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Pure Dating Review 2023

Pure Dating Review 2023
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Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 23-39
Profiles 720 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The Pure app does not create permanent accounts and customer profiles, all information is deleted after an hour, and your data is not saved anywhere.
  • The application is available free of charge for women, but it has some limitations. For example, there is a set limit for registered applications and photo ratings.
  • It would help if you were of legal age to start using this platform.
  • To remove the restrictions, men will need a paid subscription.

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The Pure app for finding a sex partner from Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko received many reviews on Google Play and AppStore. However, according to our Pure review, users complain about “knocked down” geolocations and many fraudsters who blackmail users by keeping their correspondence. Moreover, with many bugs, the application is not cheap — $8.95 for two weeks. Read on this Pure review to find out more details about the site’s legitimacy and features.

Pure Dating Briefly Summarized


Co-founders Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko created the app in 2012 using Russian investor Konstantin Sinyushin. The developer of the Pure app is Misterico Limited. Another of their products — Mates, chess dating — is also a service for uniting lonely hearts. Based on 22 reviews, this product has a 3.6 rating.

“We are not a huge corporation, so we take it slow. We are not a startup that raised the first round of investments and kept things chaotic. The Pure app is a profitable company that understands what they want to achieve in six months. The whole team works remotely. Working communication is in Slack. Calling and summing up sprints happen in Hangouts. Nobody tracks your working hours or reminds you of tasks. The main criterion is effectively and transparently delivered result,” writes the Pure site in its project description.

Pure Dating Audience


It is believed that the Pure site has no direct competitors. All other dating services are not geared towards such a quick acquaintance. Instead, they are attended by an audience that expects a more serious relationship. According to reviews of the Pure app, the contingent here is quite interesting compared to other dating apps.

The functionality of the application allows you to organize meetings to improve your personal life. In addition, it gives confidence that the person on the other side of the chat will not be a retiree living in a distant city. For example, on many dating sites, men underestimate their age. As a result, users may come across low-quality photos in which men in terrible sunglasses stand in the forest with stern faces. In the Pure app, this does not occur.

Many people say that the idea of this application is very interesting. However, our Pure review concludes that this service operates in a separate niche. This application is suitable for easy dating and intimate connections. It has its separate ideology — fewer words and more action.

Some of the users note that not all people here need only sex. For the most part, people are looking for emotions, excitement, which is possible only through personal interaction. At the same time, receiving refusals is unpleasant for anyone. On regular dates, at least there is an opportunity to convince yourself that the meeting did not result in anything because the goals are different. When you meet each other through the Pure app, everyone’s purpose is clear. The only reason why an intimate relationship in a personal meeting may fail is a lack of sympathy or attraction. This fact can hurt your pride.

Users of the Pure app note that a big role is given to looks, smells, touches, and other forms of interaction. These aspects help us form attraction. However, it’s not just appearance that matters, as looks can easily deceive. When two people, who have already agreed on an intimate relationship, meet in person, the outcome can be very painful for the self-esteem of one of them.

Some of the men point out that the Pure app’s business model was not fully thought out. They claim that girls, who use this service for free, find the app just a fun way to spend their time in the evenings. They are unlikely to stick to partners for sex without seeing them in life. However, there are still many pretty singles here. You are likely to meet Eastern European women and men seeking sex in this app.

Pure Dating Site: Design, Main Features and the Interface


The search for partners is carried out within a radius of 50 km. At the same time, according to reviews, the Pure app has an excellent geolocation service. When mutual sympathy appears, you can communicate with a user for 60 minutes and watch the timer in the right top corner. You can set it off at any minute if both of you agree.

Users complain that it sometimes takes longer to load the photos, send messages, or get charged even after they have unsubscribed from the application services. The last statement is controversial. The app has a “restore purchases” button. Some users notice that the first association is that you enable/disable the Pure app subscription by clicking on the button. However, the button does not work that way, and you can unsubscribe only in Google Play or AppStore. It seems that this is where the unnecessary write-offs and confusion in payments come from.

Another problem is that to write a message, men have to pay again, although the application in the stores is designated as “free, with in-app purchases.” At the same time, users complain that the application does not solve bots and scammers problem. According to our Pure review, even more scammers offer sex services for money inside the app.

Among the advantageous differences between the application and other dating sites is that there is no need to scroll through many profiles. There is no need to write “hello” over and over again. Each male person is entitled to 5 applications. They will be valid for seven days. The girls use the application completely free of charge. Each application lasts 60 minutes. In this case, the search is carried out at the nearest distance. Thus, unlike other dating services, the Pure app boasts of active users.

The application deletes most of your data every few hours automatically, and no traces of it remain. Here, you do not need to create accounts by linking your phone. According to reviews, there will be no unnecessary conversations in the Pure app. People use it to meet for a specific interest, and as soon as the sympathies coincide, users get straight down to business. There is a built-in ability to share your location to agree on where to meet.

