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Skout Review

Skout Review
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 48%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 110 330
Reply Rate 34%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 7.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Ease in signing up.
  • This website is great for initiating a friendship and looking for hookups locally.
  • The range of options available for basic membership surpasses its competitors to the extent that most of its users do not need to upgrade their membership at all.
  • It is unlimited to all its members. A free search option is also available to all its users, which allows them to look for any of its users available over the application.
  • There is no mandate to enter specifics about your profile. Users can keep the information to themselves in this respect without fear of losing out on their privacy.
  • The users are free to comment on the pictures available on the account without a bar.
  • The user gets a chance to earn points on the pictures made available on their profile.
  • The free version of the application is filled with a large number of pop-up ads. It causes a lot of irritation on the side of the users.
  • There is no process for email verification. It results in a large number of bots on the scourge overSkout.
  • There are a lot of underage users available over this platform. It is due to no mandate over uploading the profile picture and user information over the profile.

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Starting in the year 2007, Skout can be said as the contemporary of modern-day Facebook. Here, the users can make a profile, post updates and reviews through its exciting features. Its find me feature allows people to search for their partners locally and exchange messages.

The procedure was simple; you had to send a message to user B, who will automatically get added to your list of friends when accepting your message. If user B deleted your friend request, your message, by default, would be removed from their chat.

With over 10 million users worldwide, this application provides many prospects to its users who are on the lookout for a date. It can be called a hybrid social networking site where people interact, meet up, exchange messages, and date.

There is also an interesting option of blind date available to its users where the ‘contestants’ are randomly assigned with their pictures blurred. As they continue to chat privately, their image becomes more clear. Post it; they may decide if they want to continue with this match or continue their conversation personally.

It is a great application for anyone on the lookout for adventure dating. From the multitude of options available, one can never get bored of this application.

Skout Summary

Skout Summary

Skout, over its tenure, has received positive reviews about its functionality and overall application. The members have been seen to be quick at responding. Despite the application being global, most of its users are based in the US, Taiwan, and Venezuela, with males outnumbering the females in any age group.

Monitoring and proper scanning have done away with a lot of fake profiles and scammers online. With the help of GPS tracking and monitoring, it can locate the people in the near vicinity. Some of its key features are as follows-

The Audience of Skout

The Audience of Skout

Skout has been in the market for over a decade. During this time, it has established itself as a trustworthy compatriot. Officially, it is available to people above 18 years of age. However, due to no verification process available, there have been cases where kids of 14 years of age, even younger, have been found.

Most of the users here want to enjoy the thrill of travellers dating over the places they visit. With over 10 million users worldwide and 4.2 million active users, you never feel the dearth of contacts available to keep in touch and get to know the people well. Though most of the users in this application are based in the US, Taiwan, and Venezuela, this base has expanded globally, with many people engaged over this platform.

Owing to its credibility over such a long time frame, many of its users get back to it from time to time. Here, the blurred features let the participants choose to keep their chats private or explore one another’s profiles.

Due to no cross-verification process available, many users have registered complaints about bots prowling over this platform over time. However, actions are taken to report these fake accounts, which are taken down from the application at once. Additionally, the users have access to block a profile as well.

Skout Site Features

Skout Site Features

Skout has continued to surprise its users with the great features it offers to all its users. It has made it set a mark compared to all its users in its domain. Some of the prominent features are as follows.

  • Backstage

In this feature, you can allow the users to unlock your pictures after setting out a definition number of points ranging from 10 to 10,000. You get a portion of the points made by this. The users unlocking your picture can then rate them from 1 to 5.

  • Buzz

You can let people actively engage with your profile by setting up a definite set of questionnaires and posting pictures to draw attention.

  • Shake to Chat

It is available in the chat function of the Skout app; the users shaking their cellphones are matched with a random stranger nearby. The fun part is that you have no clue about the person, like shooting in the dark.

  • Skout Travel

For this feature, you must avail of the 24 hours ticket to Skout, where all your options will be local to that place, and you will be able to meet all the locals there. It will be a great session for all the people willing to travel and explore different places around the globe.

  • Match

Users can look through the different suggestions provided in the profile and see which one they like the most. If they find the profile attractive, they may take five, a green tick, a red cross, for the contrary. If both the sides gave a green tick, then it is a match.


The free membership over Skout offers a wide range of options. However, the paid membership provides the users with a notch above the conventional free membership. Some of the premium ones which come with this include an increase in popularity. Among the same accounts, the user with premium membership will be ranked higher. Adding on, the premium membership will do away with the annoying pop-up ads, which provide a smooth experience for all its users.

The packages for the premium pack are relatively cheaper, with less than 10$ a month for a monthly box. Additionally, there is also a system for credit points which users can take up to use over games which also starts at a reasonable price of around 4.99$ per month and double points for 7.99$ monthly. The payment options for these are available via Paypal, money card, and mobile pay.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

Paid accounts, as stated, come with their set of advantages which range from getting rid of the pop-up ads that come over the application. A paid version also helps boost the popularity of users by listing their names in the top searches as well as their names will be the first to be put up in all the messages that are sent by default. Users can also claim insight on their muse post activating a premium account.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

The free account not to be left behind comes with undefeatable prospects for all its users. The users here are free to message over any of the profiles available. Moreover, they can also like and comment on any picture. They are free to use all the features available without a bar.



As complained by many users, the original profiles get highly infiltrated by bots. It leads to difficulty in identifying a genuine person from the fake ones.

It is a piece of discrete advice to users to refrain from engaging in texts sharing the links of Kik accounts or who want to send over various links. Many websites try to harness the large database Skout’ has to provide for reaping their profits. Additionally, be cautioned when any users ask for any sum of money for help or are being oppressive. At once, report the account to the admin.

Scam Charges

So far, Skout has continued to keep its name clean without any history of forgery or anything.

Contact Information

Skout does not verify the email addresses of its users, unlike its contemporaries. Therefore, there have been quite a few fake accounts over this platform that get verified once they are reported to the admin.


Some of the frequently asked questions and queries are given as follows.

Is There a Legal Validity of Skout?

Yes, the website/application is legit and has been in the market for more than a decade. The reliability and validity of this application have been verified multiple times with an active user base extending over 4.2 million.

What Is the Cost Involved in the Registration Process of Skout?

Depending on the user’s plan, the cost of using this application is generally around 10$ for a monthly package. Additionally, users can opt to buy bonus coins that can be utilized over multiple gaming platforms. The price range for these coins starts at 4.99$.

Is There a Mobile Application for Skout?

Yes, Skout has a mobile application available that works over multiple operating sys: iOS and Android.

What Does Skout Website Demographics Look Like?

What Does Skout Website Demographics Look Like?

Skout app has a user-friendly demographic that includes a panel of options available over the top of the page. The user can choose over the multiple options and features available to them. The page comes in subtle hues, which are largely monotones and are soothing to the eyes. Very much like its contemporary Facebook.

Is the Sign-up Process User-Friendly and Convenient on Skout?

Yes, the procedure to sign up on the site is simple, exceeding five minutes. The server asks for your email ID and requests you to upload a profile picture for this purpose. The verification process sends over a confirmation mail to you then you are ready to go!

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