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Be2 Review 2024

Be2 Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 310 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website's population is high, making it easy to find perfect matches.
  • The site features a smart matching procedure. Customers receive a set of matches daily. If the profiles you get don't interest you, the algorithm can provide a different set of profiles after a day.
  • The website has an excellent support service. You can find answers to any questions in the FAQ section. The customer care agents are always on standby.
  • The site accepts users of any gender or sexual preference, as long as they are above eighteen years.
  • The website has top data safety features.
  • The website enables people to find matches in their neighborhoods.
  • The site has a high success rate.
  • The gender ratio is well-balanced.
  • The website auto-renews subscriptions. The activity can make people new to online dating worry.
  • There is no cost transparency. You have to open an account to know the prices.
  • The site algorithm suggests matches. You cannot be sure whether a recommended person likes you or not.
  • The premium account charges are high.
  • The site is not ideal for people interested in dating across the world.

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Be2 was launched in 2004 by two entrepreneurs – Andreas Etten and Robert Wattke. A Luxembourg Company named Be2 S.a.r.l runs the platform. Throughout its existence, the service has risen to become a leading dating place in Europe.

People want a genuine person at some point in their lives. It can be someone to share your true self with, a sexual partner, or just a friend. Unfortunately, many activities keep people occupied these days, making it difficult to go out and socialize.

The good news is that the presence of a website like Be2 stops people from worrying about not finding a suitable partner. The platform offers people a safe place to keep in touch with exciting individuals looking for relationships. The website is accurate in enabling members to find their closest matches. It is also one of the most refreshing dating platforms that use a unique approach to find partners.

The platform is not complicated, and it has a comprehensive user base. Most previous users have found their perfect matches. So whether you want hookups or someone to start a family with – the website got you.

The site has a carefully created algorithm that pairs users with the most compatible people. Every detail of the partners gets considered before getting matches.

The platform users are active and different. The world has successful individuals that are shy or afraid to express their feelings. So, the dating website is helpful.

You have to understand the website features, advantages, disadvantages, costs, and more. Keep reading this review.

Be2 Summary


Be2 is the platform that introduces you to partners by using a scientific personality check based on your description. They refer to it as the compatibility index. It gets calculated as per sociological, psychological, and anthropological features.

When you join the website, you will see people from various parts of the United Kingdom. Though the service is available to anyone globally, it targets British cities mostly. They include:

  • Belfast.
  • Glasgow.
  • Liverpool.
  • Birmingham.

If you register outside London, the site offers you a British location.

The registration activity entails providing an email address that gets used to verify your account. You have to create a personality profile and upload at most five pictures. The action is free, and the questions you need to answer are fun, and there is a lifestyle section. You can talk about your location, shopping styles, lifestyle, how frequently you go to cinemas, etc.

The Be2 personality check lets users evaluate character traits. The site creator says it contributes to 40% of the success rate.

As for design and usability, the platform is straightforward. The database has a good structure, and there are excellent features. At times, active customers can get discounts. The website displays recent visitors. However, you can only get that service if you are a premium user. You can also view favorites on the right site section.

The site displays suitable partners upon registration, and you can contact the ones you like. Users can allow or prevent other people from seeing their photos. You can view how compatible you are with other individuals. For instance, you can see the percentage of your values compared. The site additionally shows a graphical comparison of profile answers.

When you visit other users’ profiles, you can like, send a smile, wink, or wave. The website allows writing messages too, and users can report people that give them problems.

The Audience of Be2


The Be2 website has over one million registered members.

Additional facts about the population:

  • Twenty thousand users are from the US, and the number keeps going up.
  • Most customers are from Europe.
  • An average of three thousand people signs into the website daily. So, there are twenty-one thousand log-ins per week and eighty-four thousand per month.

The platform does not focus on hookups or no strings attached relationships. Instead, most members desire partners they can date for a long time.

Gender ratio:

  • Male users make 43% of the website population.
  • Female customers make 57% of the population.


The age bracket with many members is between twenty-five and thirty-four years and thirty-five to forty-four years. Each of them makes 26% of the website population.

The age bracket that follows is between eighteen and twenty-four years. It makes 21% of the platform population.

People between forty-five and fifty-four years make 20% of the site population.

Users above fifty-five years are few. They make 7% of the site population. Below is the percent of men and women in each age bracket.

  • 25 to 34 years (14% women, 12% men)
  • 35 to 44 years (16% women, 10% men)
  • 18 to 24 years (12% women, 9% men)
  • 45 to 54 years (12% women, 8% men)
  • 55 and above (3% women, 4% men)

The website comprises people of all sexual orientations.

Be2 Site Features


Below are the features that enable customers to get a fun and smooth dating experience.

Just Ask. The feature lets customers ask their matches pre-written questions. Then, you can use it to know more about people by having a detailed conversation. The function also makes it easier for shy individuals to make the first move.

Be2 Index. The index results from an extensive calculation between the personality check, findings, and profile details. So, it marks your personality comparison with other users.

The index analyses people’s tendencies between the following:

  • Rationality versus emotionality.
  • Innovation versus tradition.
  • Attachment versus distance.
  • Feeling versus observation.

