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Maiotaku Review

Maiotaku Review
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 64%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 900 720
Reply Rate 41%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 6.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration
  • Simple matching tools
  • An intuitive interface
  • Presence of a decent base of anime lovers
  • No Maiotaku app for the website
  • The webpage loading speed can be improved
  • Distracting advertisements
  • Annoying fake profiles

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Maiotaku is the best destination for you if you are into anime. Deemed to be a dating service and a social networking site, Maiotaku offers its users an extraordinary experience to cherish for a long time. While the website proclaims itself to be the best anime platform to date, the #1 anime dating platform is certainly a well-deserved title. The Maiotaku app comes with many additional benefits if one plans and decides to join hands with the community.

One of the crucial pros worth nothing is that Maiotaku, compared to its competitors, provides most of its services for free. Even if you decide to subscribe to a premium account to support the community, it will cost you no more than $4 to an average extent. Maiotaku review believes in holding special room parties, events, and convention panels to promote itself and grow as a community.

Sadly the review does not call out the Maiotaku site to have a separate mobile application. Still, you can enjoy the experience of a fully portable and responsive version that presents itself with every feature one desires or looks forward to in any dating website, allowing its users to navigate the website easily on the go.

There is no presence of photo verification on the platform because most of the users tend to set up the pictures of their favorite anime as their main profile photos. However, it should be kept in mind that no sexually explicit, improper, or fake content will be allowed on the website. Every such inappropriate content is banned or prohibited.

Get ready to witness a dating experience you would never have noticed before, something unique and non-trivial. What are you waiting for?

Maiotaku Summary

Maiotaku Summary

Maiotaku was designed not by a random cheesy dating corporation but by anime fans themselves. It in itself adds to the appreciative attractiveness of the dating website. All the provided services at the platform are developed with an exceptional amount of love and belongingness.

The team of Maiotaku is known to manage their services themselves, along with building up their software. Apart from all this, they are indeed themselves huge fans of anime.

While Maiotaku is considered a dating website, one can generally find it under the exclusive category of special interest and hobby. Being in favor of equality and the prevalence of Section: 377, which talks about homosexuality, Maiotaku presents a warm welcome to every user with any sexual preference; one can be gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, whatever one wants; to be! Known to celebrate a nerd within us, Maiotaku helps every person locate in the wide fandom community with similar minds and desires.

Anime in this day and age is indubitably a unique universe. What makes it even more remarkable is sharing interests with people who are as equally passionate about anime as you possibly are. In case you are a huge fan of anime, Maiotaku will surely turn out to be a best friend to you!

Here, with a simple filling up of a free dating profile, you can comment on the profiles of other users, upload unlimited content, exchange thoughts and messages, look for the most compatible match for yourself, join forums, and receive generated matches; automatically as well!

The Audience of Maiotaku

The Audience of Maiotaku

Maiotaku site has an average volume of around 916 daily users and visitors with more or less 2381 page views. While considering the same, the web value rate of this website goes around 42179 USD. Researches and surveys further claim that every individual visitor ends up making around an average of 2.78 views with every visit.

Name of the Country Percentage of Visitors
United Kingdom 44.6%
United States 31.3%
Saudi Arabia 12.8%
India 3.2%
Russian Federation 0.5%
Other 7.5%

Maiotaku Site Features

Maiotaku Site Features

Successfully launched in 2009, the Maiotaku platform has been operating for a total of 12 years today. It is not just a mere dating website; instead, it is an interesting hybrid of a dating platform for anime lovers and a social network for anime fans.

Major features as a Social networking website that are significantly seen in Maiotaku are:

  1. Building up of a profile
  2. Finding new partners and friends for yourself
  3. Reconnecting yourself with con friends
  4. Uploading your favorite content

Other major features of Maiotaku as a dating platform include:

  1. Getting to know and discover other anime fans like you
  2. Sharing your personality with thousands of other users
  3. Meeting people you would have never thought to exist
  4. Providing yourself set-ups keeping into consideration one’s personal anime preferences

Apart from such wonderfully mesmerizing features mentioned above, one can also write about their favorite manga and anime, cosplays, and other anime conventions at Maiotaku. What are you thinking? Does it end here? Well, your anime experience surely has a lot to cross.

Along with this, the Maiotaku review shows that you can rate other shows and track your preferred anime’s progress. With Maiotaku, join the vast anime community and start posting on the pages of your friends, enjoy the feature of private messages, or you can also think of joining forum threads.

Maiotaku is specifically a website designed to meet single anime fans like you. It specifically aims to get connected and find love in such difficult times. Maiotaku is a unique dating and social networking website, but it has certain other kinds of vibe to itself. The website has substantially gained a lot of recognition, familiarity, and popularity among the people who love anime, thanks to the plethora of features it provides. Some of them are mentioned hereafter:

  1. Fast rendering of services offered.

Maiotaku uses the latest AJAX technology, which has been explicitly designed for exchanging messages and further deleting in some instances as quickly and simply as possible.

  1. Locate your old friends

This splendid feature offered by the Maiotaku app permits users to locate their old friends and acquaintances from different anime conventions and further reunite with some of their fellow friends.

  1. Link to anime conventions

Maiotaku site, as a perfect social networking and dating website, offers users a detailed list of local anime conventions where one can track their attendance anytime they desire. Anime conventions have successfully been proven out to be a way of meeting other anime fans like you. At times, you can also find hotel roommates by joining such conventions.

  1. The benefit of heart pieces

Heart pieces at Maiotaku are used for measuring and tracking your everyday activity. The more heart pieces you have with you, the more chances you are offered for unlocking some very cool benefits.

