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Willow Review

Willow Review
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Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 58%
Popular Age 22-45
Profiles 950 420
Reply Rate 42%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 5.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This app has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.
  • It’s a perfect platform for finding the serious partner and build a long-term relationship.
  • The people who don’t feel comfortable showing their photos to a huge community can find this app useful, as the profile picture is not mandatory at Willow.
  • This platform works smoothly without any delay and bugs.
  • More consideration is paid to the personality of a person.
  • There is no expense connected to run the application.
  • This platform is not meant for those who hesitate in asking and answering questions.
  • It doesn’t have any live support team available, so the people who feel the problem need to find the solution.
  • Most of the users you find here are only American citizens.
  • It does not offer a limitless choice to the users, indicating that users are restricted to the connections.
  • The profiles at the Willow app are not well detailed.
  • It has a minimalistic interface, which is not ok for people who are for transient hook-ups.

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Willow app has got decent popularity due to its uniqueness. In contrast to other platforms, this app doesn’t let the users connect by appearance. Instead, it enables the users to connect and know each other via communication. The chat becomes interesting when both the persons start by asking random questions.

And, its algorithm works when both the persons ask questions from each other and accordingly know each other. Later on, both persons have the flexibility to share pictures and know more about the correspondent.

So, it is relatively different from the other dating networks, and the community builds based on the interesting topic among the members. Also, making a great friend circle at Willow is extremely easy.

Willow Summary

Willow Summary

Willow site is one of the most popular dating sites of today’s era. This dating application lets the two people connect through messaging. With this personality-based platform, you can connect your nearby people, make friends, and date them accordingly. You can connect with the one whose interest coordinates with yours and give an ascent to the romantic relationship. The unique concept of this stunning dating application has to build serious relations.

Where some applications ask for a compulsory profile picture, the Willow site does not request such. Instead, it is designed in such a way that attracts the users and brings a lot of energy to the users. So, by using this application, you will judge the correspondent by heart and further know more about them. The best part about Willow is that you don’t need to worry about getting several unknown messages, as the conversation won’t go without the members’ consent who are looking to connect.

The Audience of Willow

The Audience of Willow

The Audience at Willow app is consistently growing over the years, and several lovers look to try it. This app has a lot more to offer, and this is why it has won many hearts. This app has a large user base, introduced with a new dimension in the dating era. In contrast to this year, the audience was not that high last year, but now people who fall under the age group of 18 to 35 actively use this dating application. A large number of Willow members you will notice will be from the United States, and sometimes, categorization of users will be difficult as the age is not indicated specifically.

Willow Site Features

Willow Site Features

Willow app holds unique features. However, some are similar to other apps like meeting people, hooking up, or dating. However, the Avatar relies on your personality. With its gallery feature, you can upload a ton of your #1 pictures, and with its discover feature, you can search for several active members on the app.

Along with this, Willow holds several amazing perks. Some features that make it a unique application are shared as below.

Group Messages

Group messages is one of the unique features of this dating application. The Willow site possesses thousands of users in today’s era, and this volume of dynamic users is continually growing. The most amazing aspect is anyone can run it on a desktop too.

Meanwhile, its presence on Android has made people’s lives easier. It has an alluring design, and several users prefer making new friends circle and create a community of close friends.

That is how they start with group messages later on, which is quite stunning. Overall, a user gets a chance to connect with like-minded people and make a community by considering the discussion. When everything works out positively, the users can easily meet the people.


At the Willow platform, you can easily find a huge volume of real people. Every person comes with different interests. Therefore, this platform helps you in identifying the individuals based on their several parameters.

It also helps to strike out the conversation. Therefore, it is ideal to find someone whose interest and fun match yours.


The Willow platform has given great significance to the Community. It is specifically used in keeping up the topics and personal interests. With the support of the current chat feature, it is practically simple to keep up with the community.

With the several measures, the chances to prevail in letting the people know each other finally succeeds.


You will be amazed to know that the Willow platform is free to use. It implies users can take advantage of several in-app features without paying any additional bucks. In addition to this, its several features play an effective role in meeting the user’s expectations.

Besides this, the app doesn’t let newbies roll out frequently in its competitive market. The platform is free of charge for the ones looking to be a part of an Ecosystem. Thus, the users do not need to worry about the pricing plans and the payment options, which is quite impressive.

Other than this, we have still talked about both the free version and the paid subscription to keep you mindful of the same.

Free Version

A successful dating site that is too free of charge is like buying something without paying for it. Luckily, the Willow site consists of all the stunning features that will make the users fall in love with the platform.

A user can use these features without paying a single amount. This app will grow, and it’s quite challenging as it lets the users benefit from the unlimited message options that are unchangeable.

