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EuroDate Review 2024

EuroDate Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-36
Profiles 970 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 7.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform has a straightforward and convenient interface even for less tech-savvy people;
  • A helpful credit system is available for customers who wish to pay for the features they need;
  • The site serves European singles, so it is possible to find a suitable partner;
  • The site welcomes users from eighteen years and above;
  • The platform supports European diversity by permitting any romantic affair;
  • The video chat option brings the best flirting and dating encounter;
  • The site analyzes and verifies new members, thus lowering the number of fake accounts;
  • The platform attracts good-looking people. There are many profiles of beautiful individuals;
  • The site offers several services. Customers can send emails, chat, share pictures, and purchase gifts;
  • The service can get accessed on Android devices through an app;
  • The site has many positive reviews from previous customers.
  • The dating service is not among the most affordable ones in the industry;
  • The dating app is not available for iOS users;
  • Customers can encounter messages from bots;
  • Non-European customers get few matches;
  • The site promises high-quality matches, but success is not 100% guaranteed. People have to do their best to get what they want;
  • Rigorous signup activity. The site does not permit importing registration details from Facebook, thus making the process long;
  • The website has scams.

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EuroDate is among the oldest matchmaking platforms. Unfortunately, most people get occupied with other things making it difficult to find time to date. A reliable dating service is the only perfect solution.

This dating service was emerged in 1993 and is currently available in more than forty nations. The site lets people meet compatible partners from where they are.

The site has a straightforward dating approach and encourages users globally to register. Most members are Europeans, making it ideal for European singles. The platform aims to produce healthy relationships among people with the same interests.

Keep reading this review to determine if the site will suit you.

EuroDate Summary


A dating service like EuroDate rescues lonely people who need to focus on other things and have little time to enjoy chatting and romance. The website has thousands of successful couples and keeps providing the experience every time.

The site suits European people, although members from other places around the globe are welcome. The platform’s chatting service is quick and responsive. Profiles have sufficient information enabling users to find compatible partners. It is rare to find fake accounts because the administrators verify every person manually upon registration.

The Audience of EuroDate


Most EuroDate dating site users are from Europe. They are all above eighteen years and prepared to find love. However, since the population is high, some people might not know how it functions. They are young adults looking for new adventures.

Geographically, the dating platform covers a wide area. There are customers from the following countries:

  • Belgium;
  • England;
  • Spain;
  • Germany;
  • Several other European nations.

Users have varying sexual preferences. Therefore, you need to indicate your orientation on the profile for other people to know. Specifying your sexual preference makes it easier to find a match.

On membership, customers need to know who they will find on the website. First, most people are interested in genuine partners. They want someone they can date and even marry. Second, people interested in hookups might need to look for alternative dating platforms. Getting a one-night stand here can be challenging.

All website users are the past eighteen years. However, a good percentage is from twenty to thirty-five years. The people within that age are ready to marry. The site does not accept underaged users. The platform encourages people to join if they are willing to start a long-term relationship.

EuroDate Site Features


The dating platform has the following features:

  1. Safety.

Security gets guaranteed through the best anti-scam solution. All site users get confirmed manually, thus lowering the chances of encountering scammers with false details.

  1. Interesting function.

This feature enables users to know who wants to date them. With it, you will not need to spend so much time looking for a match. Instead, you will go straight to chatting with the people that like you if you also find them attractive.

  1. Search.

The partner searching activity on the EuroDate website gets based on particular criteria. For example, customers can determine matches based on pictures or go further into profile details to know people’s personalities.

The profiles contain many details. A person reads a user’s summary, why they are on the site, and the type of partner they want to meet. There is also enough information about what a member wants. It includes:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Characteristics;
  • Type of relationship.

Apart from the above profile details, users can know others’ interests, physical looks, for instance:

  • Eye color;
  • Hair color;
  • Marital status;
  • Height;
  • Education level;
  • Attitude towards alcohol;
  • Occupation.

The moment you enter the main page, you will see many profiles which match the above criteria. You can scroll down to see who suits you.

Once you get a match, you can click on the profile photo to see the profile. There you will find a description and what a person likes.

Not all photos are public. Some become accessible after a connection gets established between two people.

  1. Communication.

Communicating on the EuroDate websites becomes possible after a connection gets established. The available options include:

  • Email;
  • Gifts;
  • Messages;
  • Emojis;
  • Two-way and one-way video chat.
  1. Personalization.

The site users get introduced to suitable partners based on what they like. The matching tool matches people who have various things in common.

  1. The option to chat and send videos.

Starting a conversation is easy. Customers can exchange videos and pictures with people they like. The feature enables people to know each other better before meeting face to face.



The website allows new members to open accounts for free, but they must pay to access the best features. Payment takes place through a credit card. Users can pay for individual services as well.

The cost for one month is 9.99 dollars. However, there is a discount for every first user. Therefore, you can access the service for 2.99 dollars for the 1st month.

The subsequent months cost 9.99 dollars each.

The discounted months offers the following:

  • Up to twenty credits for communication;
  • Ten chats;
  • A one-month paid subscription.

After subscribing, you will not need to wait for matches. The site gives instant access to flirting and communicating with other people. However, the subscription is not all-inclusive. Users can buy access to some functions separately using the credit system.

