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Spotted review 2024

Spotted review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 21-30
Profiles 580 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration can only be done through Facebook, which assures very few to no fake profiles.
  • It has a very friendly and trendy design on both the Spotted Site and Spotted app.
  • It has a very opt-out process for paid subscriptions.
  • There are various levels of paid subscription, which makes it more interesting to avail of paid services.
  • For any free profile, one can access all the basic features to help decide to get paid accounts.
  • One can personalize their profile completely and also search through notes.
  • Once paid, one can access all the features for their entire lifetime.
  • Since it matches a location, it is not pairing with random strangers but with someone you have probably met before.
  • It is free to download on both Android and iOS.
  • It doesn't take up much space on mobile.
  • Members with basic profiles have restricted access.
  • One has to always keep their location on as that is the way the Spotted app works. But one may not like that as it can amount to an invasion of privacy.
  • Instant messaging is only available to people who have paid for premium membership.
  • In a standard profile, one can see only one full profile a day. Rest only pictures can be seen. In this sense, the app can feel restricted in its opportunity.
  • Ads are also something a non-paid profile owner has to deal with. However, it helps the app to finance itself.

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Spotted site is an online dating portal that is open to everyone. Its distinguishing characteristic is that it provides profile choices based on the user’s current location. It was founded in 2013 and has only expanded since then. The ages of the people here range from 18 to 40 years. Youth makes up a large portion of the app’s demography, which allows them to date for free and find matches in their area.

The idea of Spotted is to help you connect with people around you. Anywhere, anytime. Now, you can always find that cute guy at the station or the ever-smiling girl at the flower shop with Spotted.

The Spotted app is very easy to use and provides a very easy-to-use platform for its diverse range and background users. In addition, it has many unique features like Notes, wink, and instant messaging. Throughout the years, it has had very positive feedback and has only seen positive growth. Spotted remains one of the best dating apps since its inception and is still used by millions every day.

This Spotted review is aimed to help you understand whether you should use the app or not and if the app is suitable for you. If you think of an app that will easily help you communicate with people in and around your location, this review is surely something you should go through.

Spotted Summary


Spotted was created by millennials for the millennials. Its idea is to allow people who do not have the guts to go and talk to their instant crushes, connect with them, give them time and space to respond to that spark. That is why the Spotted app is unique. It allows both sides to be on the same page.

To start seeing matches, depending on your location, you need to start with making a profile. Then you can start seeing all the people you have met along the way or caught an eye for. It is intriguing and incredible at the same time. There are two kinds of profiles, standard and paid. If you want to get the hang of the app, you can start with the general profile and view one profile a day. Then, strike a conversation and see where that leads to! Who knows, maybe the next day you will be sitting with them having coffee, smiling, or holding hands in a park.

If you are more serious and want to be more invested, you can go for the paid profile, allowing you to view as many profiles as you want in a day. Find your ideal match. You will also get access to all their special tools forever with the paid profile.

A unique feature called ‘Notes,’ where you can send a direct message to someone you just spotted in your neighborhood and mention anything you want, their red headband or cute dimples, can opt to respond or not, makes the app stand out. So, even if the idea may sound creepy, it allows the other person’s agency to choose whether they want to continue or not.

The Audience of Spotted


Spotted Site is created for millennials. The audience’s age group usually ranges from 18 to 24. But 25 to 34 age range people also are present on the app. But they are indeed a minority. There is also a gender imbalance in the app as 80% are male and 20% are female. So, there is always more attention towards the female.

After signing up on the profile, one should add as many best pictures of themselves as possible. It will help them to become and show themselves as authentic. One can upload up to 6 pictures on their profile.

After opening the app, one can see many profiles, but only the pictures can be seen through a standard profile. If you have a paid subscription, you will see an infinite number of profiles.

The profiles are usually completely authentic, and there is no fear of encountering fake profiles.

Spotted Site Features


The Spotted Site has many unique features which help users to understand their vision. In addition, spotted in its essence helps individuals spot locals.

Unique features are:


One can send unlimited winks to everyone. It is a feature that helps indicate one’s interest in another. It is a feature accessible by both free and paid profiles.


Notes is another unique feature of both the Spotted app and website. One can write a note anonymously to try and find someone they may have seen but could not get the guys to speak up. It sounds creepy to some individuals, but the app gives the freedom to respond to the note or not.

Instant messaging

This feature is only available for premium members, but this is a very good feature to connect with individuals instantly. It allows communication in real-time.



Spotted provides both free and paid services. The app has a hierarchy of paid services, but that does not mean that one has to pay mandatorily. Anyone can download the Spotted app for free on both the Play Store and Apple Store. After using the free account, one can decide whether they want to move ahead with paid membership or not.

