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Recon Review

Recon Review
About Site
Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 50%
Popular Age 25-48
Profiles 850 940
Reply Rate 43%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website possesses an excellent user interface and is easy to use
  • Many of the features provided by it are free
  • This platform that supports many languages
  • It possesses an excellent experience with its mobile app
  • It helps in letting men discover what their sexual desires and sexual identities are
  • It lays down on the table whatever it offers for its users to see; there is no presence of any fake promises whatsoever
  • The website presents a lot of surprises with itself and happily welcomes all the gay men who are looking for a casual dating experience
  • It ensures the security of the identity of its users and keeps them safe and secure
  • To reap the benefits of the extra functions of the website, going for a premium subscription is very important
  • It is not an ideal platform for a person who is looking for a serious long-term relationship per se
  • It has the presence of erotic content in an excessive quantity
  • Not an option for people who are wanting to commit to someone for a long term

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A dating website capable of managing all your secret desires is an ideal option for users with any sexual orientation. Recon undoubtedly is one of the biggest dating apps ever for fetish dates long for a random kinky experience with other gay men. As a result of its vast community of users, it is a perfect choice for people with no experience dating someone online. It works quite similarly to many of the other options in this particular segment. However, it is known to focus on bisexual and gay men primarily.

Making it easy and user-friendly, it is known to come with a profile system that can provide a group of details at a single time. Based on such information provided by a user, they are offered with access to people who would successfully match up with their preferences. Once this list is made available to the users, they can initiate contact via many communication features.

Overall, Recon as a dating website has many members, ensuring a gay partner per your want and desires. However, in case you are looking out for a long-term commitment with a gay man, this probably is not the best option for you to choose. On the other hand, if you are in for a casual dating experience, this online dating platform is the perfect fit that will indubitably satisfy all your special desires.

Recon Summary

Recon Summary

It is a dating platform that features the highest-order fetish dating experience. It is a compatible platform for all those gay members of society. They want to find each other, paired with exciting features such as a better profile quality, a higher rate of accuracy, and facile communication.

Even though the website does not provide a free user with many options, the paid membership is worth waiting for. The enjoyment, security, and discreteness are a few of the excellent aspects that can be picked up from the platform. It is an option that every user must consider with much confidence from their side.

Recon possesses a very impressive website design. As a dating website, it can describe everything about its existence, from the color presentation to the chosen themes in a single glance.

The darker shades of black and red help turn many heads around when you primarily enter this dating website. It is highly progressive, and with due attention to the user’s needs, the graphics have been designed quite efficiently.

Once you enter and log in to the website, you will be able to look out for many gay men who are ready to tame you or get themselves tamed by you. This dating website provides its users with a plethora of options for gay men to choose from to try out all the fantasies one has ever had had in their life.

It is also straightforward to delete or hide your profile on this dating website; all one must do is click on the account settings and click on the delete your account option. Voila, you are done.

The Audience of Recon

The Audience of Recon

It has always been advertised and recognized as a platform meant to be used by men with varied sexual orientations, and it is scarce to find a straight person using the website or app. Most of the users here are around or more than 25 years old, which is surprising to see on a dating website online as such a platform would have primarily had more younger users. The number of users in the age group of 55 and above drastically decreases.

Recon as, a platform for online dating, is very friendly to use, and it can be operated in many different countries. Because of its worldwide operation, it offers itself in multiple languages such as German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. The International base of users of Reckon might be a source of jealousy for others, but most of the people who use the website and app are known to live in the USA. While most of the users are Hispanic and black, one might come across a quite decent population of Asian men.

Recon Site Features

Recon Site Features

It is a renowned dating platform known to have quite a good amount of fetish services, along with which it is a famous platform as a result of some unique and exciting features it presents to its users.

Some of the best features of the Recon site are:

  1. Events

Events as a feature help and permit users to keep a regular track of all the events and happenings at a particular locality. The members of the Recon website are known for frequently coming up with creative activities for men who have been an evident and unique part of the platform.

Information about all such events and activities is present in this feature. Along with providing cognizance, it also helps users get their connections according to their preferences and interests. Since such events encompass many users from different countries, it helps in boosting up the chances of getting an International date.

  1. Favorite Pictures

Irrespective of the ability to add users to your favorite list, this feature helps to favorite photos from a gallery. For instance, a user comes across a picture of a beautiful person. They can add it up to this section. Hence, it proves out to be a straightforward option for revisiting content without the fear of losing its track anytime in the future.

  1. Top 100

Visiting different profiles might take forever to find out the best options available for you; this Top 100 feature comes in handy in such situations. This list is specifically prepared to aggregate the perfect profiles existing on the platform amongst the pool of profiles.

