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The League Review 2024

The League Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-39
Profiles 900 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The League is a very sophisticated dating app.
  • The entire platform is for younger professionals who want to have an intellectual relationship rather than an affair.
  • The best universities have their graduates on this platform.
  • The interface is delightful, and the design is sleek.
  • The status of this website is quite high on the market.
  • The events held on an offline basis are exclusive and have more extensive possibilities for better communications.
  • This particular platform can be considered a beacon for wealthy professionals.
  • All subscriptions are readily available when people want to apply for long-term relationships.
  • Mobile app version is available.
  • The selection process is highly digital and must have proper evidence.
  • The waiting list is very long.
  • Approving applications is no higher than 30%.
  • You can register only by invitation in some instances.
  • Membership is costly.
  • 5 matches might be gained every day for free users.
  • Available only in 60 cities.

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The League app is considered to be the ultimate place for Ivy league dating. The entire position of the website is to keep it classy, deserving only the best, and that the time of every individual is precious. The League is attractive to people who are extraordinarily career-minded and slavery selective.

Amanda Bradford is the CEO of this app and an alumnus of Stanford University. The League was initially developed to raise about $ 2.1 million at the initial stage. The specialty of this app is that only selected candidates can register here.

The League is one of the dating websites which can make sure that the singles who are bright come together no matter which place of the world they belong. It was founded in 2015 by Amanda Bradford, and she had done this in order to overcome her own problems with dating issues across the world. Bradford had wished to bring a new shape to online dating where the looks will not matter as much as the degrees. The extremely picky people about getting their partners can get to this website to get the profiles they might be compatible with. The entire idea of this website is to serve people who are pretty self-aware of what they need.

This particular dating site is created exclusively for people who are intelligent and successful. It is not quite easy to find people who are of the same professional range and objectives. The ones who are thinking of getting a partner for a serious relationship can rely on this platform. The dating experience for singles has been enhanced with this particular website to get the people they desire in their real lives. The membership policies of The League have been quite challenging to master, and there are different ways in which the users can get to their perfect mate on their platform. The League review has stated that the website design and usability are pretty great in order to gain new users on board.

The League Summary


The League app was initially founded in 2015 and is now functional in 60 cities across the world. There are 4500 users in San Francisco, and the entire aim of the service is to unite successful and adventurous singles from different parts of the world. The app was initially designed to keep only a limited number of members so that the standard does not dip. It is learned that the app has already generated more than 20000 matches, and most of these people have turned out to be coupled in real life. The League has proved that quality is indeed more important than quantity.

There is a slight advantage in the audience of the site, according to The League review. Most of the women who are present on the platform have special degrees. The crowd includes 25 to 30 years old doctors, lawyers, and executives of famous technological companies. The users will be required to wait for a certain amount of time before they can take the test for entering the platform. The users might be accepted immediately if they have an invitation from an existing member.

Registration is allowed only for the users who have confirmed their membership in the entire platform. The data will go through the users’ educational qualifications and career achievements by making sure they have the right connections on LinkedIn and Facebook. It is better to upload professional photographs to gain acceptance on this website. Whenever an applicant is refused, authorities will also provide information about the reason for the refusal. Specific questions might be asked about personal and professional life by the moderators.

The ones who are allowed to get into the platform can receive only a single invitation to send to their loved ones. This can take up about 50% of the community, where the others have to wait in a virtual line. Most of the users on this platform are not comfortable with the other dating sites.

The registration procedure is not relatively easy because the acceptance rate is very low. Applications can usually confirm the people who are in the world of technology or finance. The website’s moderators are incredibly successful in their field, and they can pick the right members from the lot.

The Audience of The League


It is claimed in many reviews that The League site has about 250,000 active users. This indicates the exclusive behavior of The League. Most of the members have higher degrees from different universities across the world. 98% of mentioned the population has university degrees, 30% have advanced degrees in their field, and percent have their own Ph.D. 39% of the members have almost six-figure salaries.

The League review has also claimed that there will be differences in sexual orientation and the age distribution of members who have been on the stating site. Since the website had already declared the declaration of ethnicity as mandatory during registration, there have been several controversies. The owner has stated that this has not been an attempt at racism but to understand the user-based diversity of the field.

Sexual orientation

Bradford claimed that 5% of the user base consists of the LGBTQ community, with more members on this group than other dating profiles. However, the primary dating profile of the website is heterosexual.

Age Distribution

The minors are not allowed on this platform because they have to have greater education degrees before becoming a part of it. The legal issues are also brought into concern here. The popular age group for this kind of platform is 25 to 30 years, and the dominant female age group is 29 years.

Race and Ethnicity

When the site had disclosed that ethnicity is mandatory at this website, it faced a huge controversy. They claimed that they attempted to increase the user base diversity.

