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TrueView Review 2024

TrueView Review 2024
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Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 21-30
Profiles 450 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The app is easy to use on any device;
  • Registration is fast;
  • You can find members with geolocation tags;
  • The interface is simple and user-friendly;
  • You can add multimedia files to your profile
  • A lot of services are free.
  • The application has some malfunctions, which may lead to problems with its use;
  • Some features require a subscription, the price of which can be an unpleasant surprise;
  • The app can lag sometimes;
  • No TrueView dating site.

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The TrueView app is a fantastic dating platform that focuses on helping people to meet individuals who have a lot in common and whose interests completely coincide. This application is new in its format on the online dating market. It was created in 2012 and gained popularity rapidly. The idea of the creators is bringing together not just singles who like each other but people who are close in spirit and character. Anyone can join the TrueView app regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Many people who use dating sites or apps feel frustrated when they find out that new people do not share their interests or hobbies. Too much time is wasted trying to get to know someone who is very distant. Of course, you can always accept that your partner does not share your political views, listens to different music, and does not like the TV show that you can watch forever. Or you can immediately use the TrueView app, which considers all the nuances and tries to find the ideal person that is right for you. This TrueView review will tell you if there are any disadvantages here, how safe such an acquaintance can be, and if you can find your love completely free of charge using this application.

TrueView Summary


Combining the functions of a microblogging, social network, a dating platform, and a hobby club, the TrueView app seems like a perfect idea. It can diversify your leisure time and help you find good acquaintances with like-minded people. In addition to the usual “online” or “offline” statuses, TrueView offers advanced options such as “busy at work” “playing a match.” It looks adorable and reminds one of the funny statuses used during the popularity of one of the first messengers, ICQ. You can post photos and posts on the blog in different categories: food, travel, film, work, social. A wide filter system is used to find a suitable partner. It helps honor even the most minor nuances, such as nutrition, bad habits, social behavior, favorite vacation, and much more. In addition, the TrueView app uses geolocation for search to suggest a match as close as possible to your location. In general, the concept of such dating looks excellent. Nice and user-friendly design deserves your attention because every little thing in the application is thought out and implemented to make users feel comfortable and convenient when communicating. The interface resembles social networks familiar to everyone; a microblogging function expands dating possibilities. Young users especially highly appreciated it.

Users with a higher TrustScore score can have more matches because a highly trusted profile appears more often in dating offers. The rating can be increased by passing user verification, filling out more information about yourself in the profile, and activating location data. This scoring system allows you to create a truly honest community, free of fake members and bots. Here, you can understand how much you can trust another member and get to know each other without fear. Obviously, the developers have tried to do everything for the users’ convenience.

The Audience of TrueView


Like most mobile online platforms, the TrueView app is more likely to target a generation of young people who are used to online communication anytime, anywhere, showing off their hobbies, photos, and social life. Most single people are looking for a serious relationship here and are thoughtful about dating. The developers do not allow discrimination based on gender, race, or sexual orientation, so here you can find both heterosexuals and representatives of non-traditional sexual orientations. The application has no restrictions about the countries where it can be used, so here you can meet participants from all over the world.

TrueView Site Features


TrueView app has a simple and pleasant design. There is nothing outstanding about it, but the simplicity and intuitive arrangement of elements make navigation as simple and fast as possible. It is effortless to start a dialogue with another TrueView app participant – you just need to click the button on the user’s profile or send a chat request. A chat will open as soon as the user confirms that they are ready to chat with you. A set of useful tools and features is designed to keep you comfortable, maintain an interesting environment, and have fun communication.

  • TrustScore rating. This function shows how the user is honest and open to communication and whether you can trust them.
  • Location settings. This feature allows you to set the location and criteria for searching for users independently, depending on how close or far they are.
  • Who viewed the profile. Visitors’ view is available to premium subscribers to find out who is interested in the profile and reads updates. It is convenient to know who liked you to take a closer look at this person.
  • Lock function. It is designed to ensure that every TrueView app user has the opportunity to protect themselves from unwanted communication.
  • Safe date. A feature designed to help users stay safe and comfortable on dates at all times.
  • Notification system. Notifications will allow you to always stay up to date on changes in the profiles of selected members and not miss an important message. You can turn off notifications anytime if you don’t want to be distracted by the application once again.
  • Multimedia. Similar to social networks, the TrueView app allows you to add music, video photos, and other media files to your profile.



The stumbling block between users and developers was the cost of using the TrueView app. As is often the case with fast-growing applications, one of the updates brought an unpleasant surprise – many previously free features became premium.