  1. Cruise

Cruise, a fairly famous feature present in most gay dating websites today, can be found on this site without much of a surprise. It is known to be beneficial when one is trying to attract another handsome user by displaying interest. If the other user reciprocates the same interest, it might start a great journey ahead.


There are free and paid options available on Recon’s online dating website. Being a free user might be disappointing in terms of the abilities one gets, as most of its key elements are known to be retained for premium users. It provides a lot of plans to users with different budgets for suiting themselves.

For a person interested in dating on this site with a premium membership, the payment can be made with the help of various options such as credit cards. The membership is present in many price ranges with a primary choice for 30 days starting from £8; if the user desires a 90-day membership, they will have to pay £18. A 6-month membership, on the other hand, costs about £30, whereas the yearly package is known to set users back by £50.

Members of this dating website can use all the essential features for free. However, for using the advanced features, one must pay and take a premium membership their way. Those who pay and successfully become a member get to reap all the benefits of the website.

A paid membership gives a person access to all the public galleries of other users of the website. One can see an unlimited number of profiles and gain access to an advanced filtering option. Being a premium member also helps in saving oneself some time from seeing ads while using the dating website.

The payment plan for Recon online dating website is:

1 month membership $12.99
3 months membership $29.99
6 months membership $49.99
1 year membership $89.99

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

A paid user possesses many crucial advantages, such as visiting an unlimited number of profiles in one go. A more than 3 million strong gallery photos can be viewed with no difficulties, and the list of members can efficiently be filtered for greater precision. Being a premium user, one is passed to the top 100 list, likely to increase exposure to more users on the platform. One also enjoys the advantage of a provided notification whenever a favorite user turns up to the website. It can be helpful in situations wherein one is trying to impress the other person with prompt and frequent messages.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

There are a couple of features that a user with a free account has access to. One will be able to check out the top 10 users of this dating platform while having access to the main gallery pictures of other members. Apart from this, a person with a free account can also use the search platform, although with a set of limited filters and features. It is possible to receive and send messages after possessing a free account.



One is bound to have questions about the safety of the dating website and app. Before starting your journey with the dating website, it is always good to gain cognizance about its safety protocols. It is imperative to check for, especially while being on a casual hookup or dating website. You can rest assured about the safety of your data and personal information while using the dating website.

Remember to read the safety tips of the website, which will help you keep yourself safe. As far as the sign-up process is concerned, the website ensures the legitimacy of the profile by sending an email confirmation. The website additionally does not permit anyone to upload or use a fake photo.

Recon permits its users to share profiles with all the non-members of the platform as well. This process follows utmost confidence; the site has many varied techniques such as SSL Encryption for protecting the interests and safety of its users.

However, like when you use any other dating website, always rely on your instincts. If you find that a particular user is not genuine enough, please report him to the authority. Strict action will be taken against such a user!

Scam Charges

As a result of email verification, the chances of being scammed by a user are negligible. It is advised not to chat with people who have no profile descriptions and display pictures to prevent scams.

Contact Information

Recon dating website provides prompt and quick service for helping and supporting users in need. For any queries, one can drop an email on https://support.Recon.com and wait for the next 24 to 48 hours at max for a reply. While doing so, make sure that you enter your name and query in an elucidated form.

However, one should first prefer giving a good read of the Help page, which is available on both the app and the dating website. It will probably answer any queries or doubts that you might be having. If you do not get the desired answer or are not satisfied, you can always submit a request directly from the help page.


Though the website possesses quite a friendly user experience, one might end up with a few questions in mind. Following are a few of the most asked ones:

Is Recon a Safe and Legit Dating Website to Go Onto?

Is Recon a Safe and Legit Dating Website to Go Onto?

Recon is indeed a safe dating website that is always known to prioritize the privacy of its users. The website does not give any user unauthorized access and sends an email verification to the member during the registration process to check the user’s legitimacy.

How Much Does Recon Cost?

Though users can enjoy many features being a free member, a premium subscription provides access to many more exciting features one’s way. A 1-month membership costs $12.99, a 3-month membership costs around $2.99, and a 6-month membership costs $49.99, while being a member for a year costs $89.99 in total

Does Recon Have Any Mobile App?

Recon does have a mobile app for gay men to find their preferred partner.

What’s the Recon Website’s Demographics Like?

What's the Recon Website's Demographics Like?

One can find a partner for himself ranging from 25-55 years in age. Finding a straight person might be difficult, but a few straight people are also known to join the website. Apart from Americans, one will also find Asians and people from Paris, Spain, and other countries.

Is It Easy to Sign Up and Use the Recon Dating Website?

Is It Easy to Sign Up and Use the Recon Dating Website?

It is easy to use the Recon dating app and website. All one has to do is register on the website, verify one’s email, and voila, one will be all set to use the features of free membership of the website.

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