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Habbo review 2024

Habbo review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 18-28
Profiles 570 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • An extensive user base
  • The platform is accessible via desktop, iPhone, and Android.
  • You can chat with other users at no cost.
  • The app has games to keep it interactive and fun.
  • The website allows you to customize most of the functions.
  • The platform is safe to use.
  • You cannot access the private rooms as a standard user.
  • Teenagers and minors are at risk of being preyed on by malicious people.
  • Habbo restricts fun activities because of the presence of minors.
  • Using the app is quite frustrating compared to the desktop version.

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The Habbo review seeks to cover extensive information about this social network. This platform has been filled with young stars owing to its interactive and fun-engaging features. Would this be your perfect kind of game? What does the Habbo app have to offer its users and prospective young singles? Find out by reading this review.

First, you have to sign up by visiting Habbo’s homepage on the desktop or downloading the mobile app via Android or iPhone. Note that you must be at least 13 years to proceeding to registration which takes approximately five minutes. The next step involves creating an avatar -you can customize it to your style and preferences. New users can buy accessories from the Habbo service and decorate their avatars. You will receive a username from the technical team, but you can change it, provided that no one on the platform is using it. How are the profiles? During signup, you will submit your email for a verification link. The only security feature available on Habbo distinguishes a genuine user from fakes, hackers, and scammers. Finally, you can buy furniture, pets, and clothes to decorate your profile – all these are virtual accessories. The first thing you will notice on the profiles are the badges – the more the badges, the more attractive a member is.

How do you make contact on the Habbo platform? The site has multiple communication tools for its users. Messaging is accessible at no cost for all members. Here is how to chat:

  1. You can join a chat room and send a message. The chat room is public, and anyone can view all messages. You can do this by clicking on the chatbox type a message, and clicking send. You will see a pop-up balloon representing your avatar. Should you want to read messages from other members, click on the avatars and proceed.
  2. Clicking on an avatar – you will see several functions like add friend, whisper, trade, ignore, give respect, report, and give hand item. This could function as a replica of finding hookups on conventional dating sites. Thus, you have to put in more effort to find a date if this is your intention.
  3. Messaging through Habbo Messenger: consider this option if you want to send a private message to a person you find interesting. Note that you can send multiple messages at a time. Members will be notified if their messages are read.
  4. Chat rooms: like other hookup sites, chat rooms are useful for group discussions. You should know that Habbo has moderators who monitor conversations and any activities that go on in the chat rooms. Since some members post inappropriate messages, users are encouraged to report such profiles as a protective measure against those who cannot condone foul characters and behaviors. Any member violating the rules, terms, and privacy policy will be sanctioned and banned.

How do you access Habbo? New users grapple with choosing the desktop or the mobile app. However, from our review, most members prefer using the website because it is easy to access, user-friendly, and interactive. However, the app is only useful because of convenience, but you wouldn’t find it user-friendly.

Habbo summary


Habbo has been in existence since 2000, with its headquarters based in Finland. It operates under Sulake enterprise, emphasizing or luring teenagers and young adults to connect on a social network. As a result, the app has attracted a global user base of mainly young adults and teenagers. This means that the app has a youthful user base.

Initially, the Habbo website didn’t start as a dating app but a social network. Since it started as a game, it attracted more users, and the virtual platform turned into a dating app. The site has attracted over three million global users attracting more male subscribers at 75%.

The presence of minors on the website is a significant concern. But the technical and support team are always available, moderating chats and regulating the spending limit. Habbo offers a lot to its users, ranging from socializing, networking, and even hooking up members. The website is an interactive virtual game, and you can invite your friends to join this online hotel game by scanning the QR code.

You should know about Habbo because you cannot categorize it as a dating site but a platform for socialization. The dating decision is subject to members who don’t mind real-life relationships.

The audience of Habbo


Habbo has hosts more than 3 million users. You might wonder why it has such few audiences, yet it has been in the social networking space for almost two decades. The truth is, the Habbo app came into the online industry with one goal; to help teenagers and young adults socialize in a safe space. However, the site became popular because of its interactive game-like features. Adults started utilizing the platform for hookups, making Habbo a social network and a hookup site. Habbo has a majority following of young people aged from 13 to 23.

Habbo features


Compared to other social network providers, Habbo accommodates minors aged from thirteen. Therefore, it integrates features that suitably appeal to this age. The features include:

  1. Club membership

You can become part of Habbo’s by joining the club’s membership. This is achievable by attaining HC Payday, HC Badge, and a Higher room limit. Other things that can help you attain Habbo’s club membership include monthly credits owning exclusive hairstyles and clothes, earning twice the buckets, doubling your friend list, creating groups, public groups, special commands, and exclusive room layouts.

  1. Builder club

This feature gives you access to Habbo’s warehouse that has furniture for you to choose from. In addition, this function allows you to modify the floor plans, attain BC membership, and access the alphabet and building blocks.

  1. Credits

These are more or less reward points that enable you to purchase accessories for your avatar and room decorations. You can also design bots and customize games using credits. Purchasing one credit earns you one diamond, while buying 120 credits earns you 120 diamonds that won’t expire until one month elapses.

