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Hot Or Not Review 2024

Hot Or Not Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is ideal for individuals looking for local dates or casual hookups.
  • Anyone can view display pictures.
  • An impressive mobile application.
  • The registration process is simple.
  • The website is more like a social media platform than a dating platform.
  • The premium packages are expensive.
  • By signing in with Facebook, all the images are imported to the website.

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Hot or Not made its debut in the dating world in 2000, holding two engineers of the Silicon Valley, namely, James Hong and Jim Young. However, unlike other dating sites, the Hot or Not site failed to impact the audience after it launched. As a result, the developers incurred losses, but they didn’t give up hope. Recently, the dating site came up with a new look and launched its mobile-friendly application. As per the trends, the application is certainly going to do miracles for the brand.

Initially known by the name “Am I Hot Or Not,” the dating site was launched with a unique objective to allow users to post their images, and other members of the portal will rate the photo on a scale of 1-10. It might sound a straightforward fact for a dating website. Still, the Hot or Not site idea went a long way to inspire several popular social media portals to incorporate this idea, including Facebook and YouTube. Today, the dating site has more than 350 million users across the globe.

The newest feature added to the list of achievements of the dating site is the collaboration with Badoo online dating company based in the UK. They use users’ data to highlight the hot people available in the local vicinity of the user. However, there is still a lot more about the dating site and its unique features. Therefore, keep reading the Hot or Not review to explore more about the dating service portal.

Hot Or Not Summary


Hot or Not site is not like your usual dating portals. The users visiting the portal are shown several images of various users. The operating model of the portal is also straightforward, and any newcomer can easily understand the overall functioning of the portal. A member is shown images of several other users, and if they like it, they can heart it, and if they do not like it, they can click on the cross symbol. Before you dive into the ocean of information about the various services of the website, here is a synopsis of the primary features of the dating portal:

Registration Process

The registration process of the Hot or Not site is similar to any other dating site, but the process is lengthy and consumes time. When a user visits the official website and clicks on the join now tab, they will be redirected to a new window, where they need to fill all the fields before proceeding further. The user’s profile is accessible only when the email verification process is completed. Users can avoid the lengthy registration process by simply using their Facebook account to sign up with the profile. When a member uses their Facebook account, all the images on their Facebook profile are automatically added to their Hot or Not profile.


Hot or Not site takes immense pride because their website has not encountered any security issues. The website is clean, legit, secure from third-party interventions, and the support team has done an impressive job of keeping scammers away from the portal. However, it will be foolish to accept that there are no scammers on the portal. Every user should be careful while exploring the site. Sharing personal information with strangers is what we do not advise. The primary need for such dating sites is responsibilities if you come across any suspicious account report immediately.

First Impression

The simplicity and subtle features of the Hot or Not site are the primary attraction for all the users. You will never find yourself lost on this site, as every feature comes with detailed navigation instructions. How to sign-up, discover desired members, how to use, and all the different services of the website has a detailed explanation. Therefore, the site is highly user-friendly for newcomers. The developers have also used different colors to distinguish the additional features.


The Hot or Not app is the secret behind the unmeasurable success of the dating portal. With the mobile app launch, several users came to know about the website, and it gained massive popularity. Similar in appearance and function, both the app and website of the brand can be used with the same account. The user-device interface is also smooth. However, there are subtle differences between the website and mobile version. On the desktop version, users can use the heart or cross features to express liking or disliking, but it is the traditional method of swiping left or right on the app.

Audience Of Hot Or Not


With 384 million members across the globe, the Hot or Not site is one of the most popular online dating sites. The site has more than a million active members at any given time. Isn’t that enough to prove the popularity of the dating portal? Moreover, the exciting part is that most of the users are genuine members of the portal. Thanks to the elaborate and stringent registration process of the site that prevent fake accounts from destroying the harmonious environment of the community.

Based on the site’s demographics, the average age of members who rule the portal is 25-34 years. Young adults from the age group of 18-24 years constitute the second largest population of the portal. However, you might also come across old age people who are in their late 50s.

The site mainly consists of male members. The male members have to go through a stringent method of registration to prove their legitimacy. However, the Hot or Not site also has a considerable percentage of the female population. Women also get special privileges of a 3-days trial premium account.

Based on the demographics, most of the community members belong from The United States Of America, with around 150,000,000+ users.

Hot or Not Features


Hot or Not site has an exclusive hotlist feature. However, apart from the exclusive features, many standard features make the portal more like a social networking platform than a dating site:


It is the primary feature of the dating site. The portal has a separate encounters page that displays different profiles based on various parameters like location, interests, and others. Users can also use the various search filters to narrow down the profile search. Users can use the swiping feature to like or dislike any account. However, the site does not come with any connection facility when both the profiles like each other. When someone swipes right on your profile, they like your profile and act as a high rating for your profile on the Encounter’s page. Therefore, it is essential to choose the most beautiful display picture for your profile.


Always communication is not necessary to show your affection for someone. The gifting feature of the portal is one such non-verbal gesture through which one user can make another one feel special. Members can send gifts to other users by selecting the gift option from the profile or available in the chatbox.


