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Quiver Review 2024

Quiver Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 21-37
Profiles 940 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick registration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quiver app for comforting mobile experience
  • Optimized website design for excellent browsing experience across devices of different sizes.
  • Video calling feature available besides the regular text messaging.
  • User profiles are generally complete on the Quiver site.
  • Easy navigation
  • Low number of fake profiles
  • Many inactive profiles.
  • No verification process to assure profile quality.
  • Limited access with a free Quiver app account.
  • Memberbase is small in comparison with other popular dating platforms.

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The Quiver site is for new-age couples and singles looking for some exciting sexual activity. Swinging is a sexual lifestyle that many couples take up to spice up their love life. The Quiver app gives couples a platform to find a partner or a willing couple to swing. While swinging is mostly a couple practice, there are quite a few singles as well willing to sexually experiment and are hence part of the Quiver site. The exciting thing about the platform is its design that fits the requirements and thus allows couples registration. However, despite being a unique site, one common problem that you can face on almost all popular dating sites is a scam. It is particularly common on premium platforms where websites may fool the users initially to push them into purchasing plans only to disappoint them later. The Quiver review digs into the site to study the real user base to show you the real picture of the dating platform even before you join. Find out the pricing besides knowing if the Quiver app is worth your time.

A Short Summary Of The Quiver Site


The Quiver site is a unique platform created for a niche audience with specific needs. If you are adventurous in your bed or are bored with your sex life, the dating platform is the place for you. While the platform is great for experienced people, even those new to the lifestyle feel welcomed because of the warm and accepting community. The blogs and groups chats add to the experience of new members who might be feeling a little awkward initially. With the influence of several blogs, the members on the Quiver site do not shy away from approaching the new members. It adds to the experience on the dating platform. Besides the community, which is its major strength, the unique features and website design create a comfortable yet naughty platform for couples.

Describing The Audience Base Of The Quiver App


The Quiver site is a rare dating platform with an audience base dominated by couples instead of singles. The entire demographics on the site follow a different trend than what is generally seen on other popular dating platforms. As mentioned, even though an individual can register, the number of such accounts is very low on the Quiver site. In terms of age distribution, the platform shows amazing variety. From as young as 18years to the maximum of 55+, the age of couples can be surprising. However, if we talk about the numbers, then the young and middle-aged couples are seen to be the most active ones on the Quiver site. When it comes to sexuality, the Quiver app and site show great acceptability. Since the very base of the dating platform is sexual experimentation, couples with different sexuality and LGBTQ+ members become quite an attraction.

Unique Features Of The Quiver Site


The Quiver site is a unique platform for couples into the swinging lifestyle or interested in trying swinging. Since everything about the lifestyle requires similar-minded people, socialization becomes a must. The Quiver app hence creates multiple socialization opportunities for couples hailing from different locations. Follow the list to find the exclusive ways to meet new swingers and introduce them to your lifestyle:


Blogs on the Quiver site are user-created and hence make an important read. These are generally about swinging experiences and tips to find swingers. Besides giving naughty ideas to couples, Blogs can also work like literature for couples registering on the Quiver site to experiment.


The Quiver site does not dust off their hands after providing an online platform for swingers to connect. It also hosts multiple events in different locations to help couples connect with each other and find the partners they have been looking for to spice up their sex life. Joining the Quiver site gets you exclusive access and an invitation to these private parties hosted by the makers you will never know otherwise.


Similar to many social networking platforms, the Quiver site has several groups. It is another way to find and connect with swinging couples at once. Besides joining an already popular group, you may also create your own and invite those you know to join and start an activity.


A chatbox on the Quiver app is more private than other communication methods. And thus, it is what couples use to approach each other and set up a date.

My Quivers

The Quiver review finds it to be a particular section on the site where you get to see the couples showing interest in you. So you can check the section and approach the ones you like for a naughty chat and maybe set up a date for some fun activity.

Quiver Review: Pricing Of The Premium Membership Plans


The Quiver site is one of the premium dating platforms existing online today. Even though some users may argue that it could be counted as a freemium dating site, it would be wrong. The reason is its extreme limitations to the free users. You will notice in the further sections that even though the Quiver app does all a free membership by giving access to some features, the access is very limited. So much so that you can use it for nothing more than testing the platform. Hence, if you plan to enjoy the advantages of the swinging lifestyle, the Quiver review says it is best to invest in the monthly subscription plan system. While you can use your debit and credit cards to purchase a membership on the dating site, you may also cancel at any time you like. However, the money is not refundable.