Previously, the app’s functionality was wider. As soon as a person offered to meet, there was no way back. If the answer was “NO,” the session was closed since the main task of the service — the meeting — was not completed. If the answer sounded “YES,” then the information opens. At the same time, after the end of the meeting, the Pure app asked, “How was it?” If you liked everything, then the rating of the person in the application increased. If several times a person did not come to the meeting, then the app banned this user. Unfortunately, this feature no longer exists.

Premium Subscription Costs and Prices


In reviews of the Pure app, many indicate a constant imposition of paid services on other services. At the same time, there weren’t many alternatives for dating before Pure. There are no long correspondences here because the chat only exists for 60 minutes. In addition, the goals of each person are very clear.

Services You Access With a Paid Account


A male user will have to pay $8.95 each week to access the site. The services they receive are:

  • Scrolling through the app’s feed with user photos;
  • Opening photos of any user;
  • Sending likes (if a woman confirms sympathy — you can chat);
  • Limitless communication.

A user may also send a gift to a woman they like to access a chat with them straight away. Then, a gift sender will appear in another’s list of dialogues.

Services You Access With a Free Account

All the services mentioned above are free for women.

Safety Measures Implemented by the Provider


The main idea of the application is to find a partner for an intimate relationship quickly. According to our Pure review, it should be like calling a taxi through apps. All you need to start is to upload your photo. It will be valid for 60 minutes, and then the app will automatically cancel it. The app also erases correspondence in case two people did not agree to secure and save their app. Any user can erase the full chat history on their own at any minute. Then, this person will disappear from another’s list of dialogues.

When you chat with a person, you can exchange photos. They are blurred and disappear as soon as you open them. Alternatively, the person can switch the timer off when sending so that you can open the image several times. If anyone tries to take a screenshot, the Pure app will notify this chat, and both users can see it.

Scam Allegations and Legitimacy

For many users, the cherry on top of Pure’s cake turned out to be fraud and extortion of money from the female account. The success of the app lies in its concept, namely anonymity. It is not surprising that this attracts scammers who want to make money by tearing the privacy mask off you and threatening to reveal all the secrets.

The girl in the chat boldly declares her sexual desires, writes dirty fantasies and asks what is acceptable for you and what is not. If you maintain a dialogue and reciprocate, the fraudster offers to meet shortly, asks to exchange phone numbers. After that, they find you on social networks using your phone number, they save all your friends to the clipboard, and start blackmailing you. They threaten to send screenshots of obscene messages to your friends and tell you that you are an active user of a sex app. The scammers ask for money. If you run across such a user in the Pure app, be sure to report them. Male users should stay especially cautious when using the service.

Contact Details to Reach Out to the Provider


Company: Misterico Ltd.

Address: 367, 28 October Street, Mediterranean Court, Flat A5

3107 Limassol, Cyprus

Email: [email protected]

Final Questions With Answers

The users state that developers have created many female profiles to attract men. They were given the role of keeping men interested in the app. Women’s accounts flirted without meeting anyone. From our Pure review, the girls were dealing with the same situation. Thus, Pure is a standalone application distributed as a paid subscription for men and free for women. Its mechanic is the limited time of chats with interlocutors.

The possibility of different motivations in the application was completely excluded. The consciousness of far from all Russians allowed this idea to be fully realized. For many, this Pure app concept did not fit into the picture of the world. At the moment, you can see that the application is used as an analog of dating applications. Read on these sections with answers to make a final decision about this app.

What Should You Know About the Pure Dating Legitimacy?

Typically, companies that make dating apps solve the scam problem by registering through social networks. To get into Pure, you don’t need any personal data other than mail — only timely payment. According to the comments of “experienced” users, the ratio of girls/guys in the application is at least 1:50, at most 1:100. It is men, according to reviews, who most often become victims of blackmail. Although, maybe the girls do not want to leave comments on public platforms.

What About the Prices for the Pure Dating?

The app costs $8.97/week for men and is free for women.

Is There a Mobile App from Pure Dating?

There is no site for the Pure app. You can access the service only via a mobile app available to download for free from Google Play Store or AppStore.

What About the Audience of Pure Dating?

The gap between the number of male and female users is big and continues to grow. User reviews of the Pure app state that the app will be more suitable for men. However, young women interested in quick sex without obligations aged 20-35 also use it.

How Easy Is It to Sign-Up to Pure Dating?

To get started, you need to download the application. Then, please open it and select your gender in a certain column. This application is free for girls. For men, personal billing information is required. After that, a trial period is provided, which will last until you subscribe to a permanent subscription. To start using the site, you must upload your photo, and it will appear in the feed. You can scroll through your feed to like photos of others.

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