Hot or Not site is like a social media platform. They provide stickers for having fun during discussions or chatting. Members use emoticons or emojis to express their emotions, feelings, and sometimes as a means of non-textual communication. Emojis do not expire, and they are limitless. They are located as a separate option in the chatbox.



The prices of the services by Hot or Not site are more expensive than most other dating sites. Here are the packages:

Duration Costs Total
1 Week 3.99 USD/Week 3.99 USD
1 Month 12.99 USD/Month 12.99 USD
3 Months 10.66 USD/ Month 31.99 USD
6 Months 8.00 USD/ Month 47.99 USD

For Credits:

100 Credits 0.02 USD/ Credit 1.99 USD
500 Credits 0.02 USD/ Credit 9.99 USD
1250 Credits 0.02 USD/ Credit 19.99 USD
2750 Credits 39.99 USD

Besides the price packages mentioned above, the Hot or Not site also offers premium packages for the users. The one-day price of the premium package is 0.79 USD, and the cost of the lifetime package is 79.99 USD. In addition, women users of the portal can avail of the 3-days premium trial version to decide whether the package is ideal for them or not.

Advantages Of Paid Account

  • Premium account users can undo their voting action.
  • Higher chances to appear on the top of search results.
  • More account reach and engagement.
  • Users can use the gift feature.
  • Stickers are available for chatting.
  • Premium users can view other users’ profiles without letting them know.

Possibilities Of Free Account

  • Free registration and profile creation.
  • Users can upload images without any limit.
  • Profiles are eligible to get matches.
  • Chatting feature available for the users.
  • Profile browsing is available.
  • Users can view profile photos of others.



Hot or Not site is a safe place. Once you start using the portal, you will realize that the site is free from any security issue, and the developers take pride in this fact. The community makes sure that the user’s privacy and data remain confidential. The administration of the portal has taken some legitimate steps to ensure top-level security. The registration process involves a long list of questionnaires to identify the user’s legitimacy in being a part of the portal. The email verification process is a great way to minimize the growth of bot accounts on this user-friendly dating portal — users using Facebook to sign in to the portal experience an extra layer of security. The members can control several functions of the site to maintain their privacy. The members have the right to report any suspicious account. The reporting tab is available in the settings. The support team has been actively scanning and monitoring the various profiles to ensure that the site is free from scammers and fraud.

Scam Charges


In general, the Hot or Not site is a user-friendly dating site that offers top-notch services to every portal member, depending on their account type. However, if any user is discovered taking illegal measures, the administration can take instant action against them. The support team will immediately restrict the activity of the profile and will ban the email address from the web portal of Hot or Not forever.

The members should also take the responsibility to report any suspicious profiles to the support team. They should block the users who try to affect the mental peace and privacy of the member. If a profile encounters many blocks and reports. The administration tea will certainly take a step against the profile.

Contact Information


Company: Or Not Limited

Address: The Broadgate Tower, Third Floor, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2RS, United Kingdom

Phone number: 07976476

Email: [email protected]


Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about Hot or Not site. We hope we will get answers to your queries from here:

Is Hot or Not A Legit Dating Website For All?

Hot or Not is a legit dating website. The portal has adopted all the possible safety measures to provide users with a safe and secure environment. The email verification methods help the administration judge the user’s legitimacy and reduce bot accounts. The members can report to the authorities about any profile.

What Is the Cost Of Hot or Not?

The Premium package price for a day is 0.79 USD and for an entire month is 79.99 USD. The other payment schemes and cost of credits are:


Duration Costs Total
1 Week 3.99 USD/Week 3.99 USD
1 Month 12.99 USD/Month 12.99 USD
3 Months 10.66 USD/ Month 31.99 USD
6 Months 8.00 USD/ Month 47.99 USD

For Credits:

100 Credits 0.02 USD/ Credit 1.99 USD
500 Credits 0.02 USD/ Credit 9.99 USD
1250 Credits 0.02 USD/ Credit 19.99 USD
2750 Credits 39.99 USD

Does Hot or Not Offer Users An Application?

The Hot or Not app is available for both Android and iPhone users. The app resembles the website in terms of style, design, features, and functions. The app comes with an efficient mobile-friendly interface. It is also optimized to fit on the small screen so that toggling from one feature to another is very convenient.

What Does The Demographics Say About Hot or Not?

The website is home to more than 350 million users across the globe. With over a million active users, you have to accept that Hot or Not is a trendy online dating website. The young to middle-aged people are present in the majority on this website. The average age group is 25-34 years. Presently, there are more men than women on this site. However, with advancement in the societal thought process, women are also joining such portals to embrace their life. The United States Of America is the top country with the most number of members on this site.

How Conveniently A User Can Sign-up With Hot or Not?

Like any other dating site, the signing up process of the Hot or Not site is straightforward. However, it is a lengthy process. The maximum time is gone while filling the questionnaire. Users, especially men, have to go through a stringent registration process to prove their legitimacy. Once the user has filled the questionnaire, they need to complete the email verification. Once the email verification is also done, members can use their account to continue their exploring.

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