Search. The feature is straightforward. Users can browse through other people’s profiles and see the information they need. Upgrading your account offers you access to additional search filters. For instance, you can find matches based on location, gender, age, hobbies, religion, favorite food, and sexual orientation.

Communication. The primary Be2 communication method is the messaging feature. You can use it to contact anyone you like. The site features friendly and active people, which makes the environment lively. However, the operator requires you to pay.



People interested in casual affairs can use the website without spending money. However, if you want a long-term partner, a paid membership is necessary.

You need a premium account to access all the features, increasing the probability of getting the right partner.

Below are the subscription charges.

  • Three months cost 173.85 dollars.
  • Six months cost 209.70 dollars. The price per month goes down to 34.95 dollars.
  • Twelve months cost 383.40 dollars. The monthly charges reduce to 31.95 dollars.

Advantages of Paid Account

Below are the premium services.

  • Customers send and get unlimited messages.
  • You can add the people you find attractive to your favorites list.
  • Users see blurred photos.
  • You can see the profiles of people that visited your page.
  • Customers can vote on other people’s public pictures.

Possibility of Free Account


Below are the free features.

  • Account creation.
  • Profile creation.
  • Users can upload a display photo.
  • Customers can see the suggested matches.



The Be2 website is secure and reliable. When customers provide their private details, the site ensures to safeguard them.

The platform operates as per specified guidelines and privacy policies that all users have to accept before joining. The activity ensures safety. Customers get protected from malicious activities.

The site has the report option for users to use when they come across malicious individuals.

Technical protection. The website has exceptional features. All functions got worked on with top precision. The site’s technical aspect was carefully and efficiently created to offer members the best satisfaction when it comes to safety. The messages people exchange get encrypted.

The support service. If you are trying Internet dating for the first time, you may feel insecure. With the Be2 website, customers can feel free. The site has a simple approach and is friendly. Besides that, an excellent support system is in place. You can share your grievances or ask for help when you get stuck.

There are sixty support agents on the site. They work day and night to resolve customer issues regarding payment, accounts, or anything else. You can reach them via email.

The website also has the FAQ section where customers can find answers to most of their questions.

Scam Charges

There is no information about Be2 dating company scam charges.

The best safety measures are in place to prevent such activities, and customers have to do their part.

The site does not share customers’ information with third parties. Instead, the messages users exchange get encrypted, and there is a support team to take care of any issues that arise.

It is rare to encounter fake profiles, thanks to the detailed registration process. In addition, users undergo a personality test which takes some time. The lengthy process helps in eliminating malicious individuals.

Customers also have the option to block and report malicious activities.

You only need to go to a user’s profile. The report option is under their photo.

You can even report fake users via email or fax. The website offers all that to keep the dating environment free from scams.

Contact Information

Company: Be2

Address: 291, route d’Arlon, Luxembourg – 1150

Email: [email protected].

Facebook: Be2- Local Dating

Phone number +61 280 887 3 HYPERLINK “about:blank”26 (Australia)

Fax: +1 305 7048396


Below are the responses to the most commonly asked questions.

Is the Be2 website legit?

Yes. The website is worth considering if you want a long-term partner within your location. There is everything users need to connect fast. Security and privacy are not an issue either. There are measures in place to ensure that customers get the best dating experience.

The dating service cost is high, but that helps in keeping jokers away. Of course, there can be fake members like in all other matchmaking platforms, but there are ways to avoid them. For instance, you can report people that engage in malicious activities. The website moderators will ensure to remove them from the platform to ensure safety. A customer support center is also available. Users get assisted whenever they encounter a problem.

How much that the Be2 matchmaking platform charge?

There are three membership plans. Below are their costs.

  • Three months: 173.85 dollars.
  • Six months: 209.70 dollars.
  • Twelve months: 383.40 dollars.

Does Be2 app exist?

The matchmaking service gets accessed on desktop and mobile devices. If you have the updated smartphones, you can manage anything, making it a perfect option over the PC version.

If you are occupied and always on the go, you can download the app and use it to find suitable partners wherever you are. The available features are similar to those for the desktop site. The platform got designed excellently to give customers a fantastic experience.

The desktop site displays suitable partners on a list, but the app shows them in two columns.

How is the Be2 platform demographics?

The website’s population comprises over one million members. Twenty thousand of the users come from the United States, and more keep joining. However, the majority of the people are from Europe. There are around three thousand site visits each day.

Most members desire a partner they can remain committed to for a long time.

Women make 57% of the platform population. The men represent 43%.

The site accepts users above eighteen years, and all age brackets get represented. People between 25 and 44 make 52% of the website population.

Users above fifty-five years are the few. They comprise 7% of the population.

The site comprises individuals of all sexual orientations.

How is the Be2 site registration activity?

The sign-up process is effortless. All that new members have to do is provide the following information:

  • Name.
  • Gender.
  • Physical looks.
  • Sexual preference.
  • Location.
  • Religion.
  • Habits.

To go further, you have to create a username. Once it gets approved, you need to undergo a personality test. The questions you answer give the website the information it needs to offer you a match.

The personality test entails questions about character, your partner’s features, and your perception of various things. The site requires you to answer on a scale of one to five.

After all the above processes, you need to upload a photo. Then, you can blur it to get seen by premium members only.

Having a profile picture is optional, but it gets highly recommended to help you find a suitable match on the Be2 website.

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