For example, previously completely free messages were now limited to only two chats. The rest must be paid for. TrueView app pricing is roughly the same as competing apps. Prices are between 0.99 USD and 35.45 USD. Tariff plans are automatically renewed and will remain active until the user manually cancels this service. To do this, go to the subscriptions page and find TrueView among your currently active ones, and unsubscribe.

Advantages of Paid Account


A paid account allows you to use all the functions of the TrueView app without restrictions. What opportunities open up after purchasing a subscription?

  • An unlimited number of chats and messages. As a premium user, you can chat with as many members as you wish, send messages, view and save conversations. Expand your social circle with the TrueView app and always stay in touch with interesting people with the ability to return to previous conversations.
  • Advanced search filters. A well-thought-out system of criteria will help you quickly find the best matches without wasting time flipping through inappropriate questionnaires. Use a variety of filters available in the premium version to find the best matches.
  • Sparks without limits. The developers have implemented signs of sympathy called sparks to easily and naturally strike up an acquaintance or start a conversation. While free members only have the option to express a few likes, there is no limit to the number for a premium user. Just send special sparks to show your sympathy, and you don’t have to search for a topic to start a conversation – this is the best way to make new acquaintances.

Possibility of Free Account


What options have you left for members free of charge?

  • Download and register. Download the TrueView app and register a new account for free.
  • Add multimedia files.
  • View profiles. Watch any profiles without restrictions, including videos, photos, and music.
  • Use standard search filters. Search for other members by basic matches such as age, location, and more.
  • Two chat rooms for communication.

At first glance, you may be unsatisfied with this fact, but two active chats may be enough for deep and meaningful communication.



A two-time Safest Dating winner at the acclaimed UK Dating Awards in 2016 and 2017, the TrueView app never makes you doubt its security. It is the company’s policy to comply with the strict requirements of community guidelines and information security laws. The application uses all the latest developments in data encryption while observing all the necessary data transfer protocols over the mobile network to ensure security against data theft and hacking. To verify their accounts, users need to provide a mobile phone number to receive a one-time password. This helps weed out bots and scammers. TrueView app never transfers the personal information of its users to third parties. If the behavior of one of the participants seems unacceptable to you, you can easily block that person. Just go to the profile of the user you want to block and click the “Block user” button on the home page. In addition, the developers strictly monitor that users of the TrueView app do not violate the law and that communication is comfortable and pleasant for all participants.

Scam Charges

After many of the previously free features became available only for premium members, there was a certain churn of users. The application’s audience became not so numerous. Some users were not ready to pay to continue communication on the platform without restrictions. There were accusations complaints that there are many bots in the application. However, we analyzed multiple reviews on the Google Play and App Store for this TrueView review and found no confirmation of scammers. Moreover, we did not find any evidence of fraudulent activity within the TrueView app. Thus, it is safe to say that no scammers would like to steal your money or obtain information for blackmailing.

Contact Information


Company name: TrueView LTD

Legal address: UK, 37 Heneage Street, London, E15LJ

Support Email: [email protected] , [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trueview.me

Twitter: https://twitter.com/T heTrueView


Below are the answers to the questions most often asked by users.

Is TrueView a legitimate application?

The TrueView app developers are TrueView Ltd, an officially registered UK company that develops turnkey software for interactive leisure and entertainment. It was registered on June 27, 2012, and is owned by Andrew Ibbotson, who also serves as a director. All information about the company is open and available to everyone who wants to know more, and there is no doubt about its legitimacy and legality.

Is TrueView expensive or cheap?

The TrueView app offers its users an optional subscription package called TrueView Plus. In terms of pricing, this app will cost about the same as its closest competitors. Prices are between 0.99 USD and 35.45 USD.

What platforms is the TrueView app available on?

You can install the TrueView app on both Android and iOS devices. Depending on which mobile device you use, you can download and install the application using Google Play or App Store.

This online dating platform is available worldwide, but the TrueView app currently has most of its members from the UK and members from nearby European countries. The app is most popular among young people under the age of 45. The number of men and women is about the same. The community is aimed at finding long-term relationships. Therefore, it attracts people who are ready to start a family with serious plans for dating.

What do you need to register on TrueView?

Signing up for the TrueView app is pretty simple. To do this, you need to download and install the application, specify your email address and mobile number to confirm your account and password. When creating a profile, you will also need to enter your name, age, place of residence, gender, and sexual orientation, as well as some information that will help reveal your preferences and hobbies. To access your profile, you must confirm your email address by clicking on the link or your mobile phone number using a password that will be sent as a message. It prevents fake accounts from registering and provides a secure environment for communication in the TrueView app.

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