Religious Orientation

The League has the policy of all-inclusiveness in the case of the religious affiliations of the members.

The League Site Features


The League has some great and unique features which can help to support the plan of modern-day users.

League Tickets

The users are allowed to purchase different types of tickets that are available for The League. The steep price tag can be avoided if users can easily find a compatible partner.

One can also upgrade themselves on this The League site to make sure that they have free League tickets. The read receipts and VIP passes are also available in this manner.

League Groups

This particular website will have many members who can form easy club memberships to talk about the things that are not necessarily romantic but more indulgent, like hobbies and even professional matters.

League Owner

The members can also upgrade their account into League Ownership. The higher prices can offer the users membership benefits and daily stats, VIP passes, and interaction with groups.

This model is based on the use of the premium model, and the users can pay to enjoy the benefits of the platform with increasing prices.



Membership Pricing:

  • 1 month $99.00/ Month $99.00
  • 6 months $33.17/ Month $199.00
  • 12 months $ 29.08/ Month $349.00

Ticket Bundles:

  • 5 Credits: $5.00/ Credit $25.00
  • 15 Credits: $4.00/ Credit $60.00
  • 50 Credits: $3.98/ Credit $199.00
  • 300 Credits $3.33/ Credit $999.00

Investor’s Membership:

12 months $83.25/ Month $999.00
1 month $199.00/ Month $199.00

Advantages of Paid Account

  • Matches and search filters are advanced.
  • The waiting list can be bumped up.
  • The VIP events have special passes.
  • Help and support are devoted.
  • The profiles can be customized.
  • There are six requests every day.
  • Power moves can be used.

Possibility of Free Account

  • “Happy hour” 5 pm, three-match prospect list
  • Friends can be requested.
  • The user profiles can be browsed.
  • The photo profiles can be created.



The issues related to cybersecurity are not a secret to the users and owners of this platform. The dating sites have issues related to security. The users are often happier when they have been provided safety tips from the owners on the platform. The users might also have some of the platforms which can make sure that they have the problematic issues which can cause permanent damage to the entire state of their dating lives.

The users are requested to contact the customer service authorities; they understand that any kind of suspicious activity is taking place on the platform. It is better not to share personal information with the users you have just made. The League app itself is highly secure because security checks and registration processes ensure that the users are authentic by going through their other accounts on the social media platform. You need not worry if you want to find a perfectly compatible companion on this website.

Scam Charges

The League dating platform has been known as a legitimate application because of the fewer scams. The privacy policy and account verification are instrumental for the safety of this platform. As per The League Reviews, one must not worry about the legitimacy of this website.

Contact Information


Are you looking the ways to contact The League team? Here is the requisite information.

Website: The League Dating Site

Email: [email protected]

Contact no: (415) 763-6003.


If you are still apprehensive yet interested, go through the FAQs below. Who knows, you are convinced and sign up on The League app and soon find your soulmate.

Is The League Legit or A Scam?

The League site is one of the best places for online dating if you look for educated and successful men and women. The users who will use this platform to find their perfectly compatible companions can be sure that this website is legit. You can rely on this platform because very few fake cases have been found in regards to it.

What Is The Price You Need to Pay To Use The League?

The costs for different memberships are:

Membership Pricing:

  • 1 month: $99.00/ Month $99.00
  • 6 months: $33.17/ Month $199.00
  • 12 months: $ 29.08/ Month $349.00

Ticket Bundles:

  • 5 Credits: $5.00/ Credit $25.00
  • 15 Credits: $4.00/ Credit $60.00
  • 50 Credits: $3.98/ Credit $199.00
  • 300 Credits $3.33/ Credit $999.00

Investor’s Membership:

  • 12 months: $83.25/ Month $999.00
  • 1 month: $199.00/ Month $199.00

How About The Mobile App For The League?

The League has an app that is exceptionally sleek and is friendly for the users. The colors and fonts of this website are usually indicated towards the stylish and expensive requirements of the users. The navigation procedures are incredibly creative and accessible.

How About The League Demographics?

The website has people from different walks of life within the age range of 25 to 30 years. Most of the women are about 29 years old. Sexual preferences are not a barrier on this site. 5% of the population is considered to be in the LGBTQ community. Moreover, race and ethnicity are also not a problem, even though you might be required to put in the information at the very beginning, according to the reviews. The League app will have great uses for people who want to look for partners with similar tastes.

Is Registering on The League Easy?

The League will not give you an easy registration process. The profile might be used after the moderators have gone through manual checking of each website. More than 100 thousand individuals have not been accepted on this platform, which is from the USA Only. This has also ensured the exclusive behavior of The League site to allow the users who have higher educational degrees.

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