The site’s owner states that at first, the site was used for networking more. You can meet like-minded people from the same sphere as yours here.

Is It Easy to Sign-Up to Only Lads Dating?

Is It Easy to Sign-Up to Only Lads Dating?

Download the Only Lads app or visit their sign-up page via a browser. You’ll need to tell the site your identity and who you need to meet from that point. Then, choose the preferred sexual identity of your potential match.

Whenever you’ve given this information, you’ll have to enter an email address and select a password. Alternatively, you can choose to sign up via Facebook. This step is additionally an opportunity to pick your Only Lads site username.

Keep it fun and expressive. For example, it can be a wordplay related to your real name. However, do not state your personal information from real life that hints at who you are. For example, never upload photos that may reveal your car or home zip code, real name, credit card details, or current location. The site urges you to avoid such photos for your safety and can ban them from your page.

After creating an account, you’ll round out some essential individual data like your age, hobbies, profession, or origin. After that, you are free to upload photos or synchronize some of them from Facebook. You can also answer the standard questions offered by the Only Lads app that help you describe yourself as a person.

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