Quiver Site Pricing Of The Membership Plans
Duration Cost Per Month Total Price
One Month 12 USD 12 USD
Three Months 10 USD 30 USD
One Year (Twelve Months) 8.33 USD 100 USD

Features That You Get Exclusive Access To With The Quiver Site Premium Membership


The Quiver site paid membership gives you access to several premium features that you may otherwise miss. Based on the Quiver review, the dating platform being a premium site is, in simple words, useless with a free Quiver site account. However, once you upgrade to the premium membership, the world of sexual fantasies and swinging opens up in front of you in the following ways:

  • Blogs

Reading user blogs and also writing them is a paid feature. You can’t read their unique experiences and tips to find hot swingers without paying. However, with a subscription plan on the Quiver site, you will never be short of spicy ideas for experimentation.

  • Chats

Chatting with couples is an exclusive feature you can’t get for free. It may be annoying as chatting is considered the basic requirement for setting up a double date. However, a paid feature protects users from scams and money launderers.

  • Events

A unique feature of the Quiver site is events. The platform takes the Quiver site lifestyle a step up by organizing events to help members socialize and get more opportunities at swinging. However, getting access to these private parties is not easy if you are not a premium VIP member on the Quiver app.

  • Videos

Another advantage of being a paid premium member on the dating platform is videos. Quiver site members may upload videos on their profiles to make their profiles more interesting and attract attention. However, accessing these videos and uploading them to your account is a premium feature for which you need to purchase a subscription plan.

Free Features That You Don’t Need To Pay For On The Quiver Site


Just because the Quiver app is a premium dating platform, it doesn’t mean that you cannot test the site for free. There are a few things that you can do without purchasing a subscription plan on the dating platform. Follow the list to know what:

  • Registration
  • Profile setup
  • Profile photo upload
  • Browse through public galleries to view hot photos
  • Send messages. Although there is a limit of 20 messages in 30 days, it allows you to test if the members on the Quiver app or site are active.
  • Read one blog a day. The viewing is also restricted, meaning that you will lose your limited viewing access even if you read the same blog again and again. The Quiver site allows you to view 30 blogs in 30 days.

What Is The Safety Scenario On The Quiver Site


The Quiver site follows all the general safety protocols on the internet by updating SSL certificates and ensuring that all the user data fed into the site are encrypted. The standard certifications on the website ensure that none of the data gets leaked or stolen by third parties. Also, restricting usage for the free members is another step that helps filter out the scammers from getting too involved with real members on the site. Despite all the steps taken by the dating platform, the Quiver review recommends users use a separate email id for dating platforms for additional security. Also, one should always be careful about the information they share with strangers on a dating platform since they can’t be sure of their intentions.

Is There A Scam Charge On The Quiver App

Currently, the Quiver review can clear the dating platform of any scam charges, if any. The site does not even have any bots similar to other popular platforms to push people to purchase a subscription plan. The members are genuine besides some inactive accounts, which eventually get deleted by the Quiver site support team. Even though the algorithm on the platform keeps an eye on doubtful behaviors, the platform motivates people to report and block any suspicious activity for the team to take action.

Contact Information


Website: www.quiverdating.com

Company: SeaChange Digital LLC

Location: US

Email: [email protected]

Social: Active on Twitter


Is The Quiver App Safe For Registration And Use?

The Quiver site is a safe and legit dating platform created specifically for couples looking to swing partners. It is a niche platform only for the people into the lifestyle and hence boasts of private memberships.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Part Of The Quiver Site Community?

The membership cost on the Quiver app is relatively economical despite the unique features and exclusive memberships it offers. You can expect to spend between 12 and 100 US dollars in total for a subscription plan. However, one should remember that the prices of the subscription plans are seasonal and hence may vary from time to time.

Is There A Quiver App For Mobile Downloads?

Yes, the Quiver app is very much in existence. The Quiver review praises the app for its user-friendly interface, clean navigation, and seamless performance. And despite the Quiver site being optimized for mobile browsing, you can download the mobile application for free on both Android and iOS devices.

How Does The Audience Structure On The Quiver Site Look Like?

The audience or the member base on the Quiver site is one of its main strengths. Even though the numbers may be smaller than many popular dating platforms, the quality of the community speaks for itself. While the age and sexuality show variations, the location is mainly US-centric on the Quiver site. However, with the rise in global popularity, the numbers in other countries are increasing as well.

How Is The Registration Process On The Quiver Site?

Registration on the Quiver app and site is a simple process. If you are doing it on the website, you have to visit the platform and tap on sign-up to fill up a small form and complete registration. However, if you want to register through the Quiver app, downloading the free mobile application becomes your first. You may also sign-up on the website and later use the app to log in and vice-versa.

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