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The BlackPlanet Review 2023

The BlackPlanet Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 21-35
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • No time gets wasted with the swift registration process;
  • An exclusive and niche community for the Blacks in America;
  • The website design is full of vibrant colors, making it look attractive;
  • The BlackPlanet site is completely free;
  • Numerous forums for quality conversations;
  • Quality matchmaking for both relationships and hookups;
  • Open to non-black people as well;
  • The minimum age requirement is 13 years.
  • You can't see or understand by looking at a profile if it is active or has been online recently;
  • No feature to find people currently online;
  • Most profiles are incomplete and show hardly any information;
  • The BlackPlanet app is relatively buggy;
  • Profile verification is missing;
  • Many fake profiles.

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The BlackPlanet site is not a simple dating platform. It is a social networking site for a niche audience. The name itself proves which niche it targets. While it has a name as a dating site, people use it for networking and job search as well. The BlackPlanet app reached a major milestone when the ex-US President Barack Obama joined the bandwagon. Even though the platform was already popular by then, it transformed into a cult overnight with several mentions in the newspaper headlines. And while it did face tremendous competition from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., recent Black movements like the #BlackLivesMatter helped the BlackPlanet site reboot.

BlackPlanet Summary


The BlackPlanet site was established in the year 1999, and hence it is also popularly known as the granddaddy of social media sites. It has proven to be one of the rarest communities to have lasted so long despite targeting a niche. However, contrarily market leaders comment that the reason for its success is niche marketing. The fact that the BlackPlanet site is owned and developed by Urban One, a company run by Black Americans, adds to the brand value. While it provides the members a platform for matchmaking, job search, political discussions, and more, advertisements become an integral part of the online experience. It may be annoying for those preferring a premium platform, but advertisements keep the site free for everyone.

The Member Demography On the BlackPlanet Site


The user base of the BlackPlanet site is mainly dominated by Americans even though it is accessible globally. While the age groups show diversity, most of the numbers on the BlackPlanet site belong to the young singles aged below 35 years. Despite the minimum age eligibility being 13 years and not 18, the most popular age group on the site is 26 to 35 years. Furthermore, 60% of the member base is taken up by Black men. However, you may not feel their presence initially. It is because most of the activities on the BlackPlanet app are done by the women members, for example, putting up status, responding to comments, chatroom activities, etc. It is the messenger or the direct messages where you will find the men spending most of their time here. Besides, around 250,000 members are registered online on the dating site, with more than 50,000 members showing weekly activity on average.

Exclusive Features Covered On the BlackPlanet Review


One of the best things about the BlackPlanet app is that it is not a typical dating platform, making it unique and different from its contemporaries. It is why you see a refreshing set of features that add an edge to the dating experience. Furthermore, it gives the users good conversation starters, which makes approaching a person much more realistic and comfortable, suiting the character and style of the present generation. Here is a list of the features you will find excited if you are yet to join the BlackPlanet site:

  • Notes

The BlackPlanet review finds notes to be the most interesting feature on the dating platform. It is what users on the platform send each other when they want to send messages. This beautifully designed feature looks like notes on the bulletin where you can embed photos to make them look even better. The bright varying pastel colors of the notes give a unique concept of the attraction it truly deserves.

  • Stories

Stories on the BlackPlanet site are not what we see on Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp today. Instead, these are news stories updated by the platform’s moderators about Black celebrities, important news, and movements. They may not be regularly updated, but the quality of the storyboard is excellently maintained with no fluff. Also, while members on the BlackPlanet app cannot post stories, they can comment on them.

  • Discover

Like the other social networking sites, you can search through the BlackPlanet site on a search bar, also known as the discover section. The results show related things posted on the subject by members of the dating platform. While it can be a great way to find information, it can also be a way to find like-minded people and reason to make new connections. The discover functions in a similar way to the search bar on Facebook.

  • Chat Room

There are various forums and chat rooms on the BlackPlanet app for users to make conversations on a hot topic. Chat rooms are a great way to find interesting people matching your interest more naturally and start conversations without looking like a stalker or creep.

Premium Subscription On the BlackPlanet Site- Options and Pricing


One of the best things about the BlackPlanet site is that it is completely free. However, there are still many people who wish to have it otherwise. Despite the oddness, they have a good reason for the wish. The BlackPlanet app is full of advertisements, most of which cannot be skipped. Not only are they annoying and restrict the seamless experience, but they also slow down the website causing multiple lags in the process. On the BlackPlanet app, the advertisements even cause disorientation in the design. But irrespective of everything, you can do nothing as it is free. But since the site functions as a Black social networking site, this free platform is ideal. Also, it is a breath of fresh air for people treating it as a dating site alone. It is because quality dating platforms without premium memberships have become a rare sight, especially in the niche category.

Exclusive Access with the Paid Account On the BlackPlanet Site


Since there is no premium subscription or membership plans on the BlackPlanet site, there are no additional advantages that you can get by paying. All features are absolutely free on the platform.