The Spotted app and the Spotted Site both provide different kinds of paid memberships. They are:

  • One can pay for a week’s membership at $3.49. It is perfect to understand how the app works and get a feel of it. Moreover, it allows complete access to all features for one week.
  • A month’s access is $13.49 for those who want to keep accessing it and like to keep it within budget.
  • 6-month membership will pinch the pocket for $54.99 only. Therefore, it is best for those who already love the app’s features and are committed to using it.
  • A year’s membership costs $69.99, which is quite an economy package for those who love the app.

Advantages of Paid Account

  • On paying, one can get
  • Instant messaging
  • Access unlimited profiles
  • Comment on all posts
  • Visit all profiles unlimited.
  • Ad-free experience.

The best thing about the Spotted app is that it gives one week of a free trial.

Payment can be made using a credit card or by using a mobile phone. It can be automatically billed in the same way that it was initially paid. There is a very easy process to stop the subscription. You can easily cancel the subscription if you want. If it is not canceled, then it will be deducted automatically every month.

Spotted has a special offer of $69.99, which gives lifetime access to any member and allows them to enjoy all the features endlessly.

Possibility of Free Account


Just because the paid membership has more features and options, it does not mean one cannot access anything with a general profile.

The features one can get with a general profile are:

  • Registration is free for everyone.
  • Get access to one profile a day.
  • Send winks to everyone.
  • Read and reply to messages.



Yes, the Spotted app is entirely safe for use as the app does not force anybody to respond to the messages. Even the ‘Notes’ feature allows only one user to send messages to the other person they have spotted nearby, but the other person can choose to reply or not.

It all comes down to whether the two persons want to take it further or not. A person can also be reported to the support team if they spread false information or abuse others. Other than that, individuals must be careful about how and where they share personal information and pictures.

Scam Charges

Since the app allows registration only through Facebook, there is very little scope to have fake profiles. With a lack of fake profiles, getting scammed is a very slim chance to none.

But if one does find a fake profile or tries to scam them, they can immediately report it to the support team.

On top of the ability to report, Spotted has a very stringent procedure to check the authenticity of a profile. If any profile fails that test, they are straight away banned from both the Spotted website and Spotted app.

Contact Information


Here are the contact details of the company in case it is ever necessary to contact them in any case:


Is Spotted A Genuine Dating App?

Absolutely! You can only log in through Facebook, so it is very little to no chance of encountering fake or bot profiles. However, if an account does not surpass their test while creating an account, they can get banned. Also, if the user faces any fake profile, they can report to the support team. They take very swift actions regarding such things.

Is It Costly To Use Spotted?

The Spotted app is free to use, and one can access all the basic features with a standard profile. It is also free to download from the Apple and Android store. But one can also pay for premium services and access all the super services. The premium services range from $3.49 to $66.99. It also can be a week’s membership or a year’s membership.

Is There A Spotted Mobile App?

Spotted was started as a website, but it also extended its services to apps. The Spotted app has all the features that the website has. In addition, it has a very friendly and easily accessible platform. It is well understood that the company is very consumer-related and tries to provide the utmost satisfaction to their customers.

What’s The Spotted Website’s Demographics Like?

Spotted is the favorite spot for millennials, so the larger portion of the demographic is young people. Many young people on the Spotted website allow them to date for free or at a very low cost. Usually, the audience is of the age group 18 to 40. Most of the registered ones are of the age 20 to 28. But one may also find people in the older age bracket though they form the minority of the Spotted app.

Is Registration is easy on Spotted App?

Spotted is very easy to sign in to. It only allows Facebook signup, which reduces the time to signup in the absence of email registration. Immediately after signing up, one can see many profiles on their dashboard, and one may notice that they are all in a nearby location. It makes Spotted unique in the way that one can not only connect virtually but also in real life.


We hope this Spotted review has been really helpful for you. Spotted is a really, very good dating site to connect with people with whom you have at least crossed paths once in your life. This way, you are not matching with strangers. On the contrary, having some commonalities helps two individuals ease into dating and more serious commitments. It is what the vision of the Spotted Site is at its core. The Spotted app aims to attract the younger population with its trendy and elegant pink and green layout. It may be said that it was unquestionably effective in gathering such a large crowd. The app has a fair amount of more than 25,000 downloads on the Play Stores. It also boasts members from fairly all countries of the world. The only drawback is the continuous tracking of the app through the location feature, which can be off-putting for someone who likes to preserve their privacy. Other than that, the paid features are surely something one can think about investing in if one is serious about dating or at least try the Spotted app as a standard profile.

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