Paid Subscription

As we have discussed above, there is no such paid version available on the Willow platform. Nevertheless, users consider it as a most attractive aspect. Even during the tough times, the platform did not change the policy to give users free service.

Advantages of Paid Account

Advantages of Paid Account

As of now, the platform is free. So, it doesn’t have any premium membership option for the users.

Possibility of Free Account

Possibility of Free Account

Willow site accompanies a single free version for several users. Also, it is a unique site that doesn’t advertise and support any paid subscription from its users. Once you sign up and be a part of the application, you have the flexibility to ask and answer several questions from the people using the app globally.

Whatever questions you will ask won’t belong to a specific train that matches your personality. Instead, this is the best way to find a person to match your inner self and not get pleased with your physical appearance.

So, some of the features that are beneficial to take advantage of in the Willow app as shared:

  • Voice Calling
  • Interfacing with the interested or like-minded persons.
  • Unlimited text message.



Privacy remains the main concern for every individual using the dating application. However, the Willow app is designed keeping in mind the safety of the individuals. Therefore, it is a safe platform in comparison to the other dating apps. When you scroll through the site, you will see a privacy policy page available on the site.

Every term of usage is mentioned in the privacy policy. Also, everything is monitored strictly by fellow administrators so, if you like to terminate the application, whatever information you have shared or use to enroll get erased right away.

Other than this, they update the application consistently and ensure to make all the details well-guarded and confidential. Also, the report option is available on the site, which notifies the administrator of the malicious activity or person.

Moreover, if someone is irritating, you can go through the block option available on the site. So, keeping the people’s safety is the strict priority of the executives.

Scam Charges

The best thing about the Willow app is that the volume of scammers and fakes is similarly low. This is because of the strictness of the administrators of the Willow platform. Several people register to trick innocent users and try to engage in fraud activities, but the administrators always watch them. This results in the weeding out of tricksters and fakes from the Willow platform.

Contact Information

It is now easy to contact the willow administrators. Their contact information is shared below:


Some frequently asked questions are shared for the users and other people in case of any issue.

Is Willow Legit Or Scam?

Is Willow Legit Or Scam?

Willow is a reliable dating platform that has completely transformed the way of people in finding their partners. This app specifically focuses on people who look for features in people rather than looks.

So, yes, it works best for the people who are damn curious concerning their relationship—also for the people who like connecting with a brunch of friends and mates.

What Cost Do You Need To Pay For Willow Membership?

Using the Willow platform does not ask for any amount. Therefore, there is no cost required in getting the membership features. Instead, you can use the features free of cost. You have to download the app and answer some questions that know the personality that matches.

Free Membership Features

The Willow consists of several free membership features, and also, there is no need to do the payment. You have to answer some questions and, accordingly, find the perfect match. You can choose to add pictures, videos and discuss the hot topics, etc.

Premium Membership Features

As this application is free of charge, so there is no premium membership option. This is why several members fall under this free category.

What About The Mobile App For The Willow Platform?

What About The Mobile App For The Willow Platform?

Willow is unfortunately not available as a site, but it has a mobile application that has a huge number of downloads. This well-organized mobile application lets like-minded people connect based on their nature, personality instead of physical look.

Also, it is viewed as the best place for conversation, not on lust and other unnecessary things. It’s a unique application that is the only way to access the Willow app.

The question-answering feature has a straightforward process, and it sometimes sounds skeptical. Therefore, you can share the pictures without any hassle through the mobile application.

What About The Sites Demographics?

What About The Sites Demographics?

Willow website has a database of users whose age group starts from 18 years old. Both the features and the other approaches ask for the Willow app’s quality. The users belong to the USA, and both males and females can register at the Willow platform. It has a novel audience that is seen continually growing within a quick period.

How Can You Login On Willow Site?

The creation of an account on the Willow app is extremely easy. It gives users the option of signing up to users without filling in the details, directly tapping on the Facebook option. This is how users don’t need to enter a lot of information while creating an account.

The data gets pre-fetched from Facebook automatically. It has a seamless process for the users who want to create an account directly, while those who don’t want such can fill in the requested information.

The users’ profile gets filled with the proper data that can be of use to another person. No other individual can see the profile without having contact. With the support of this policy, there remains the safety and security of the individual.

So, if you don’t want to sign up via Facebook, you can sign up by following the below-shared details.

  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Receive the verification code.
  • Enter the code on the confirmation page.
  • You will redirect to a personal page.
  • Instead, you will need to fill in your first name, gender, and age.
  • Set when you might want to get portable warnings.

Willow has an alternate idea, and soon, it will concoct more robust results. Like the standard dating method in some applications, this app aims to place more importance on the conversation.

If any person strikes a good communication and connection, the chances to come in a relationship grows without any form of physical attraction. So, now that you have read the complete Willow review what about giving it a try?

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