Features Available with A Free Member Account On the BlackPlanet App

If you want to know the possibilities of a free BlackPlanet site account, then it is endless. Here is a list of things you can do for free on this exclusive social networking site for people of color.

  • Registration

You can visit the website and download the BlackPlanet app for free from the app stores and complete the four-step sign-up process.

  • Profile setup

You can complete setting up your profile along with your registration on the platform or make additional changes to the profile later.

  • Photo uploads

Uploading photos is an integral part of any dating site, and so is the case with the BlackPlanet app. While you can add as many high-quality photos as you want, experts recommend posting at least four to five, including the profile photo, for impact. Also, even though there is hardly any moderation on-site, uploading really good-quality pictures of yours is important. It is because people can understand when it’s a fake profile photo, and if they find one on your profile, they will immediately disregard your profile to move forward.

  • Read stories

You can access the stories section exclusively edited by the BlackPlanet site editors to be updated on news that matters to the community.

  • Comment on stories

Besides getting access to browsing and reading the stories, you can also comment on them and engage with other users in the comment section.

  • Send notes

The free features also allow you to go back to the old-school ways of sending love letters digitally with notes. You can also add photos to make them more customized and fun.

  • Discover interesting content

The discover section is also available for free on the site, where you can search for literally any word to see related profiles and content on the BlackPlanet site.

  • Participate in trending conversations in chatrooms and forums.

Your free access includes chatrooms and forums on the dating site, where people from different places indulge in conversations on a topic. It is an easier way to engage with people and find people who seem nice and like-minded.

  • Make new connections.

You can find new people and add them to your connections on the BlackPlanet app.

  • Ask someone out for a date.

Besides finding and connecting with people, you can easily go to the next step without paying for anything. However, you may have to spend if she says yes to the date.

  • Get a job.

Besides finding love, you can also use the community, chatrooms, and forums to look for a job opening or business.

  • Get entertained.

Besides all the purposes, the BlackPlanet site is full of content by members of different kinds, similar to any other popular social networking site. So, if you are not using the platform for dating at the moment, you can easily use it to get entertained.

  • Make friends on the BlackPlanet site.

Since dating is not the only thing to do on the site, you can network in the community and find amazing friends as well.

The Safety Scenario of the BlackPlanet App


When it comes to safety, the BlackPlanet app can be disappointing. Besides asking to complete the captcha to check if you are a bot during registration, there is nothing that the platform does for safety. While the site seems to protect the information submitted by the users, not much can be guaranteed about the other users. Hence it is always recommended to be careful with the conversations you make with strangers online. Another problem with the BlackPlanet site is that there is no feature to block annoying users, although you may choose to see no further stories from them.

How Often Do Members Get Scammed On The BlackPlanet App Site?

BlackPlanet review reveals that the platform has many fake, incomplete, and inactive user profiles. In addition, the absence of a feature to indicate when the person was last online makes things more difficult. However, unlike other dating platforms, the concerns of bots are not there as the BlackPlanet site has no premium subscription to push using bots. Although, there is no reason to trust all the users, as every stranger online has sad stories.

Contact Information


Website: blackplanet.com

Company: Urban One

Address: New York, USA

Email: [email protected]

Social: Surprisingly, despite being a social networking site itself, the BlackPlanet site has a strong social presence on Facebook and Twitter.


Can I Consider The BlackPlanet App A Legit Trustable Dating Platform?

The BlackPlanet site is a legit and renowned brand in the world of African Americans. Despite many other dating sites targeting the same niche, this one has existed and maintained its community back from the early 2000s. Despite lacking strict verification processes, the BlackPlanet app has been in the news and remained active with a good member base consistently.

What Is The Cost Of Being A Part Of The BlackPlanet App Community?

One of the biggest highlights of the BlackPlanet review is that the platform does not come with any subscription plans. The absence of a premium membership plan is a unique feature itself as most platforms today are paid. Even the most popular features of BlackPlanet are free. However, with the free tag the annoying advertisement disturbances appear, but there is nothing that you can do about it.

Is There A BlackPlanet App For Mobile Users?

Yes, the BlackPlanet app exists. Users with an Android or iOS device can easily download the mobile application of the BlackPlanet site from their official app store for free. Despite the complaints of technical glitches and slower designs, the BlackPlanet app makes using the site convenient.

What Is The User Base On The BlackPlanet Site Look?

The user demographics on the BlackPlanet site show excellent variety. This social networking and dating platform is the perfect platform for modern men and women who prioritize acceptability. You get to see users aged between 13 and 65+ years, of all genders and sexuality. However, since it is built for the Black community, you don’t see much variety in the race.

What Is the Difficulty Level Of The Registration Process On The BlackPlanet Site?

The registration process or the onboarding on the BlackPlanet site is a four-step process but takes less than two minutes to complete. Also, it is very easy, and the prompts make the process effortless for all the age groups allowed on the BlackPlanet app.

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