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Raya Review 2024

Raya Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • For Instagram influencers, TikTok stars, singers, actors, renowned global stars, and rich people, Raya is the best option for an exciting dating life. If one can get an invite and get through the waitlist, the foolproof site is terrific for finding potential long-term partners.
  • There are absolutely no fake profiles on the Raya app, and every existing one is detailed with information and has photos of the creators. The quality of the profiles on the app is high and exclusive compared to standard dating apps in the network.
  • The seamless graphics facilitates efficient photo browsing. The Raya app is available for free and easy to use.
  • There are two available modes – social and work – for professional, personal, and romantic connections.
  • There’s also an option for location-based dating if both parties turn on the opportunity.
  • A pay-to-get exclusive direct message lets you connect with people without having a match or mutual liking of each other’s profiles.
  • There are features for synchronizing phone contacts and changing the accessibility to a select set of people. One can turn on or off their profile visibility based on their mood and availability—simple navigation in the app, perfect for anyone and everyone.
  • Raya can be used for dating and professional networking and forming friendships and causal connections.
  • One cannot get into the Raya app without an invite from an existing viewer. Even if you score an invite without waiting for a long time for even a chance at approval, it’s impossible to gain access to the app.
  • To become a user, one needs to have a well-established social media handle, especially a popular Instagram profile.
  • You’ll need an interesting and creative field of work with extra attractive aspects for meeting the application criteria.
  • The intent of people on the app can be more temporary than relationship-oriented.
  • Raya is only available on Apple devices, and there aren’t any free features to try out or trial before committing.
  • Even though there is a very low chance of fraud, some bots are posing as real people.
  • There is no specific algorithm in function for match-making. A random line of profiles can be sorted by distance if both parties enable the feature, but that’s the maximum.
  • For those looking for a relationship or a dating journey immediately, Raya seems quite time-consuming and tedious. Younger influencers today without much exposure might not be suitable for the app.
  • The features on the Raya app aren’t that great, and this can sometimes impact the quality of match-making. Only less than 10% of applications are allowed to join the app.

Love conquers all. One thing common for everyone in this world is the emotion of love. It makes everyone happy and helps them feel satisfied. It takes two halves to make a whole, doesn’t it? When it comes to picking your ideal partner, your standards are surely high. Online dating has become the most popular platform and has grown into an established way to find one’s life partner. One such dating site today is the Raya app.

For sophisticated souls on this planet, from celebrities to the A-list population, a Raya membership can only be approved after they verify your identity and status. The private social network and dating app are quite common amongst celebrities. There’s usually no advertising or social media endorsement to retain the app’s exclusivity. The unconventional network has got millions of people signing up even after constant denying.

Raya Summary

Raya Summary

The Raya site is one of the most exciting dating networks today and has a lot of feature stories on famous blogs and magazines like the New York Times, UK Business, Vice, and Business Insider and was launched in 2015. The private server required an invite from an existent member followed by an application for approval. The demand has skyrocketed with claims of sporting celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Kelly Osbourne, and Demi Lovato on the app.

A Raya review suggests that the app has many younger members with an equal ratio of guys to girls. Even though most users are predominantly based in the USA, there are members from several other countries. The chic membership has about 1,000,000 profiles with a low rate of fraud or catfish. It can usually take a while, about a month, when it comes to approval.

Raya displays a slideshow of photos from one’s Instagram account and a song selected by them. Well-educated bachelors/ spinsters are good prospects for the app. If one has a better social media presence and a large fandom without wanting to sign up for popular apps in case of spam, one can be benefited. The private site keeps the personal details of famous people away from the mass media.

It has a network of creative influencers who bring something more to the world with their ideas and aspirations. To make it to the cut, one needs to check many boxes, including having an excellent social media presence and good influence. Raya aims to fulfill every quality expectation one could have. More than a dating platform, Raya is advertised as a digital meeting place for influential people to pool their ideas, connect, and collaborate.

The Audience of Raya

The Audience of Raya

Raya is not the thing for everyone. The community and network value creativity and require their users to bring something more and unique to the table. Having a familiar network of people on the Raya site will make you a potential member. Raya is best suited for cool Instagram influencers who inspire ideas and aspiring visions for the world.

The scrutinizing selection process ensures that all profiles on the app are authentic. So, every account on the app is famous and has some influence over the general public.

Raya has a worldwide audience. The exclusivity of the website closely restricts the users and profiles, with about 2000 active members every week. It’s claimed that celebrities like Cara Delevingne, the actor who played Enchantress in Suicide Squad; Demi Lovato, the popstar; Lewis Capaldi, the Scottish songwriter; and Emma Watson, the actress, and activist, are on and active members of the app.

Mathew Perry, the FRIENDS actor, Ben Affleck, the onscreen Batman in several films, Elijah Wood, and many other models, stars, athletes, designers, YouTubers, and other high-profile people are spotted on the app.