The cost of one credit is six cents, and they get used as below:

  • The chat costs one credit or six cents per minute;
  • A sixty seconds video chat costs six credits or thirty-six cents;
  • An email costs ten credits or sixty cents;
  • Seeing or sending pictures and videos costs fifteen credits or ninety cents.

Advantages of Paid Account


Upgrading your membership on the EuroDate website gives you access to the following.

  • The Let’s Mingle Feature;
  • 50% of all purchases.

Consider the monthly subscription in the case of the following.

  • When you don’t know who you want, the Mingle feature will be helpful since it brings a little diversity to your search findings. It also refreshes emotions if you are new and know other members.
  • When you intend to interact with other customers a lot, the 50% discount will benefit you. Before choosing it, do some calculations and see how frequently or how long you want to communicate on the platform. You also need to consider the method of communication you will use.

Possibility of Free Account


All website users qualify for the free membership. However, the site requires people to buy at least a single credits package and finish the qualification procedure by entering the required details.

When people match all the criteria, the site gives them a promotion code to access the free service. Unfortunately, communication may not be possible because you can only write one phrase to show you like someone.

Free customers additionally get reimbursement. They can get virtual presents and exchange them for cash or use them to promote their profiles.

The EuroDate website also makes the best broadcasts. Users get them for free.

Overall, people do not get paid to be on the platform. Joining is voluntary. Furthermore, getting payment violates the terms and conditions of the site.



The primary concern for internet users is safety. The dating company guarantees the best online experience with protection from a reliable encryption technique. The site processes information as per the law. It does not reveal it to third parties.

Every person that registers on the EuroDate website is in charge of coming up with a strong password. You also have to use a safe internet connection and adhere to other safety guidelines to keep your details secure. In addition, the platform verifies users manually to minimize the chances of fake profiles.

The website is not different from other dating platforms. However, you can encounter scam accounts. So, the operator has an anti-scam policy that tells customers about the dangers of sharing their details. Information such as banking data, name, address, and password should remain private.

Though the platform tackles scam accounts with a premium messaging option and manual user verification, the risk of becoming a victim is still there.

When it comes to safety and security, there is nothing to worry users. The website has an excellent group of IT professionals. They have experience in backing protection on dating sites. They understand what it takes to keep people’s details away from others.

The EuroDate platform aims to give customers the best dating encounter. The website achieves that by implementing robust safety systems. In addition, the site accepts genuine customers through an Artificial Intelligence confirmation process.

In addition, the site ensures to enhance safety by reviewing profiles regularly. The administrators also look into reported users. Suspicious profiles get analyzed and eliminated from the site if found to cause harm.

Scam Charges

EuroDate has encountered scam profiles like any other dating service. However, there is no information about the action charges. Instead, the site promises to provide strict scrutiny of accounts to catch fraudsters.

The website employs a verification procedure to ensure the customers are genuine. The action filters unverified accounts. Website moderators also ban and eliminate anyone found to be fake.

The dating website also has the best support system. A team of customer care agents works throughout to ensure customers’ issues get tackled on time. Members can reach them through writing on their email.

Contact Information


Phone number: +1 800-283-0545

Email address: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eurodate.site

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EuroDate

Location: 10 Anson Road No. 05-17, International Plaza, Singapore (079903)


So many questions get asked about the dating service. Below are some of them with their answers.

Is the EuroDate online dating platform legit?

Yes. It is a genuine dating platform that serves Europeans that desire long-term partners.

A manual verification system is in place to prevent fake users from joining.

How much does the EuroDate dating platform charge?

The site offers two payment options. Customers can get monthly subscriptions or use credits to enjoy individual services.

The one-month charge is 9.99 dollars. However, first users get a discount. After that, they can use the website for 2.99 dollars in the initial month.

The payment for the other months remains 9.99 dollars.

People can purchase credits to access various services.

One credit goes for six cents.

Is the EuroDate service accessible via a mobile app?

Yes. The platform has an Android app that gives customers a gratifying online dating experience. The application is convenient. Users that do not wish to download it can access the service via a mobile browser.

The browser opens the site and lets you access all desktop functions. The good thing is that there are many ways to interact with other people whether you download the app or not.

There is no iOS EuroDate app version.

How is the EuroDate website demographics?

The platform is open to everyone interested in a long-term affair. Most of the members are young. However, there are people above fifty years.

All age brackets get represented, and there are people from various ethnic groups. They range from white to black.

The site does not limit registration based on relationship type. You can join whether you want a hookup or a long-term partner.

Religion is not an issue either. Muslims, Christians, and people of any other religious beliefs can join.

The website has gotten established and keeps enhancing its offers. So, it is ideal for modern individuals that wish to explore various dating options.

How is the registration activity on the EuroDate site?

The signup activity is free for everyone. However, the number of information users need to provide is higher than other similar platforms. The site does that because its users want long-term partners. Casual hookup services are the ones that don’t require customers to have detailed profiles.

Providing sufficient information makes it easier to find suitable matches. For example, users need to specify their age and that of the person they want.

The site also allows customers to register via their Google accounts. Next, their emails get linked to the website. After that, they start getting dating updates. The activity has a few steps.

The EuroDate website does not have the Facebook signup option.

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