Maiotaku site helps in tracking how much you have watched or read manga and anime. This feature generally helps the matching algorithm of the website to work more efficiently. The database has constantly been showing expansion, but it includes a lot of anime shows as well. It enables a user to:

  1. Track titles
  2. Rate
  3. Information for where to watch anime


The services provided by Maiotaku have constantly been up for development. Although most of the features are available for free for people to reap the benefits, the premium members of the website have direct and full access to all the latest features presented by the platform.

At the initial stages, a majority of the features cost users nothing, including creating profiles, leaving comments on other’s profiles, and matching with other Otaku. However, if you are one of the premium members, you are accustomed to evening more functions and fun on the website.

If you decide to move on towards being a paid member, you will be presented with two major premium options. You will be provided ancillary benefits by paying $9.50 for three months and $3.50 for one month. Your money tends to boost the services to attract more users while making Maiotaku more effective. Pricing methods include payment via PayPal and credit card. If you use PayPal, ensure that you take note of the PayPal email address on your account.

When compared with other dating apps, Maiotaku provides an upper edge because of being less expensive. All other dating websites charge you for every feature provided; Maiotaku offers users many functions for free, along with a reasonable cost of membership.

If you want to get rid of your membership, you will have to visit your PayPal account and find that particular transaction. With this, press the ‘cancel the subscription button. If you still face any issues, feel free to contact customer support.

Duration Per Month Total
1 Month 3.50 USD 3.50 USD
3 Months 3.16 USD 9.50 USD

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

If you have a premium/ paid account, fee-based services include:

  • Nearby matches
  • Better and effective exposure
  • Picture sharing
  • Ad-free experience
  • Giving away of items
  • Matching improvement

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

If you possess a free account, free services provided by Maiotaku include:

  • Registration of an account
  • Building of an account
  • Filters
  • Messaging and commenting
  • Forums
  • Tools for searching and matching



The profile contact data one provides will either be visible to the rest of the users or be private; this depends on one’s selected protection approach. It is expected that one presents themselves with an active presence of mind while following all the required security measures concerning the management of others on the website in a similar way you practice at any other place.

Remember not to reveal any personal information, including your credit card details, and keep all the information needed within the service itself. If you encounter or come across any weirdly frivolous or improper behavior by any user, report them without hesitation. Maiotaku has a clear right to ban or terminate any account which has been deemed suspicious.

While considering the technical side of protection, Maiotaku presents itself with a hybrid of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human interaction for successfully detecting any fake profiles or scammers on the website. All the assigned moderators are extremely and cautiously active and meticulous when it comes to the security of their beloved users.

Maiotaku site is a safe platform that uses captcha to prevent the entry of any hackers within the website. When all the financial risks come, the website ensures that all the transactions are encrypted to secure every little financial detail.

Hence, following Google safe search, Google safe browsing, and Symantec, Maiotaku as a website is a very secure domain for online dating.

Scam Charges

This elite website is no way closer to being a scam. It can be vividly seen through the below-mentioned points:

  1. Norton ConnectSafe: It evaluates the website for any insecure or unsafe content.
  2. Google safe search: It is used as a parental control for filtering all the child-inappropriate search results on any of the devices.
  3. W3 Tools: It safely gathers data related to security and reputation to compare it with third parties. It also helps in calculating trustworthiness and safety on the received information.
  4. McAfee web advisor: It assesses all the meaningful security threats while taking care of all the dangers one might witness, ranging from all those annoying pop-ups to stealing of identity.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or queries regarding the platform of Maiotaku, your membership, either free or premium, or your account, you can feel free to check and take help from the support section, which significantly covers most of the popular questions people ask for.

If the section mentioned above does not answer your question correctly or at all, do not worry. You can use the contact form provided by the website to contact the administrators of Maiotaku as well.


Maiotaku is considered a straightforward website with an exceptional provision of services along with being user-friendly.

However, in case you, as a user, have any queries or questions, you can refer to the set of questions mentioned hereafter for getting acquainted with all the services and working of the website.

Does the Maiotaku Review Prove It to Be a Legit?

Does the Maiotaku Review Prove It to Be a Legit?

Yes, the Maiotaku app can be trusted. It creates a safe and sound community with the implementation of security measures. However, the website is unable to guarantee full security because of the nature of the provided services. Even after this, Maiotaku strives and aims to keep the website neighborly and protected for every user who joins hands with it.

How much does Premium Paid Account at Maiotaku App Cost?

A premium account for a month costs $3.5, while for 3 months, one has to pay $9.50 to enjoy the features that are coupled with the same.

Does Maiotaku Have a Mobile App? Does the Maiotaku App Effectively Work on Mobiles and Tablets?

Unfortunately, Maiotaku does not have a separate mobile app. Still, the website is fairly well-optimized to work effectively on your devices such as mobiles or tablets, though you might end up experiencing issues with the speed of loading web pages at times.

What Are the Demographics of the Maiotaku Site like?

What Are the Demographics of the Maiotaku Site like?

The traffic estimates and Maiotaku review of Alexa successfully place Maiotaku, an anime dating website, at 68502 worldwide. With such a huge number of visitors, the website gets the largest number of visitors from the United Kingdom, which takes 25880th place in the charts.

Is It Easy to Sign up on the Maiotaku Site?

Is It Easy to Sign up on the Maiotaku Site?

It is very easy to sign up on the Maiotaku app and Maiotaku site. All you need to do is click on the text saying “Sign on” on the top right corner of the screen. After that, insert your username and password, and you’ll be done!

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