The Raya website posts strict guidelines for its applicants:

  • They need to be over 18 years of age
  • No track record of a public depiction of hate across social media platforms
  • They shouldn’t have displayed wealth consistently
  • They need to respect, trust and value the privacy of other users

Raya Site Features

Raya Site Features

Exclusivity: Every profile part of the network undergoes much scrutiny and layers of approval criteria before hearing a place on the app. It restricts the users on the app, ensuring a better quality of every account, and helps maintain privacy for high-profile users. Every profile undergoes checks by a team of 500 people and a digital algorithm to determine if they are suitable for the app.

Social mode: For people looking for connections, be it romantic, friendly, casual, or professional, near them, the option for browsing based on location is a great feature. One can find users close to them for a better connection.

Jukebox: For every music lover on Raya, there’s an additional feature to share playlists. A soulmate can be found in songs, and this is the perfect example of that. One can link, share their favorite music and playlist and discover more.

Paid Direct Messages: Without getting a mutual match, one can message the profiles they’re interested in with a DM fee. This feature increases their chances many folds, and it can help them enunciate their persona better.

Call to action: Every Raya profile displays the user’s photos, personal details, and a direct CTA toggle to their Instagram profile. The prominent feature is useful for better browsing and understanding of the people they’re interested in.

Invite and waitlist: The applications undergo a strict waitlist and selection process to authenticate one’s profile before using the app network. One also needs an invite to elucidate on their connections.

Select contact synchronization: Anyone using Raya can choose to give access to their contact list or not. The contacts who can see them on the Raya app can also be personalized, giving the user full control over their privacy.

Communication tab: To get in contact with or know more about one’s interested profiles, a tab lists all messages in one place. There’s no proving for notes, and any user gets unlimited texts to mutually matched profiles.

App visibility toggle: Depending on the user’s availability and demand, they can turn off their visibility. They can get back on the app to mingle anytime they feel like and prevent any messages or profile interactions when they don’t want to.

Work mode: In a work profile, the user must indicate details of the company they’re working for and certain other professional information to make executive or work-oriented connections.

Credibility-based promotion: Raya focuses on the influence a person holds. The more credible they are, the more likely they’ll be shown to others.

Safety and protection: With the multi-layered application procedure, all shortlisted profiles are verified and authentic.



Once your application gets shortlisted and your profile is created, you’ll have to pay to avail of the network service. For scrolling through profiles, activating your account, interacting, making new connections, and messaging on the app, users must pay a premium fee of 7.99 USD. For three months, the users have to pay 23.99 USD and 29.99 USD for six months.

Advantages of a Paid Account

The paid version offers unlimited messages, connections, likes, and the application’s visibility options. Members come with every available feature from which people can choose. There are a plethora of opportunities for users to pick from. The Raya app membership is priced accurately as its access is worth every penny spent. With 3 and 6 monthly subscriptions, the price even gets a little cheaper.

Possibility of a Free Account

One can only sign up and apply for a profile without paying. There’s no free trial or membership. But the amount to be paid is reasonable and cheap when it comes to the service offered.



The Raya review workers constantly strive to remove bot accounts and fake profiles. All profile owners and high-profile users can safely find their ideal partners without worrying about catfishers with ensured security. Famous personalities don’t have to worry about breaches or leaking personal information due to the high selectivity as the server is constantly under review.

Scam Charges

Despite the comprehensive admission process, many speculate that the site might be a scam to lure more users. The stringent measures usually take care of all the fake accounts, and one can trust the site blindly. The exclusive and elite app is nowhere close to a scam.

The rigorous procedure ensures that only famous and influential people like models, actors, singers, directors, entrepreneurs, etc., have access to the app. It’s only the rich and well-known celebrities on the site, and if one’s lucky enough, they might get a swipe from a star, making it a mutual match.

Contact Information

One can contact the company regarding the application process or other such details as career opportunities. Along with this, to talk about open roles and job vacancies, one can contact the company via mails addressed to [email protected].

To contact the company in general, the website redirects you to your mail app with their email in the “To:” bar- [email protected]. All inquiries can only be mailed to the team at Raya, be it about the app, the company, profiles, or clarifications.

For press inquiries and media campaigns, anyone interested needs to mail the company at [email protected]. There’s also a public Instagram post for the Raya app- @raya; https://www.instagram.com/raya/- for people to DM them. Other than mail and Instagram, direct messages, there’s absolutely no other way one can contact the company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the Raya App Be Trusted, or Is It a Scam?

Raya is a verified, legitimate, and genuine online website for high-profile personalities worldwide to maintain their privacy without compensating for not connecting to others.

Is the Raya App Expensive? When should the Users Pay?

The premium, all-access membership for Raya costs 7.99 USD for using the Raya app once their profile is created. This monthly membership is surely reasonable given its perks.

Is Raya Available as a Mobile Application?

Raya can be accessed through its mobile application for iPhones and other similar devices with iOS systems.

What Are the Demographics of Raya Users?

Raya is mostly occupied by young people, almost equivalent in gender ratio. There are mostly heterosexual individuals in the app. Most users are based in the USA, while the app is still available all over the world.

How Can One Sign Up for a Raya Account?

It’s pretty simple to send in the application form on Raya once you secure an invite. The Raya site filters all applications meticulously and analyses their potential users before giving them access to the network. While the application process takes up only 10 minutes, the waitlist and access can take several months.

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