  1. Pro gamer bundles

This feature allows you to access pre-decorated rooms with badges and furniture. You can get a complete package by paying USD 4.98

  1. Whisper

This function allows you to communicate with other users privately. You would consider this feature if you notice someone you like and wish to further your engagement to probably a date.



Habbo’s in-app purchases are affordable. So, how much will you pay to use all of Habbo’s features?

  • One month costs USD 3.98
  • Six months are equivalent to USD 20.99 (billed once at USD 3.50 per month)
  • One year costs USD 39.99 (billed once at USD 3.33 per month)

The Habbo website also charges its users for Builder Club Package as below:

  • Two weeks at USD 4.99
  • One month at USD 9.99
  • Three months at USD 27.99

The Bundle feature costs USD 41.99. Habbo accepts payment from different modes; residents of the United States can pay using gift cards, PayPal, Obucks, CVS, Mastercard, PaySafe Card, and Visa. Note that you can only make payments on Habbo’s official page.

Habbo usually regulates the amount minors can spend when using the social network. The good thing about this platform is that members renew their membership manually; you don’t have to worry about auto-renewals.

Advantages of a Paid Account


Most of Habbo’s features are accessible to all its members. However, there’s a lot more you can do if you upgrade. So what are the benefits of subscribing to premium membership?

  • Programming a bot using customized features
  • Play countless games without restrictions
  • Access plants and pets available on the platform
  • Purchase clothing and furniture
  • Join the Habbo club and become a member.

Possibility of a Free Account


After signing up, Habbo unlocks the following features free of charge:

  • Register and make a user profile
  • Send and reply messages
  • Participate and play the site’s games
  • Use the webcam (Habbo camera)
  • Use the Builder’s club for free but for a limited time.
  • Earn virtual credits known as duckets, for using the platform.
  • Growing monster plants



The app is safe to use, especially for adults. However, there have been concerns from adults about why minors are using the platform. This concern results from offensive content that the children access from malicious users. Other than this, Habbo takes a lot of stringent measures to guarantee its users’ safety. Some of these features include:

  • Verification of membership
  • Excellent support team; you can contact Habbo via email, phone, or live chat.
  • Anonymous browsing; users have fake usernames that cannot reveal the person’s identity. You will not know who you are talking to.
  • You are discouraged from sharing your real name, location, address, and phone number.
  • Habbo discourages its members from meeting with their hookups. For instance, if a person requests to meet you, clicking on the ignore icon conveys the message ‘no thanks.’
  • You can report someone if you feel uncomfortable with how they are treating you or if you note suspicion. Members are also encouraged to click the ‘call for help’ tab and air their problems to the support team.
  • Members should always treat each other respectfully.

While all these measures help enhance your safety, Habbo doesn’t control your activity on its platform. For instance, if you share photos, webcam images, and recordings, there is no way for the technical team to delete this data from their server. This means that you should be comfortable sharing any details on the site, lest some people use it maliciously or blackmail you.

Scam chances

Though the site is genuine, you will still run into scams and fakes. With this possibility, users should be careful when connecting with members of Habbo.

Contact Information


Where do you turn to when having questions concerning Habbo? The app has comprehensive FAQ sections covering diverse aspects of the site, ranging from usability to subscriptions. Habbo has operational offices worldwide, with its headquarters based in Finland. Below are the contact details you can use to reach the site’s customer care.

Company name: Sulake OY

Physical address: Sulake Oy, Kaarlenkatu II

City and Zipcode: Helsinki, 00530, Finland

Fax: +358 10 656 7010

Telephone: +358 10 656 7000

Email: [email protected]


So, what do people want to know about Habbo? Find out some of the commonly asked questions in this section.

Is Habbo legit?

Most people wonder if Habbo is legit. Technically, yes. The app is genuine from the overview. But you won’t fix fakes and scams on the app, especially because it houses teens who could stop using the app after some time.

How much does Habbo cost?

The app is not expensive compared to other pricing packages on competitor brands. You will pay USD 3.99 for one month, USD 20.99 for six months, and USD 39.99 for one year.

Is Habbo available on a mobile app?

Yes, you can use Habbo via a mobile app for Android and iPhone users. The app has an eye-catching resolution with vibrant colors compared to the desktop. However, the app has fewer pixilated graphics. You should know that a few people prefer using the app, presumably because of less functionality.

What’s the Habbo website’s demographics like?

Most of the members are from the United States of America. The app hosts users aged 13 and above, with most members being in the age bracket of 18 to 32. A majority of those who sign up are either interested in dating or socializing by playing the game. There are more men on the app compared to women at 62%.

Is it Easy to sign up on Habbo?

Yes, signing up takes approximately five minutes. There are multiple ways to sign up; Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft. If you are 13 years and more, there is no restriction to registration. The process requires you to create an avatar and customize it as per your preferences. Habbo will give you a username after completing the signup process, but you can change it to best describe you.


Habbo has been one of the leading social networks with plenty of youthful subscribers. Though the idea behind its inception was to help high school students connect, socialize, and network, the app has been influential in finding hookups. There have been controversies and allegations against this app, primarily because it hosts minors. Regardless, parental guidance is recommended for users below 18.

Habbo also regulates members’ activity because social networks have a loophole for scammers, fraudsters, and predators to prey on minors and adult users. So whether you choose this app for dating, socializing, or even for engaging in games, we hope the Habbo review informs your decision.

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